Coughlin says he’ll look into cold-tub incident

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The league won’t be doing anything about it.  But the head coach possibly will.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin said Sunday that he plans to investigate the videotaped incident that culminated in defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul dumping cornerback Prince Amukamara into a cold tub, followed by Amukamara emerging with a not-so-thrilled look on his face and Pierre-Paul firing off a stream of expletives and epithets.

“I’m going to look into it, I’m going to talk to the parties involved,” Coughlin said Sunday, via Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger.  “As I’m understanding it, there were some parts of it that were inappropriate.  And in no way, anything that occurs within this family or within our group should be a part of social media.  I’m going to address that strongly because I spent a little time on that this preseason.”

Coughlin said he wasn’t aware of the video until roughly an hour before a Sunday conference call with reporters.

So, basically, Pierre-Paul and punter Steve Weatherford, who recorded and posted the video on Twitter, will have some explaining to do.  (Weatherford still hasn’t deleted the tweet.)

The victim of the prank (or whatever it was) also has addressed the situation, presumably choosing his words carefully because he’s under contract for several more years.  “Yeah, um, well, I mean, I just don’t get it.  I don’t understand the rules,” Amukamara told Garafolo.  “I mean, I’m not a rookie anymore, so I don’t know why I’m getting thrown in the tub.  I know it’s all love.”

If that’s love, we’d hate to see, you know, hate.

Apparently, Amukamara has been a regular target for hazing or harassment or whatever the appropriate word is.  He said he landed in the cold tub eight times last year, and he had his shirt and tie cut.  Garafolo writes that players have been trying to get Amukamara to “develop an edge.”

As to the latest incident, Amukamara is confused as to the reason for the dunking.  “I don’t think I did [anything to provoke it],” Amukamara said.  “I don’t think I did.  Ask them.”

It may still happen, at least for a while.  Amukamara said that the veterans have told him that he has three more regular-season games to complete before he’s considered “one of them.”

Based on how “them” were acting in that video, Amukamara may decide to pass on the invitation.

61 responses to “Coughlin says he’ll look into cold-tub incident

  1. And they call sports ‘character building.’ Mostly, football is a way to keep big bullies busy, so they don’t do too much harm.

  2. The Redskins will dunk the GMen into a nice cold a$$whoopin by sweeping them again and that’s the bottomline causse Stone Cold said so!

  3. Sounds like Coughlin needs to take Princess out shopping for new dresses.

    He sounds like a sissy who is afraid to stand up for himself. If JPP ever tried that on Bill Romanowski, he would end up with a busted eye.

  4. Coach Coughlin,

    Please do the right thing and set the example and suspend JPP for the first game of the season.



    Dallas Cowboys Fans

  5. Sounds like Prince is too soft and the guys on the team are trying to change that and get him ticked off.
    I mean come on, Prince, stand up for yourself!

  6. What a bunch of bullies. Nothing you can do when the when the whole team wants to make life miserable for you. A lonely feeling no matter how much cash your wallet contains. This needs to stop!

  7. All teams should ban video/ voice recording from the locker room. I know at my workplace recording or taking pictures of certain things are grounds for termination. That punter must not realized his position is easily replaced.

  8. Coughlin seems more upset that the public found out one of his players was being bullied than the fact that he was bullied at all, much less routinely, apparently.


  9. Bullying is no joke. This is bullying. It should be dealt with harshly. And for any tough guys who want to respond to this post with something along the lines of “man up”, you need to get a clue. When this type of incessant bullying occurs in real life, especially in schools, sometimes the result can be very tragic.

  10. If a white player called Prince those names, then Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Obama would be calling for him to be kicked off the team. Roger “hypocrit” Goodell would suspend him for a full season.

    But when a black player says those words, nobody seems to care? The league ignores it, and the black community is silent?

