Shooter in Arizona fan incident claims it was an accident


The man who shot another man in a parking lot outside University of Phoenix Stadium on Friday night during a Raiders-Cardinals game claimed that the shooting was an accident, according to the Arizona Republic.

In this case, “accident” may mean “I meant to point the gun at the guy but I didn’t mean to fire it.”  Thus, whether it was an “accident” may not matter when it’s time to dispense justice.

The shooter called 911 and reported the incident.  He did not attempt to flee the scene.

The victim is in stable condition and is expected to survive, even though the injuries initially were regarded as life threatening.

Police said the shooting resulted from a “verbal altercation” that was “fan-based.”  Police did not explain whether the men were fans of the same teams, different teams, etc.  Though many will assume the shooter was a Raiders fan, there’s no evidence of that yet.  It’s also not known whether the two men had attended the game.