Officials gave Jim Harbaugh a headache on Saturday night


49ers coach Jim Harbaugh could be hearing from the league this week after he lambasted the officials who worked Saturday night’s game against the Texans.

The NFL has instructed teams and coaches not to make public statements about replacement officials or the lockout of the regular officials, something that Harbaugh stuck to early in his post-game press conference. Harbaugh made reference to things he’d been instructed not to comment about early in the presser and then said that “per instructions, I will not be commenting on the officiating” when asked about the officials allowing time to run out in the first half after a defensive penalty called on the Texans. By rule, a half cannot end on an accepted defensive penalty.

Harbaugh’s lips were a bit looser when he was asked about his first-team defense giving up just a field goal. He commented on that effort and then took a big left turn to the officiating.

“Big interference call in third quarter was some big yardage on that drive. I don’t know. It’s interesting. I don’t have the pulse on this game,” Harbaugh said, via Matt Maiocco of “What was it exactly? Us? Them? Some crazy, wild calls. Were they accurate? Weren’t they? We’ll see. I have a headache, though. I have a darned headache. A lot them didn’t seem like they were in the ballpark.”

Asking teams and coaches to lay off the officiating was wise by the league because complaints from players alone about their work won’t generate a tremendous amount of buzz on their own. For that to work, though, the teams and coaches have to be willing to play along. Harbaugh wasn’t willing on Saturday.

64 responses to “Officials gave Jim Harbaugh a headache on Saturday night

  1. OK, but let’s keep it real. He pouts over every call no matter how obvious. He’s the NFL’s biggest cry baby. That has nothing to do with the refs.

  2. There have been so many wacky calls it feels like the replacement officials are tanking it on purpose to make their brethren look better.

  3. Time to get the Real Officials back out there. These replacement officials are trying but they are in over their head and do not seem to have control of the game.

  4. This ref situation is worse than a lot if people think the replacement refs are flat out garbage the nfl needs to fix this asap

  5. How about if fans complain?? Because these replacement refs are making already crappy games (let’s face, it’s pre-season and nobody looks good right now) even crappier. And we’re the ones paying the price (sometimes even FULL price) to watch it.

  6. Last night in the bears v skins game they called a pass interference on bears cb charles Tillman that was absolute garbage. The wr for the redskins initiated contacted and pulled Tillman down by the collar. Even the redskins announcers said they had no clue what the refs were looking at when they called that penalty. These replacement refs are horrible. Nfl needs to sack up and pay the zebras.

  7. I thought they stank up the joint, too. If Harbaugh is referring to the interference call I think he is, he just had to watch the replay screen like the rest of us. That was not the wrong call.

  8. floriosfuglykid says: Aug 19, 2012 10:11 AM

    OK, but let’s keep it real. He pouts over every call no matter how obvious. He’s the NFL’s biggest cry baby. That has nothing to do with the refs.
    He really is, he’s an embarrassment to coaches everywhere.

  9. If the regular officials had done the same thing the replacement officials have done, it wouldnt be such a big deal. With the regular refs, theres 5 or 6 calls in every game that are questionable at best, just like now.

  10. All he’s saying is what every coach is already thinking in that the replacement officials suck and I’m sure every coach is thankful that a coach finally came out and said it.

    Missing things like holding or pass interference is one thing but screwing up things like the Bills downing the punt within the 5 and calling it a touchback or letting the clock run out on an accepted defensive penalty just can’t happen because those are things that can severely impact a game. Imagine if that was the difference between a team kicking a FG to win the game and the clock running out.

  11. I bet he had that permanent grumpy look on his face. Yeah, you know the one all the Harbaughs make.

  12. This is so shocking. Coaches and fans complaining about officials’ calls! I am stunned! I bet this has never happened before in the history of sports. And up until this year, Harbaugh has never complained about a ref’s call. We should call the newspapers.

  13. I don’t get it. It’s a $9B industry, the guys whose shoulders the entire game rests on should be fairly compensated both long and short term. They’re faced with being in a far more scrutinized role and are almost always the most harassed people on the field. When was the last time you heard compliments over how knowledgeable and successful a referee was? A ref makes one mistake and he can’t pump gas without a hat and sunglasses on. It’s obvious there is a significant difference in how the games are played and officiated with substitute crews. Take care of the Zebras.

  14. If you don’t like Harbough, fine. I’m not a fan either. But your hatred for Harbough isn’t going to make ther replacement refs any better. NFL doesn’t stand for No Funds League. They practically print their own money. Just pay the real refs their measly sought after raise so the fans can justifiably cut Harbough down.