  11. JPP you’re my fav player bro. I ordered a custom jersey the week you were drafted (what a steal). You need to stop acting like a punk. And screaming the N word about your teammate and acting like you are in HS isnt a good look for you. You are not a rapper.

  12. Prank or not, Amukamara needs to do something to change JPPs view. Not sure if that’s meeting him in the parking lot with a steel bar (j/k) or doing something on the field (tough since they’re both on defense), but disrespect is not a good thing for a pro football player.

  13. Prince is a well mannered, well spoken, and a understated type of fellow, with strong family ties. Players may perceive him to be too proper and look at his personality as a sign of weakness… but this kind of childish behavior should be put to a stop.

  14. We understand you don’t like the Giants. They humiliated you on both Super Bowl runs while you claimed that they would lose every playoff game they were in and that the Pats would bury them both times. I’m sure it’s left a bad taste in your mouth. As to what got JPP so riled up, impossible to know. None of us were there. We DO know that a no nonsense Head Coach with two rings and a taste for discipline ain’t happy about it. Pretty sure that JPP and Weatherford are going to regret the whole thing. I’m guessing Coach will have some extra drills all ready to go and both guys will have a lighter wallet. And if Prince had a role in things going south, which I suspect may be the case since this is so out of character for JPP, he’ll get an earful, too. Coughlin has two rings and the full support of ownership. JPP may be a star on the rise, but Tom still runs the show. If Coughlin ain’t happy, no one is going to be happy.

  15. Are you people serious? Bullying? The man is an NFL player. When the veterans show you that attention, they like you. When they pay you no mind, you should be worried. There was probably a motive that Prince cant speak of here.

  16. Embarrassing. These guys call themselves professionals? No wonder the Commish has to be hard on these punks.

    High School and Collage are over boys. Time to grow up. This team has the nerve to trash talk other teams. Idiots.

  17. Hazing should not be tolerated in any locker room in the NFL. The Dolphins should be especially ashamed that there hazing is going on in the locker room in front of HBO cameras. If you want to build a team with leaders then humiliating a grown man is no way to do it.

  18. Will Coughlin look into this the same way he looked into his own players commenting after the NFC Championship game that they targeted Kyle Williams concussed head to cause fumbles. (Go find Devin Thomas/Tyler Sash post NFC Championship game quotes).

    The Saints get heat for bounties but in the very same season, The Giants admittedly and publically talk about targeting a player with concussions and the media sweeps it under the rug.

  19. bigd88 says: Aug 19, 2012 3:35 PM

    Sounds like Prince is too soft and the guys on the team are trying to change that and get him ticked off.
    I mean come on, Prince, stand up for yourself!
    warhammer420 says: Aug 19, 2012 3:41 PM

    This is stuff you’d expect happening in junior high. But grown men doing this… really?
    piemasteruk says: Aug 19, 2012 3:44 PM

    I’m guessing the people making a big deal of this have never actually played on a sports team before…

    All three of these guys have good points. Personally, I would prefer if the Giants played with less of a chip on their shoulders and more of a… (what’s the opposite of a chip?) I don’t know… a marshmallow? However, it is a good teammate’s job to help his his guys develop more of an edge, a killer instinct, and play harder, tougher, and more aggressively. If being dunked in a cold tub results in a longer, more successful career for Amukamara, Pierre-Paul was doing his job perfectly.

    While all that may be, as warhammer pointed out, the behavior is immature, and we probably won’t ever see London Fletcher or Ray Lewis dumping a teammate in a tub. On the other hand, Pierre-Paul is only 23: that’s five year removed from high school. Just because he’s a pro-bowler doesn’t mean he should be expected to handle himself like a fifteen-year veteran.

    Lastly, piemaster sums up both points perfectly. This is all just standard team behavior. Sports are a unique subculture where hazing, brotherly camaraderie, firing up teammates, immaturity, and aggression all go hand in hand. In the scheme of things this whole issue is not actually an issue at all.

