Tommy Kelly continued his Kevin Kolb assault after the game


In the heat of the battle on Friday night, Raiders defensive tackle Tommy Kelly came off the field and declared to his teammates regarding Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb, “That boy’s scared.”

Kelly possibly didn’t know that a sideline reporter would hear him.  Kelly apparently didn’t care.

After the game ended, long past the point at which Kelly and Kolb had exited the preseason contest and with Kelly fully aware that his words would be heard by people who would repeat those words nationally, Kelly continued to call Kolb a coward.

“He is skittish. He is scared back there,” Kelly said, via the Associated Press.  “Anytime anybody gets close to him he starts looking at the refs.  As a defensive lineman you love a quarterback like that.  He ain’t even trying to look at the routes no more.  He is paying attention to us and you ain’t going to get nothing done like that.”

In Kolb’s defense, it was hard for him to look at the routes when on many of last night’s plays he was swarmed by defenders before he could lock on to his primary target.

Still, it wasn’t a very impressive showing, with three completion and three sacks, including a safety.  Kolb also lost 10 yards on an obvious intentional grounding penalty that it took the replacement officials 17 minutes to call.

I may be exaggerating.  A little.

Kelly apparently isn’t, and it doesn’t bode well for Kolb’s chances to win the starting job.

51 responses to “Tommy Kelly continued his Kevin Kolb assault after the game

  1. Here’s the deal with Kelly, he talks a bit too much sometimes, no doubt about it.

    But he always tells it like it is, always.

  2. These guys are animals. Have no respect towards anyone or anything. Kolb is a bad QB, but he’s a good guy with a family. Calling him out in front of everyone like this, calling him a coward, is being a scumbag.

  3. Kolb looks like he just got off a bender and someone just told him he was in the NFL. Whisenhunt must have a dart board with Andy Reid’s face on it……or Kurt Warner’s!

  4. Kolb had the same problem in Philly and that is why the Eagles traded him. He is scared and I think it is pretty safe to say now that the Eagles Fleeced the Cardinals big time.

  5. Maybe the protection isn’t there..I don’t know but looks like the guy is not comfortable standing in the pocket..He knows he is prone to injury so I guess his trying to play it way too safe that his peers are noticing it..whatever it maybe at the end of the day we all know Andy Reid is the winner from the Kolb trade.

  6. I’m a EAGLES fan..And was so happy when they traded Kolb away..I was never a fan of his..I always looked at him like a scared QB…and he trows a lot of INT’s..Don’t feel sorry for him ..he is making a lot of money..For being no more than a Back Up..if that..The Cardinals Fan’s must feel sick about this trade..

  7. Are you saying that an NFL player was smack talking? I find this assertion to be shocking. Please conduct a full investigation and let us know what else you find.

  8. notrelated says: Aug 18, 2012 9:46 AM

    These guys are animals.

    Dude Football is a VIOLENT sport go watch tennis or volleyball and take Kolb with you.

  9. In Kolb’s defense, it was hard for him to look at the routes when on many of last night’s plays he was swarmed by defenders before he could lock on to his primary target.

    Still, it wasn’t a very impressive showing, with three completion and three sacks, including a safety.


    You put Peyton Manning back there and everyone would be screaming bloody murder on how they fail to protect the QB. A lesser known QB get’s crushed to behind a poor line and it’s business as usual.

  10. Call it like it is, he has had plenty of time. The guy can’t play. Cut bait.

    p.s. Raiders D is gonna be good this year.

  11. Unless Kolb finds a back up job somewhere with a good line, his days in the NFL are numbered.

    That said, instead of paying the guy $63 million, maybe they should have invested some of that money in an offensive line. Because by the looks of it, no QB is gonna get it done behind that wet paper back of protection.

  12. With $21M in guaranteed money, Kevee is in control. Even if AZ cuts him, they have to pay him the money. Reid was sharp. AZ dumb.

  13. Last Monday the Raiders D line was stout against Dallas and several players on the line looked like Pro Bowlers. Some fans on here attributed their success to a bad Dallas O line and failed to realize the Raiders D line again had a awesome first half against Arizona thus showing they are going to be monsters on the D line this year.

