Two picks for Philip Rivers


On a night when the newest AFC West quarterback has thrown two interceptions, the longest-tenured AFC West signal-caller has tossed a pair of picks, too.

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers has completed nine of 11 passes.  The two incompletions were picked off by the Dallas defense.

One came when Rivers was trying to connect with receiver Robert Meachem on a long pass.  The ball was a bit underthrown, and cornerback Brandon Carr caught the ball.

The other came on the next drive.  This time, Rivers hit receiver Vincent Brown in the hands.  It bounced off, and Carr was there to reel it in — after juggling it for a second or two.

While the second one wasn’t Rivers’ fault, it shows up that way on the stat sheet.  For the preseason, Rivers’ state sheet shows three total interceptions.

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  3. “While the second one wasn’t Rivers’ fault, it shows up that way on the stat sheet. For the preseason, Rivers’ state sheet shows three total interceptions.”

    the sky is falling!

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  5. Wow, people take the preseason way to literal, Rivers has new chemistry to make with his new wide receiver and preseason is meant for trying things out and Meachem and Rivers do not have great chemistry yet. Give it time, good grief. Also, the D of Dallas pressured Rivers all night

  6. And yet Carson Palmer is the consesus worst QB in the division. How’s that taste Dolt fans?

  7. Okay been waiting a Looong time to get on here…..My Take on Philip Rivers as a DieHard Chargers Fan….Rivers will not …I Repeat…Will NOT Lead us to a Super Bowl….Rivers is one of thee Most Overrated QBs in the League…the reason he has the #s he had is because of how tall his recievers were…Vincent Jackson Caught all of Rivers BS..Underthrowing and Over throwing…Rivers Buckles Under Pressure…and it has Shown in the past years! I say we need to Draft another QB

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  9. Ughh @mallymall619

    Rivers best season came when he didn’t have Vincent Jackson– thanks to his hold out.

    So I don’t know how to say this but… You’re wrong.

  10. pettergriffen says:
    Aug 18, 2012 10:41 PM
    omg he threw 2 picks in the 2nd pre season game..

    well there goes the super bowl it must be over.


    You mean there goes a winning season. And your head coach.

  11. @LT2futurehof – “Give it time, good grief. Also, the D of Dallas pressured Rivers all night”

    That may be even more troubling for SD as Dallas played without their 4 best pass rushers in Ware, Ratliff, Hatcher and Spencer.

  12. As a Chargers fan, here is my position on Rivers’ 2 interceptions against the Cowboys.

    One of the picks was a deflection of the receivers hands. 100% not Rivers’ fault.

    The other pick was underthrown to Meachem, 100% River’s fault.

    BUT… I still see this pick as a good sign of things to come. Why? Because Rivers is used to throwing the long ball to guys like Malcom Floyd, Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates. Big guys who can jump for the ball and bring it down. He’s not used to throwing the long ball to a speed receiver. Rivers underestimated Meachem’s gametime speed, so he learned (in preseason!) to add a few yards to the ball.

    If Rivers had thrown the ball an extra 2-3 yards, Meachem catches the ball in stride and gets the easy touchdown.

    This is preseason, and this is Rivers’ and Meachem’s first year playing together. This is going to be dangerous for our opposing teams’ defenses. They’d better keep their safeties WAAAY back in every throwing situation.

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