  15. Imagine getting all worked up over a practice game. These officials are no worse any other

  16. Say your piece Jim!! The Hell with all these HATERS!! Go ahead and let them call us the 40whiners!!

    Just make sure you call us the 5 Time Superbowl Champion 40 Whiners!!!

  17. The funny part about all the vitriol being poured on Harbaugh from the peanut gallery is because they know he’s a good coach who loves football, loves coaching, loves his team and he’s a real threat.

    The best part about Harbaugh is he isn’t just talk. Watch the tape between him and Schwartz after the handshake where Schwartz charges after Harbaugh like a jaded lover. Read Harbaugh’s mouth…..he says “GET OUT OF MY FACE!!”….TWICE.

    Keep hatin’ folks ’cause we’ll still keep supporting our coach.


  18. One Hairbaugh trys to cry more than the other. What whiners!!! They don’t get their way as they did with the reegular refs.

  19. OK, but let’s keep it real. He pouts over every call no matter how obvious. He’s the NFL’s biggest cry baby. That has nothing to do with the refs.
    He really is, he’s an embarrassment to coaches everywhere.

    Both of you are idiots.

  20. Ladies and gentleman, now introducing the whiner bros, Jim and John harbaugh!! Give it up!! Nobody cries like these guys! If u need a good complainer or a pity party for urself these brothers are sure to get the job done!! Their motto is “who’s get cheated more than us, NOBODY!!”

  21. “Keep hatin’ folks ’cause we’ll still keep supporting our coach.”

    Just like in New Orleans.

  22. Honestly, what did you expect from the officials?
    Harbough reminds me of that parent who screams and yells at the kid refereeing the 6 year olds girls soccer game.

  23. Real whiner or cry baby that should open his mouth lions coach jim Schwartz jets coach Rex Ryan cowboys owner Kerry jones and all the raiders.. Lol

  24. My hope is that all of those who choose to make this poor officiating article about the head coach of the year will see their team lose no less than two games to blown officiating calls and fully understand what whining feels like…

  25. floriosfuglykid says:
    Aug 19, 2012 10:11 AM
    OK, but let’s keep it real. He pouts over every call no matter how obvious. He’s the NFL’s biggest cry baby. That has nothing to do with the refs.


    Agreed. He cried just as hard about the calls the regular refs made last year as he did about the replacement refs.

  26. jikkle49 says:
    Aug 19, 2012 10:42 AM
    All he’s saying is what every coach is already thinking in that the replacement officials suck and I’m sure every coach is thankful that a coach finally came out and said it.


    Right. Jim Harbaugh whined more about the regular refs last year than Perreira lamenting how the lack of preseason work was going to cause the regular refs to make mistakes during the regular season. Fox really needs to tell him to stick to commenting the game and stop using the games he’s commentating on to get up on his soapbox for his buddies.

    Speaking of Perreira, his thoughts on Jim Harbaugh from 2011 are documented as follows :

    Mike Pereira Decides To Go With Condescension In Addressing Jim Harbaugh’s Complaints

    49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh has been fairly vocal in protesting a variety of calls this season. Some are legitimate gripes, and some might be a bit more questionable. Mike Pereira decided to use his latest column at to take Coach Harbaugh to task for his protesting:

    We’re halfway through the NFL season and I’m not sure which is more surprising, the fact that San Francisco is 7-1 or that the 49ers’ new coach, Jim Harbaugh, got more face time Sunday on FOX than Kim Kardashian gets in her reality show.
    The cameras found him on seemingly every penalty – and San Francisco was penalized nine times. I really can’t blame the director, because quite frankly, Harbaugh was good drama. Except, of course, for those who were officiating the game.
    After watching this game, here’s some advice for young Mr. Harbaugh: We’re only halfway through the season – take some deep breaths and enjoy the ride.

    Jim just loves the regular officials. Can’t you tell? If the 49ers weren’t the Cinderella story of last year this would’ve gotten much bigger press.

  27. Jim Harblow gives everyone a headache everytime he opens his trap to whine and complain about something.

  28. any one on this board who doesn’t realize how bad the officiating has been.should be required to take a football iq test for football fans

  29. Harbaugh-hater: “He’s an embarrassment to coaches everywhere.”

    Yes! That must by why he was named “Coach of the Year” last season. And, I’m sure coaches everywhere just smirk and laugh at his pathetic record of taking a 6-10 team and bringing it to within a couple plays of the Superbowl.

    Stop pretending you wouldn’t be completely behind Jim Harbaugh if he were coaching your team. Harbaugh is a great coach. His players love him. He gets results. He’s already proven that in a very short time. There shouldn’t really be any question about his coaching at this point. And, here’s a clue for you: it’s called “Working the Refs”. All the great coaches do it in one way or another. Vince Lombardi did it. Bill Walsh did it. Madden did it until he was red in the face.