    The Raiders D doesn’t neeed to be top 5, but their D line is definitely top 5 if not top 2 in the league only behind the Giants. Some may laugh at that comment, but Richard Seymour, Tommy Kelly, Desmond Bryant, Matt Shaughnessey, and Lamarr Houston make up a group of studs on that D line.

  14. Eagles fans everywhere are laughing at the Cardinals. They seem to be the only ones who didn’t know Kolb was turd-ible.

  15. I’m thinking it’s time for Whiz to trade for Kafka or Foles. As long as he has that heart-to-heart with Reid prior to the trade, he’ll feel real good about it.

    According to Prisco at Sportsline, we were watching the NFC West Champions at work last night. What a team they have down there. Very impressive, fear has been striken into all our hearts. It feels like a lost season alreay with the mighty Cards lurking…

  16. Man WHAT HAS Kolb done in this league exactly to even merit a shot at starting?This goes back to the Andy Reid love fest that seems to go on. If you recall HE’S the guy that said Kolb could be THE guy. No championships for Reid, Kolb sucks. Just saying.

  17. I hate to be a constant defender of Kolb, but man…he is REALLY getting the shaft this time.
    He was SCARED? Hmm…do you think that has anything to do with the OFFENSIVE LINE STARTERS NOT PLAYING? My God!

    Kolb has gone from not getting a real shot, to being set up to fail. Wisenhunt said “I guess I’ll have to get John some more reps.” Awww, shucks. What a bunch of garbage.

  18. The eagles seem to always get the good end on most of their trades, but who do they get with the picks? I haven’t seen one rookie contribute to the on-field success of of the eagles. They’ve drafted terrible for about three straight years.

  19. I used to make fun of Kolb, now I’m starting to feel bad for him.

    On the other hand, maybe the Cards should trade for that Leinart guy, he looked pretty good for the Raiders the other night!

  20. Yeah Kelly played well. Just wish he’d play more and talk less. At least wait ’till we prove something out there.

  21. how sad it must be to be a Cardinal.. while they were rapidly getting TERRIBLE teams like the niners and the hawks have built their teams around defense and offensive line!! Arizona fell on a Leprachaun and now its back to the NFC west cellar where they belong!!!

    ps… how mad are all of you Cards at the fact that Matt Flynn is TWICE the qb kolb is at HALF THE DOUGH!!!

    FIRE WHIZ…. wait… keep whiz!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!

  22. Speaking of sucking… The Raiders will be lucky to win 6 games! All talk again and no substance!

  23. Mr. Kelly surely has mastered the Kings English! One wonders which of the many institutes of higher learning he attended?

  24. Tommy Kelly needs to shut up and just play, that’s not cool….coming off the field is one thing but to talk to the media about it is not cool. C’mon Tommy respect the man

  25. Whoever said you can’t talk bad about a guy who has a family! That might be one of the ridiculous statements I’ve ever read on here. The NFL has been slowly turning soft, & statements like Kellys is refreshing to hear imo

  26. The only thing Kolb has ever done is torch a horrible Chiefs defense for one game. Yep the Eagles should be in jail for robbery for dumping that guy on Zona. We will see the same result with Flynn. One game wonder.

    As for Kelly and the Raiders all I can do is laugh. The easiest way to beat that team is to just hang close and watche em implode like they do all the time. One would think some coach along the way would end the trail of penalty flags they leave in their wake. Hasn’t happened yet. I doubt we will see it this year either.

  27. Raiders a top 2 d-line? LOL, you didn’t have one d-lineman who was even close to double digit sacks last year…..You played against the absolute worst O-line in the NFL and a terrible QB, of course your D-line was going to look good.

  28. Losing a preseason game means what exactly…..its almost impossible to watch preseason IMO & its a waste of money for everyone involved

  29. Kevin kolb is a bust! You can look at his face when he get on the field and his expression is showing that he is scared, look like he is saying what the hell am I doing out here! I just want my money and move around!!!

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