  20. @KattyKathy. Let’s try to keep it sports related, no one cares about your social agenda/political beliefs. Black people call each other the N word sometimes. This is not a new development, get over it.

  21. Coach C. Does not care who’s a veteran, rookie, three regular games short of being “in the frat,” whether it’s joking,etc. He will look at it through the eyes of a THE leader and a mature man in his sixties. To begin with, he will address the likelihood that either one, or both could have been seriously injured, causing time missed on the field. He will also stress that attitudes and treatment of one another DOES have consequences, positive AND negative, which can help/hurt performance and teamwork. He will also remind them that it is the JETS who behave like “Animal House,” and have a RECORD to match. How can ANYONE on the Giants not realize that Coach has NO tolerance for this kind of nonsense with all that is at stake.

  22. oh what a tough guy funny he keeps doing it to a small corner..of course he isnt guna do anything back to ur big ass ur twice his size and acting half his age..grow up i can see them doing it to him once as a rookie the dudes been there a year now grow up tough guy he thinks cuz hes getting all this praise he can do what ever he wants now stay classy giants

  23. They keep track of how many games a player plays and they pull weak practical jokes until the player meets a certain number. I hope these “men” pay as much attention to how they spend their money. Seriously, time to grow up and stop acting like you are in middle school. Or at the very least can they come up with more original jokes. They have the creativity of a 3rd grader.

  24. The comments in this section as a whole show exactly what is wrong with America. Prince is a grown man, let him fight his own battles. Stop with the nanny state garbage and quit whining. If Prince has a problem he needs to take it up with Coughlin and get it solved instead of crying to the media. The rest of you pansies can go cry into your soy latte frappes!

  25. I never understood that stupid stuff. If Prince stands up for himself and injures JPP than he is the biggest goat in NYC. By not standing up for himself he now is going to look like a punk around the league.

    This isn’t the frat house. Guys are supposed to be there to do a job! As a team that has won a Super Bowl I thought they would be more professional.

    The giants have now put a bulls eye on him. Opposing offenses are going to pick him apart because they will think he is soft for allowing himself to still be hazed.

  26. “Sounds like Coughlin needs to take Princess out shopping for new dresses.

    He sounds like a sissy who is afraid to stand up for himself. If JPP ever tried that on Bill Romanowski, he would end up with a busted eye.”

    Romanowski is a little bigger than Prince and a psychotic freak.

    Prince did react poorly. He does need to man up.

    But he needs to sneak up to that dud a and hit him in head with a hammer. Sound unfair?
    So is going after someone u outweigh by 200 lbs.

  27. Some of you think this is okay, but in this day we no longer tolerate bullying and hazing. The Giants just set a poor example for the aspiring athletes. This is the time to step up and make an example out of a team. Clearly Coughlin has lost institutional control of the locker room, thus deserve a one year suspension. JPP as the ring leader also deserves a one year ban. Furthermore, the Giants need to lose draft picks as well. Oops Mara is the owner, my bad different set of rules apply. New plan, sweep it under the rug, never happen, nothing to see move along. How’s Tebow doing with the other New York team.

  28. As a former high school and junior college player I would like to say this is ridiculous. Simple hazing typically happens to the new guy to “break them in”. But it should not be done in such a humiliating way. Or to a player who is entering his 2nd year with the team. JPP comes out of this looking like he has an IQ equal to his fingers and not quite all his toes. If a player needs to “develop an edge” there are far more constructive and lasting ways to teach it. That’s what leaders are for in a locker room. This is not leadership, it is cowardice. It is the NFL equivalent to holding down your little brother and spitting in his mouth. Anyone who thinks this is OK or that Prince is to blame either never played sports or was the guy on the team that no one liked or stood up for.

  29. Whoever says Prince needs to stand up for himself, what exactly do you expect him to do? JPP is much bigger and stronger and there would be no doubt who would win a fight. Maybe Prince could call him some names? Likely no effect there. Maybe he could convince the punter to post the footage on youtube and show the world what JPP is like off the field…

  30. As a Giants fan, I find this embarrassing and pathetic.

    I’m not going to be one of those fans that deflects it by saying, “It happens everywhere!” because it makes no excuse even if it does.

