Romeo Crennel not pleased with his team’s performance


The Chiefs’ starters fell behind the Rams’ starters 14-0 in the first quarter on Saturday night, on the way to a 31-17 loss. Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel was not pleased.

Crennel said after the game that he didn’t think anyone on the Chiefs performed well, and that includes the coaching staff.

Not very good tonight,” Crennel said, via “And that’s being a little generous to say that. We didn’t coach well enough [and] we didn’t play well enough so the results were bad. The offense tried to come on a litlte bit and give us a little lift and scored making it a seven-point game but then we turned it over. Couldn’t stop anybody on defense so that opened up the drain. It just wasn’t good. Not enough focus, not enough concentration on the week when you’re breaking camp and doing all those things. It just shows we’re not mature enough yet.”

Not being good enough in Week Two of the preseason doesn’t necessarily translate to not being good enough when the regular season starts, but Crennel wants to see his team get a lot better in a hurry.

“We’re going to have to play a lot better if we’re going to have a chance to win in the NFL,” Crennel said. “No one really played good. The defense couldn’t stop anybody. The offense, they had one spark then we turned it over and had penalties. Just a lot of things went wrong. When that happens, you lose, And that’s what we did, we lost.”

And that’s what they’ll continue to do, Crennel thinks, if they don’t get a lot better.

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  1. He shouldn’t be pleased. They looked complacent after their good game last week, and fell behind 14-0 to a team that most people would agree is less talented than the Chiefs. The Seahawks come to town next week, and they’re much better than the Rams.

  2. Great defensive coordinator and an even better human being. Head coach? Not so much. You too shall learn, KC.

  3. I guess the Rams aren’t as bad as everybody was saying last week when my colts played them n they “downed” Luck stats cause was against lowly rams

  4. And this is why I hate the preseason. You know very little about a team until at least week 6 and even then teams often turn around for better or worse.

  5. Yea people, one bad preseason game is indicitave of a terrible season.

    If that was the case, the Packers are doomed. They looked worse then the Chiefs against even the lowly Browns. Get real people.

  6. Well, KC looked absolutely rotten in last years pre-season and they had a horrid start ending in a 7-9 reg season record.

    KC’s got a lot of excellent players and they’re rid of cancer Todd Haley. They’ll certainly be better this year.

  7. One thing for sure, Stanzi really sucks, and they also need some depth. Offense was good minus Baldwins fumble, defense got going about halfway through the 1st quarter. Chiefs 2’s and 3’s are bad!

  8. I wish this headline was “John Fox not Pleased with Bronco’s Performance!” Our team got pounded in every aspect of the game last night by Seattle and Russell Wilson, was by far the best QB on either team. It is the preseason but, I would rather see a pissed coach than a media market that is afraid to comment negatively about the team like we have in Denver.

  9. Slowclyde?

    You hit the nail on the head!

    Coincidence that the Pats haven’t won (and probably won’t win) a SB since Crennel and Weiss left!

  10. There’s a reason why KC was a last place team last year. Soft offensive & defensive lines, a quarterback that can’t throw over 20 yards, & first round busts galore

  11. Romeo must have some dirty pictures of league higher ups hidden away somewhere to keep getting a head coaching job. He’s a lousy coach and poor role model since he must eat THREE buckets of fried chicken a day to maintain that super physique of his.

    At least Rex Ryan did something about his weight issues and looks great. Romeo still must get his clothes from Omar the Tent Maker.

  12. Sure is a huge change of pace from last week when folks in KC were literally talking superbowl. No, not just casual fans, people on local sports radio. Talking superbowl, after beating the Cardinals in the first pre season game.

    Nothing like a reality check against a cross state rival. Enjoy another 4-12 season and a good draft pick KC. Hope you dont draft another bust defensive lineman.

  13. Number one, previous events aren’t indicative of future performance. It’s amazing how the Browns fans try to justify their franchises ineptness by stating that it has to be Crennel’s fault. He has been to 5 superbowls, he didn’t magically get stupid when promoted to head coach. Number two what the heck does anyone’s weight have to do with anything? Haters hate, winners win and you can run your mouths about how fat RC is or how he’s a horrible coach, but wait until December and see who’s going to the playoffs and who’s talking smack on a football website

  14. ravenmuscle says: Aug 19, 2012 7:30 PM

    Romeo must have some dirty pictures of league higher ups hidden away somewhere to keep getting a head coaching job. He’s a lousy coach and poor role model since he must eat THREE buckets of fried chicken a day to maintain that super physique of his.
    This clown might be on to something. How many fat coaches win championships? Mike McCarthy? The Big Tuna? The Big Show? Jimmy Johnson? John Madden? Coughlin is pretty fit for an old guy. Tomlin looks tight. Belichick looks like a band geek, but he isn’t really fat. Payton, Dungy, Gruden aren’t fat. Billick looked soft, but not fat. I think what ravenmuscle is saying is if you want to win a ring, don’t eat fried chicken.

  15. A few injuries and this team is done like dinner.

    That’s brilliant Joe, can’t the same be said of 31 other teams?
    The Chiefs HAD key injuries last year and still roasted your Raiders 28-0 in your house. Choke on it.

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