Sanchez not ready to press “panic button”


The Jets have limped through a pair of preseason games on offense, with no touchdowns generated in eight quarters of football.  But quarterback Mark Sanchez says it’s too early to get too nervous.

“It’s not time to hit the panic button,” Sanchez told the media after the 26-3 loss to the Giants, via comments transcribed and distributed by the team.  “You have to improve and learn from this stuff.  I know we can do it.  I’ve seen this team play much better than this.  I’ve seen it in practice.  The encouraging thing is we have the right personnel.  These guys will go watch the film.  They’ll go study, understand why it happened, come out next week and play well.”

Sanchez said that coach Rex Ryan shared that same sentiment with the team:  “Rex said it best after the game.  He said, ‘Look, it’s the second preseason game. We have to score points, but there’s no reason to hit the panic button right now.'”

They’re both right.  With a new offensive coordinator and several key receivers missing, it’s too early to worry.  Still, the preference would be to play well.

“Of course, that’s the plan,” Sanchez said.  “We’re now just out here playing around.”

Some Jets fans would beg to differ, at least based on what they’ve seen in the first two weeks of the games that don’t mean anything.  And now that the Jets have eight days to get ready for the next game that doesn’t mean anything, it sounds like, to Sanchez, it means something.

“This is our last chance,” Sanchez said.  “We need to play well.”

Though he’s talking about the preseason, the fact remains that, if the Jets don’t show anything in the games that don’t count, the fans will be more likely to revolt in the first one that does — September 9, when the Bills come to town.

Ryan is, as usual, confident that things will be fine by then.  “I’m 100 percent sure when we kick it off for real, we will have more production,” Ryan said.  “There’s absolutely no doubt about that.”

That’s a fairly safe bet, given that to date there’s pretty much no way the Jets could have less production.

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  1. Mark, sit back, count your cash and have a Stevewiser. Your chance to be the man and the Jets season as a whole ended the day they traded for Tim and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so.

  2. What’s a bigger concern is it’s been three and a half years of his brutal play and that organization still isn’t ready to push the panic button.

  3. Sanchez is NOT a good NFL QB. It’s going to be a bleak year for the Jets Offense. Especially with the human turnstile at RT in Wayne Hunter.

  4. With how the Bills offense has looked, the Jets might not have to be worried about a stinker in the opening game. But, then again, they might just be playing around out there, too, and turn on the afterburners when the games count.

  5. The Jets are gonna be so bad, but because of Tebow and the fact that many in the media are Jets fans they will be talked about like they have actually won something. The only thing going to happen this year is the blow up of the team in the offseason and the firing of Rex. I am so sick of Tim Tebow and the Jets……Especially Tebow, I mean name another player who has sucked so much and gotten so much love. Then if you say he sucks everyone just says you hate his religion which I dont…Ill be in church tommorow morning too…..Part of me as mean as this sounds just wants Tim Tebow to get hurt just so that they dont talk about him all the time………..

  6. Good God the Jets we’re terrible tonight, they’re offense absolutely stinks. I originally thought 8-8 for this team but I’m thinking 6-10 is a little bit more accurate.

  7. The Jets are poorly coached. They’re not a cohesive team unit. The same applied to the Cowboy’s defense. The Ryan’s just aren’t as good at coaching as their hype makes them out to be.

  8. 6-10 if they are lucky. Panic button? I’d be a bit jumpy if I were Mark or Rex. People are replaced even if there is no panic button buzzing.

  9. I remember when people use to say Sanchez was the best QB in the ’09 draft class. What a joke! Sanchez isn’t near the same league as Matt Stafford, or even Josh Freeman to be honest. I always knew Sanchez was a bum and thought the Jets were crazy to move up to #5 to pick him.

  10. The Jets really need to cut their losses with this guy.

    He’s not bright enough, has a pop gun arm and is anything but a leader.

  11. Now can espn and nfl network stop talking bout the Jets so much …u wouldve thought they won the past several SB’s… its irritating!!!

