League calls JPP-Amukamara incident a “club matter”

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On Saturday, Giants punter Steve Weatherford posted on the Internet a video of Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul carrying Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara out of the locker room, with several other Giants following, laughing and chanting and otherwise urging (in mocking fashion) Prince to try to get away from the much taller and much larger lineman.

Ultimately, Pierre-Paul dumped Amukamara into a cold tub, Amukamara emerged with a look on his face that didn’t convey amusement, other players continued to urge him (in mocking fashion) to stand up for himself, and Pierre-Paul strutted past the camera saying, “F–k that n—-r ass, man.  He ain’t gonna do sh-t to me, n—-r.  F–k that n—-r.”

From the league’s perspective, it’s up to the Giants to decide what, if anything, to do about this one.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells PFT that the league regards the incident as a “club matter.”

It very well may be a “club matter,” but the league arguably should at least be concerned about finding out whether it was a prank, whether it was hazing of a non-rookie, or whether there was something more sinister to it.  After all, the personal-conduct policy expressly prohibits “[v]iolent or threatening behavior among employees, whether in or outside the workplace,” and in the video Pierre-Paul and Amukamara are a pair of employees in the workplace.

The fact that the incident occurred and was recorded and shared with the public also arguably constitutes “[c]onduct that undermines or puts at risk the integrity and reputation of the NFL, NFL clubs, or NFL players.”

Still, the NFL apparently has opted to punt on this one.  It remains to be seen whether the Giants will be taking any action against Pierre-Paul or any other members of the team.

On the bright side, at least we’re talking about the Giants and not the Jets.  For a little while.

56 responses to “League calls JPP-Amukamara incident a “club matter”

  1. Do you not understand young athletes? Do you not understand what has been going on in locker rooms especially football locker rooms since the beginning of sports?

  2. Stay classy g~men..lucky thing for.them is that.the def line can rush the.passer and.stiffs.like the prince of the tub and antrelle toilet.rolle arent expoused for the stiffs that they really are

  3. I thought the league was so concerned and image and the safety of players…but since they cant find a way to benefit from this, it is not their issue.

  4. I got an idea, lets not talk about that psudo reallity show the Jets any more! The other Issue sounds like a bull queer lookin for some trim, was rebuffed & got pissed.

  5. Wow, JPP just outright punked Princess Akukamara. He didn’t even defend himself.
    If JPP ever tried that on my sweety, he would have gotten knocked out.
    Mr. Bill Romanowski don’t play that.

  6. Don’t you just love how the league office has all of a sudden become “girly”. They shot their wad on the Saints, and now this behavior that’s by any reasonable standard is conduct detrimental to the league, is a “club matter”. Interesting…..Mr. Badass Goodell, Interesting!!

  7. This is a non-issue, but it is a little surprising that JPP was involved. Everything I have seen or heard about the guy has pointed to him being a really humble, low-key guy. That combined with his touching family story makes what happened seem really out of character for him.

    Hopefully he was just on a “high” from having a really good game vs. Jets and got carried away (happens to all of us)

  8. I never did understand how this team won two championships with slightly above average talent and no discernible leadership. Alas, the NY Giants merely exist to hurt my brain.

    Dumb video.

  9. This is a bullying incident. Plan and simple. If this were to happen in an office setting, where someone got thrown in a garbage can, the employee would be fired. So too would the YouTube poster. If the team doesn’t handle this in some way, the are negligent.

  10. If a white player said those words Goodell would suspend him for a year, but if a black player says it then the league ignores it.

  11. Blah, blah, blah. This is a non-story story. The guy was tossed in a cold tub. Big deal. The only thing that was injured was his pride. Quit making something out of nothing. I don’t care about the Giants one way or the other & this “story” isn’t going to make them any more compelling.

  12. The problem is not that JPP and the linemen did this to Prince, because if anyone has played any organized sports know teammates pull pranks on each other all the time, The problem is this younger generation want to film everything they do and post it on the internet. Can we keep some things secret. We don’t have to know everything that goes on in your lives.

  13. When Amukamara pulls out a gun and shoots JPP, I hope they get it on video – it would be hilarious to watch. How’s that for standing up for himself?

  14. The perception is that the Giants and Steelers are the so called “class organizations” in football and then there is the reality.

