Russell Wilson looks good again for the Seahawks


Two first half interceptions for the Broncos quarterback was the lead story coming out of Saturday night’s Broncos-Seahawks affair.

Peyton Manning (and the job done by the Seahawks defense against him) wasn’t the only story, though. The Seahawks quarterbacks continued their competition and, for the second straight game, Russell Wilson put forth a strong performance. Wilson showed strong improvisational skills on his way to a 10-of-17 night for 155 yards and two touchdowns. Wilson also ran five times for 33 yards and led a third touchdown drive during an impressive second half of work.

Matt Flynn’s night was not quite as successful, although his 6-of-13 for 31 yards passing line would look much more impressive if Terrell Owens didn’t drop what would have been a 46-yard touchdown pass. He threw five passes to Owens overall, completing none, and trying to get T.O. in the offense might have limited Flynn’s ability to move the team. He did lead the Seahawks to three field goals after the Seahawks defense set him up with good field position, but Flynn hasn’t led the Seahawks’ first-team offense to a touchdown through two games.

Wilson’s performances have come with and against backups, which begs the question of whether or not he’ll get run with the starters before the end of the competition. Coach Pete Carroll was non-committal when asked about that after the game.

“We’ll see,” Carroll said, via Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times. “We have to evaluate all that.”

Given the way things have unfolded, it’s hard to believe that Flynn won’t be the starting quarterback in Week One. If he struggles, though, it’s equally hard to believe there won’t be early calls for Wilson based on his preseason performance.

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  1. First, I’ll be nice and say that Flynn’s play was abysmal. Taking drops and everything into consideration because they happen in preseason to every QB, Flynn simply hasn’t moved the team. Now you can fool the casual fan, but the players on that team, know the deal. They see it everyday in practice and are motivated to have the best guy on the field.

    As I have said before, the guaranteed money is just the cost of doing business. It appears to have been a bad investment. If you wanna give your team the best chance to win, Wilson had better be your guy – day one.

    The reason Wilson has played against the 2s is because he has been asked to play with them and against them. There is just a different atmosphere when Russell is on the field.

  2. Wilson looked great… totally impressed with his poise, confidence, and on-field leadership.

    Nice touch on the ball and very elusive.

    He’ll be their #1 in short order.

    Next game, they should have him tossing a few to TO. That will be a good tandem.

  3. Kirk Cousins outplayed RGIII Saturday night against the Bears. Why arent we seeing any comments about how Cousins will be/should be the starter? Cousins put up all pro type numbers.. See that?

    Flynn’s performance is directly related to T.O.’s direct lack there of. If the coach says “toss some to Owens”, you toss some to Owens. It isn’t Flynn’s fault that Owens lost the ability to get open. It isnt Flynn’s fault that T.O. cant catch a ball when it hits him in the hands.

    Not to take anything away from Wilson’s performance, but he played against the second team D. Is he better than Flynn? No.

  4. Pete Carroll; ‘We gotta get Charlie Whitehurst – he’s our guy!” “We gotta get Tarvaris Jackson – he’s our guy!” “We gotta get Matt Flynn….”

  5. I Like Flynn’s mannerisms and management. But really the Hawks need to give RW the 1st string for a game, if it is a true competition..

  6. Well, regardless of whether or not Russell Wilson is #1 or #2 in Seattle, I think the real point is that he obviously has a future in the NFL. I don’t seem him needing to fall back on that college degree any time soon.

  7. Flynn has looked as we’ve expected him too for the most part. He has done nothing to lose the staring job if he was the incumbent. The problem is when this gets labeled as a competition and Wilson flashes greatness he deserves a shot with ones against ones. I’m not saying he’s the savior or anything just that if this is a competition he’s more than earned that opportunity.

  8. T.o had his frst game back in over a year so he will get better but i think braylon will beat him out in the end. flynn was getting pressured. broncos d line is wicked. its clear wilson needs to start next week . if not then there never was a real qb competition. flynn is going to do ok but wilson could be an elite qb. THE FORCE IS STRONG WITH HIM!!!!!

  9. I’m an east coast Broncos fan, so I had to settle with listening to the game on my phone, but it certainly sounded like Wilson looked good. I think he will be a starter for some team soon, if its not Seattle.

  10. Flynn threw for 600 yards and 6TD’s in one game for the Packers and played very well in his other starts. His struggles are merely proving what a fantastic system the Packers have and when you throw to the most talented group of receivers in recent history you’re going to look great.

  11. It would appear as though PC is on the horns of a dilemma regarding Mr. Flynn… or is it Mr. F. who is on the horns of a dilemma?!

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