Steelers’ Rainey, Colts’ Collie and Redding leave with injuries


This is turning into a worst-case scenario first quarter, as three players have been taken in with injuries already.

Colts receiver Austin Collie was taken in after taking a shot to the head from Steelers linebacker Larry Foote.

Collie has a history of concussion problems, making his an immediate concern.

Steelers running back Chris Rainey left the field after taking a hard hit, and was taken to the locker room to be checked for a possible concussion, according to NBC”s Michele Tafoya.

On the other side, Colts defensive end Cory Redding was taken in with a possible right knee injury.

We’ll update as we learn more, or you can go chat with Florio about it.

UPDATE 8:39 p.m. ET: Rainey’s back in the game, which is apparently good news.

6 responses to “Steelers’ Rainey, Colts’ Collie and Redding leave with injuries

  1. yo, Ravenater is this post about your tired ass team? no it seems you always have a comment about the Steelers. seems like your worried. have you ever even been to Baltimore? that city is a toilet. you can hate the Steelers as much as you want but is it the Steelers fault that your kicker shanked an easy kick in the afc championship? is it the Steelers fault lee Evans dropped a pass while being covered by an undrafted player? is it the Steelers fault that the ratbirds screwed up their best chance to win it all? because this year there will be hell to pay. you know Damned well that the ravens d minus suggs = suspect. hey that jimmy smith is a beast the way he shut down Megatron. ohhhhhh wait Megatron ate that d up. just like Julio did last week. instead of worrying about the Steelers I would worry about that suspect d and that offense that couldn’t score against the lions or the falcons starters.

  2. @footballfan

    He will somehow call it a dirty hit, call our defense old, pour Gatorade on himself bc they swept us last year and didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, predict the demise of our franchise even though 40 straight yrs of it not happening is unquestionable reality, not realize that our JV team took over with a 14-7 lead tonight, blame our starters somehow and then make the same mistake this yr as some of our dumber fans did last yr by anointing his team as future AFC North Champs.

    Did I miss anything?

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