Dolphins might not name starting quarterback this week


The Dolphins planned on naming their starting quarterback before their third preseason game.

That plan might be changing after the team’s first two preseason outings. Coach Joe Philbin didn’t tip his cap during a Sunday press conference about whether Matt Moore or Ryan Tannehill was leading the competition, saying that he was pleased neither man turned the ball over against Carolina but that he wants to see better play from both of them. Philbin also said the evaluation process might mean more time before a final decision is made.

“It could be,” Philbin said, via Izzy Gould of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “We’re in a process right now. We watched the game, obviously. We discussed the game, obviously. … We may have a decision soon, or we may play it out another week. That’s still up in the air. We certainly haven’t come to any decision on that right now.”

Tannehill was 11-of-23 for 100 yards as the starter against the Panthers on Friday and Moore was 5-of-15 for 57 yards while playing with the reserves. No matter who gets the job, the Dolphins are going to have a rough season if the subpar defensive performance against the Panthers turns into a regular happening this season.

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  1. Forget quarterback that will play itself out, The phins commited suicide last year letting Nolan walk(yes they let him walk money always talks), They spent the last 4 years building a 3-4 defense and I dont understand how you switch to a 4-3 without changing some of the parts? Odrick is a natural 4-3 DT so why play him at end? Soliai is a NT and will have a tough time producing pressure up the middle which is essential in the 4-3 scheme (think Sapp, Bowens, ). and the linebackers are lost because dansby doesnt play deep enough, and his lateral movement is not at the level of a quailty 4-3 mlb (think Zach thomas). I just dont get it, we didnt bring in a single 4-3 guy and the coordinator seems like he cant get this guys in there natural posistions. Nolan had it right last year!!! simple fix would be odrick at DT, misi at End, dansby at olb, trusnik in the middle….

  2. The Dolphins are also considering being the first NFL team to go with NO quarterback, at this point.

  3. the last game showed Tannehill isn’t ready… Moore should start

    the real problem is O line…. doesn’t matter who you have back there is he’s running for his life every play…..

  4. Lets see Miami offseason checklist

    1) Trade our #1 WR, don’t replace, eventually sign old headcase Chad Johnson

    2) Chase Peyton Manning until the very end, hold onto to cap space while others were making moves

    3) Cut overvalued SS Yeremiah Bell, but show no signs of trying to sign SS Reggie Nelson

    4) Draft QB that was always considered to be rated as 2nd round talent @ 8

    5) Go into season without any recognized weapons for any of your quarterbacks to throw too.

    6) Be indecisive about starting QB so that who ever is under center will constantly be worried about being benched for the rookie

    7) Mid-Season, Throw the over-drafted developmental rookie QB in there without the weapons at WR

    8) End of Season, chalk up poor QB play to the lack of offensive weapons (we call this the Cleveland Browns Effect)

    9) Off-season starting doubting yourself, was it the QB or the lack of weapons? Decide that it was lack of WRs.

    10) Pass of Matt Barkley in 2013 Draft

    11) Get a WR for 2013/14 season

    12) Discover that it was the quality QB all long.

    13) Back to drawing board

  5. Simon Welds is right on target ; so much was made of Miami having lots of talented defensive linemen , so that going to a 4-3 would be no problem –
    except that there are two components to any NFL team’s front seven , and Miami’s linebacking corps is too big , stiff and slow to cover the kind of ground they’ll need to cover in a 4-3. Dolphins to 4-12 this season – if they’re lucky.

  6. Either QB would do very good (like Moore did end of last year) if they only some qulaity receivers to throw to.

    And they better not cut #81 (7-11 – always open) from Monmouth Univ.

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