    It goes on beyond football and really just reflects a shoddy mentality that continues to reinforce the notion that regardless of the absolutely amazing athletic gifts and financial success these players have, I really can’t envy them. I think I’m better off not being a millionaire, but having the common sense that acting like that doesn’t make you “hard” or worthy of respect.

  31. I’m dissappointed seeing nyg players treating a teammate in this matter.
    Your a tough guy JPP picking on a 5’9″ Prince.
    Some of the other players should of manned up and said something and protected Prince.

  32. This is no mystery. Prince is a devout Christian, a real one, who doesn’t smoke, drink or swear, who doesn’t beat his chest in macho “warrior” BS. He respects other people, he doesn’t threaten or curse them, he doesn’t demean them. That makes him the target of the likes of JPP, because to them, he’s weak, he’s soft. He doesn’t fit the profile, he doesn’t join in the reindeer games, so JPP is determined to bully the “toughness” into him.
    Ironically, there’s another such Christian man on the Giants. His name is Tom Coughlin.

  33. If Sharpton/Jackson denounced JPPs language, it would benefit society more than they could realize.

  34. Not going to lie, I lost a fair amount of respect for JPP.

    For those who think Coughlin is going to let this slide, let me remind you, he benched Bradshaw last year (Week 14 at Dallas) for missing curfew. JPP is in hot water. (No pun intended)

    For the Dallas fans calling (hoping) for a team suspension from the Season Kickoff, you might get your wish, however, don’t think that guarantees you a win. Jason “Iced his own kicker” Garrett is still Head Coach, and Jerruh is still running that team. I’m pretty sure that gives the Giants a fighting chance.

  35. Coughlin will do nothing to JPP in regards to regular season suspensions of any kind.

    NFL swept this under the rug and so will the Giants.

    Prince needs to work on some really nasty payback and hope he comes out of it alive……

  36. um the cowboys were one play away from ending yalls season with jpp so not saying if hes gone is a forsure win… but dont act like yall are that much better.. yalls defense was 10000 times better than dallas’s yall got hot and healthy when it mattered dont act like dallas had no chance agaisnt yall..jerruh was running the team when they won 3 superbowls too..

  37. If I was Prince Amukamara I would wait till JPP gets his contract extension and set his most expensive car on fire. I lost all respect for JPP and whoever is saying “stand up for yourself”. I wonder why JPP didnt try this with Marvin Austin that big DT. I know why because he a big ol puss.

  38. eli has never won a playoff game outside the 2 lucky runs its not like yall are consitently competing for super bowls..2 outta nine years he got lucky and had a dominate D an got hot.. 2 outta 9 years… thats not what you call consitency…

  39. Also, How did the Giants get away from Bounty-Gate without a scratch? This is the same team that talked post game about having targeted injured body parts on other players right?

  40. Poor Princess. First there was a pea in the bottom of his mattress which are apparently too small for the Giants, and now she can’t stand a little friendly locker room fun.

  41. firstand4ever says:
    Aug 19, 2012 4:21 PM
    Will Coughlin look into this the same way he looked into his own players commenting after the NFC Championship game that they targeted Kyle Williams concussed head to cause fumbles. (Go find Devin Thomas/Tyler Sash post NFC Championship game quotes).

    The Saints get heat for bounties but in the very same season, The Giants admittedly and publically talk about targeting a player with concussions and the media sweeps it under the rug.


    When a player has a history of concussions he might be a little worried about taking another hard hit. That worry can cause him to lose focus and make a mistake…which happened. There was nothing to sweep under the rug because the only thing Williams hurt was his pride. That’s different than running an organized bounty program that rewards players with money for cart offs. Nice try though.

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