Vince Young creeping out to a lead over Tyler Thigpen


Not that it’s a huge upset, but after some early struggles, Vince Young seems to be pulling away with the Bills backup quarterback job.

Young was 8-of-14 for 123 yards against the Vikings, leading a touchdown drive built on a deep pass to T.J. Graham.

“You’d have to say Vince came out a little bit ahead tonight,” Bills coach Chan Gailey said, via Tim Graham of the Buffalo News.

Thigpen was 8-of-15 for 56 yards, with an interception for a pick six by Vikings linebacker Audie Cole which was reminsicent of a bad one in the opener.

“Tyler had done good, too, until he threw the interception,” Gailey said. “The last two throws he had were not good, but up until then he played pretty well.”

The Bills only have a spot for one of them, since Brad Smith will hang around to run Wildcat plays. Smith allowed Cole the opportunity at a banner night, throwing another interception which was returned for a touchdown, one play after Cole’s first one.

What the Bills should is just pray neither of them have to see the field.

And maybe try to swing a trade for Cole, and play him at wide receiver.

17 responses to “Vince Young creeping out to a lead over Tyler Thigpen

  1. Once that’s locked up for him, Vince will come out and guarantee more success than what Jim Kelly did for Buffalo.

  2. Fitzpatrick hasn’t really been that impressive either. Vince Young could take his job by mid-season if he doesn’t tighten up.

    And Audie Cole had 2 pick 6s on back to back passes can’t be understated enough. That might be something you won’t see again for awhile in a real NFL game.

  3. Young looked pretty sharp last night. Showing that he still has a huge arm with a 50+ yard pass through the air to TJ Graham. I’d have to say that if he looks as good in the next preseason game as he did in this one, then Thigpen can kiss the backup QB position goodbye. I am a full on Fitzpatrick supporter, but if he starts to look bad by week 6-7, watch for Gailey to throw the keys to Young.

  4. thepunkyqb says: Aug 18, 2012 2:05 PM

    thats funny cuz I was at the game last night and he overthrew almost every pass he made


    You’re just flat out lying!!! The game is on nfl replay right now and VY hasn’t overthrown on every pass. You can’t be 8-14 and do what you said…..ur just a JEALOUS HATER!!

  5. i’d like to see Vince Young salvage something of his carreer. this guy was so promising coming out of Texas. man that Championship game against USC still ranks as one of the greatest ever for me. not sure how he mind f%$#ed himself in Tennessee but he has the skills to start in the NFL. also RGIII will be in the playoffs maybe not 2012 but he will make it there. so getoffyourownsac, people are watching

  6. I was at the game too and wasn’t at all impressed. He could hardly do anything against the Viking scrubs. I still hope he revives his career though.

  7. I think Pigpen would have to significantly outplay VY to make the team. Seeing they weren’t comfortable playing him when Fitz was hurt last year I think his time with the Bills is coming to an end.

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