  12. Here’s a BIG part of why Sanchez will never be an elite QB….”These guys will go watch the film. They’ll go study, understand why it happened, and come out next week and play well.”
    Anyone else notice his reference of “These guys” and “they?” If Sanchez had the mentality to be a great NFL QB, he would have included himself. I mean, it’s not like Sanchez lit it up while the rest of the team played well.

  13. The Jets are in trouble as not one but both of their pre season games the O looks terrible. Can any of the Jets QB’s complete a pass of more than 5 yards?The Jets have scored 6 points in two games !!

    What we have learned is that the 2012 Jets are going to be the worst team in the Rex Ryan era as the Giants exposed the Red Headed Step Children on NY football ( AGAIN)and all Jets fans should pay close attention to college football this season as the new regime that replaces Ryan/Tannebaum after the season will be drafting ANOTHER QB of the future.

    2013 -1969= 44 Years !

  14. Mike, I’m proud of you! This is the first Jets article that I’ve read in months that didn’t mention “He who shall remain nameless”.

  15. Jets getting their excuses all lined up in a row, and it’s only week 2 of the pre-season. Looking forward to the week before the Super Bowl and Rex giving his yearly “well if we were playing we could beat either of these teams”, if only they weren’t eliminated in week 10…

  16. Oct. 21 Jetz at New England
    Nov. 22 New England at Jetz

    Can’t wait to see the Pats destroy the Jetz! It’ll be so sweet! I wonder if Sexy Rexy will still be around by Nov. 22?

  17. “Thank God it’s a preseason game.”
    – Jets right tackle Wayne Hunter, with perhaps the quotation of the preseason

  18. They didn’t “press the panic button” when they went 8-8 last year, either…….

    Maybe they don’t know where the hell it is?

  19. Leave it to the Jets, to fire their offensive coordinator, two years too late, only to replace him with a worse one! Amazing! Look at the jets schedule, and tell me they won’t be 2-6, or at best 3-5.

  20. If this had been a regular season game with the Jets O-line in the whole time, while the Giants DEs rotated, the Giants wouldn’t have stopped at 7 sacks… they probably would have matched (or even exceeded) that 12-sack performance against McNabb in 2007.

    It starts with the 5 up front. Mangold can’t block everyone. The Jets QBs can’t spend every 3rd down running for their lives. The problem is simple – both tackles need guard help to stop good DEs, which leaves Mangold exposed in the middle for DTs and MLBs. If the guards stay in the middle, the tackles can’t handle good pass rushers, let alone great ones like the Giants have.

    No offensive line = no TDs and no wins. The Jets have only 2 weeks to do something about that, or it will be a very long season.

  21. this is from a life-long giants fan so take it for what its worth because i dont follow the j.e.t.s. as closely as the fans of the team… however…

    i really think the problem wit their offense lies in the OLine rather than with the Sanchise. After all when he has a more decent OLine between him and the passrush he beat the colts in the playoffs and a couple other teams as well (cough cough i’m lookin at you mr cheatieface in foxboro).

    especially against a top of the line front 4 like the Giants’ bunch you need an OLine worth their pay and i dont think the j.e.t.s. have that- but if they did i am pretty suremark would thrive.

  22. stonecoldsays says:
    Aug 19, 2012 1:02 AM
    Mark, sit back, count your cash and have a Stevewiser. Your chance to be the man and the Jets season as a whole ended the day they traded for Tim and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so.


    You are as stupid as that guy pretending to be HH…

    Get your own life….

  23. The Jets are the AFC equivalent of the Cowboys.
    Talk a good fight, year after year, and fail.
    Sanchez is toast, and everyone knows it but Ryan and himself. Total joke.

  24. Whats with the sudden influx of WWF themed accounts? First it was Hulk Hogan now its Steve Austin. Who is next? The Rock? Mick Foley? Diamond Dallas Page?

  25. He may not be hitting the panic button but he’s been hitting the suck button for 3 years. Sanchez is a back-up at best. I guess there was a reason Pete Carroll told him he needed another year in college.

    And one more thing. Can someone please tell tubby his top 5 D was 20th in the league in Pts/game allowed last year. Yardage allowed doesn’t mean sh*t if teams are scoring on you.

    Jets will be lucky to go .500 this year. And the implosion is going to be entertaining as hell.

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