  30. They really need to get the real refs back. They do make mistakes, but the scabs that are out there clearly are lost, and Jim Harbaugh and I are not the only ones to notice.

  31. Jim Harbaugh should be suspended for the year. The NFL told all teams specifically not to complain about the replacement refs and he intentionally went out of his way to talk bad about the refs. Conduct detrimental to the shield, Goodell on line one…..

    Anybody get the sarcasm?

    He is right. The replacement refs are terrible and if this goes into the regular season the NFL will be embarrassed.

    Sure, they are glorified practice games, but the calls should still be correct. Towards the end of the Saints vs Jaguars game, the refs completely blew a call on a Saints interception and a phantom fourth down pass interference call. Both calls would have changed the eventual outcome of the game. The game took forever because the refs don’t know what they are doing. They made wrong calls the entire game, on both sides of the ball.

    Get the regular refs back, or there will be some really irate fans once the season starts.

  32. The calls are bad but the Harbaugh brothers are the two biggest ref whiners in the league. Jim probably still thinks Aaron Bailey caught that hail mary pass in the 1994 Championship game.

  33. Coach Harbaugh was an NLFPA union rep during his playing days. His position on “replacement” refs shouldn’t come as a surprise.

  34. The officiating has been spotty with these replacement refs. But, tell me honestly that when you see a Harbaugh griping about how the refs screwed one of their teams over, you don’t think to yourself, “Not this routine again. I wish that clown would just shut up already.”

  35. I know why Florio didn’t write this article. It would’ve caused a rift in the fabric of reality if he agreed with Jim Harbaugh… 😉

  36. There are complaints about officiating even when the regulars are working.

    So please – players and coaches — give it a rest!

  37. The officials made a couple of silly calls against the Texans, too, and you didn’t see Gary Kubiak behaving like a child. San Francisco seems to have a hard time finding a head coach who can act his age.

  38. Hey, as long as Jimmy H. can keep banging out those world class air biscuits, I say he is OK with me!

  39. Hairbow is a tool and so are all the 49whiner fans….I like the idiot above who brings up thir 5 SB rings from 30 years ago….really relevant, loser….Abe Lincoln was president then, right?….

  40. I love how all these people whine about the Harbaughs but most of them wish their teams could do the things that the niners and ravens have jealousy is an ugly thing

  41. At least the NFL is trying to rid the league of the tainted officials that directly effected to outcome of the SuperBowl Seahawks vs Steelers & the NFC Championship Saints vs Vikings and also questionionable calls in the Superbowl Saints vs Colts.

    Unlike the NBA that did nothing & still has dirty refs.

  42. There were some really bad calls in the Saints — Jags game too. I hope skoobyfl is right, and the regular officials will be back in time for the start of the season, but I wouldn’t put it past Goodell to screw things up and not get a deal done.

  43. I saw the game! It was a very bad officiating game all around. We need the refs back ASAP!

  44. The article is not about Jim Harbaugh or his brother. I just don’t get why people behind a computer screen have to tear down people. Every coach in the NFL challenges refs. If they didnt fans would be asking for someone who did.

    Truthfully, this has to be about people needing to tear down someone else to make themselves feel better. I think back to NFL films and a coach yelling at a ref for being an “over officious jerk.” Challenging the refs is older than the forward pass. Why not stay classy and talk about how the NFL needs to get the best product on the field?

  45. What are you going to do now Jimmy, take your ball and go home?
    Bet your missing Ed Hochuli and Mike Carey now.
    Maybe you won’t be so quick to rag on them about every single call that doesn’t go your way when they do come back….but I doubt it.

  46. I get the fact that Jim isn’t well liked among the various fan bases for his antics, but upvoting nonsense like “he’s a loser” and “he’s a joke to the coaching profession” is just ridiculous. The guy has won everywhere he has coached despite the odds.

  47. Oh yay, is this my chance to make fun of Hairbow again? Yeah I gotta do it. I’m still butt hurt that he brought his lowly team into my storied DET’ franchise’s house and showed everybody how to make Megatron look ordinary and then clowned my douche head coach on national TV with a hand shake that was too hard. Orrrrrr I’m still butt hurt over the ironic justice served up by Donte Whitner on our first drive at Candlestick. You Lion and Saints fans act like you’re entitled to a top spot in the history of the NFL. Let us know when you win anything.
    I can’t wait for Handshake part II and The Hit, Drop and Fumble part II.

  48. Seems to me that everyone is mad at Jim harbaugh for calling out the refs that are doing a horrible job. I watched the game. There were some bogus ones.. the only cry babies are the people leaving all these comments about how ol jimbo is rockin the Mic a little too hard on Sundays. Get a hobby!

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