    This incident will be swept under the rug just like Giants players after the NFC championship game talking about how their gameplan before the game was to go after Kyle Williams concussed head. (See Devin Thomas/Tyler Sash comments post NFC Championship game)

    The Steelers are the “classiest” franchise in all of football. Their defensive leader is the most penalized player in the history of the league for blatant cheap shots and their leader at QB has been accused of rape on two seperate ocassions.

  15. Some of you are acting like there isn’t a line that can be crossed when “hazing” occurs. Wearing a girly backpack is different than cornering someone and holding them down in a cold tub.

  16. JPP is a great player, but sounds like a dick to be around. I couldn’t stand seeing our H.S. wrestlers bully kids half their size, throwing them around, acting like big tough guys. It was funny the day they were ganging up on another smaller kid in front of the whole cafeteria, when that kid turned around and punched all three of them right in their jaws. Two of the wrestlers fell down and stayed down and the other one started crying and walked away. The whole class was busting out laughing at these jacka-ses. People like that deserve to be knocked out. Maybe Amukamara should set up a video of him laying one to JPP’s jaw, he deserves it.

  17. It wasn’t fun for the one being bullied. The language was unacceptable and putting the whole thing on the internet was stupid. They look like a street gang and they’ve just humiliated one of their own in front of the whole world including his family and players around the league that will be talking smack to him all year.

  18. Florio you should have avoided quoting jpp comments because you kinda come of racial. As you used this this to type (N—r) which is the racial slur instead of (N—a) which is the slang word in which jpp used

  19. Mara owns the Giants so a different set of rules apply. Sure hazing is against the law, but Mara has connections so no problem. Sure it is action detrimental to the league, but hey like Greg Williams speech it happen in the locker room. So it is a club matter if you are named Mara, not so much for Benson. Sure it just young professional athletes showing younger athlete what’s acceptable in the locker room. Goodall should over look all this a declare the Giants the real Saints because it’s all in good fun.

  20. its a joke that he has been thrown in there 8 times since last years thats just ridiculous somone needs to do somthing. 8 times in the tub and his shirt and tie were cut up with scissors.. 2 times is too many.. they have alot of rookies why arent they on video getting tossed in there.. nfl should def have a problem with this.

  21. rpmcanes says: Aug 19, 2012 3:49 PM

    One player punk’d another player. Big Deal.


    um yeah its happend 8 times to this dude since last year when it keeps happening to the same person its bullying…grow up already hazing should be a training camp thing for rookies if at all not repeat every other week to the same dude

  22. Amukamara needs to get some fiberglass insulation, crush it up, and put it in JPP’s jock. The hazing will stop after that. Or JPP will do something that puts him in jail.

    When it comes to retaliation when picked on by a bully:

    Go big or go home.

    And yes, if this happened with the Saints, it would be a “lack of institutional control” or “conduct detrimental to the league” or some other bull crap and not a “club matter” and Goodell would come down hard on them, but its the Giants and the NFL headquarters is in NYC and most of those people are Giants fans…..


  23. what if he had tried to wrestle away and end up hitting his head on the edge of the tub and get a concussion..i mean its ridiculous that the league says its a club problem when they are supposedly soo worried about player saftey

  24. Biggest Issue: Why is punter Steve Weatherford taking videos in the locker room and posting them on the internet? What can be gained from this? Does Weatherford want attention or is he just a dope?

  25. If it was me I would’ve socked the hell out of JPP that stuff is so childish I wouldn’t give a dam.

  26. This COULD get out of hand if Prince gets humiliated enough and seeks revenge in a PERMANENT way. This is pure bullying of a NON rookie…way past hazing. Maybe there is something about Prince’s lifestyle choices that the vets don’t like.

  27. What a great vid to teach my son how not to treat his teammates. One minute the guy is doing back flips at the combine; few sacks later he on the net bullying a fellow immigrant using the N word! Wow what a scumbag! Who’s the moral leader in that locker room? This vid is disgusting and JPP is disgusting!

    Al Davis Forever!!!
    Just Win Baby!!!

  28. I applaud the punter! He must have wanted it to stop! There’s no other reason for him to do it other than to embarrass this bully JPP! Good for the punter!

    Al Davis Forever!!!
    Just Win Baby!!!

  29. 6’5 278lb DE vs 6’0 206lb CB

    I don’t care if he puts up 25 sacks a season. He’s pure scum and a cancer upon society. God forbid he ever raise a child.

  30. “On the bright side, at least we’re not talking about the Giants and not the Jets. For a little while.”

    at least jpp did not throw prince into the tub and not the punter

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