Tim Tebow admits frustration, Giants say they could see it


Jets quarterback Tim Tebow struggled on Saturday night, as did the entire offense in a 26-3 loss to the Giants. And the Giants said after the game that they could see Tebow was getting frustrated — which Tebow acknowledged.

I was probably just frustrated because we want to get on the same [page] and have it run smooth,” Tebow said, via the Star-Ledger.

Giants defensive tackle Carlton Powell said he and his teammates could see that frustration, and Powell said he tried to add to that frustration by getting under Tebow’s skin with some post-play comments.

“You can tell by his body language,” Powell said. “Obviously, we were getting after him a little bit. And I guess they weren’t holding up their protection so some mistakes were being made so I saw him getting mad so I said a little something to him. He kind of looked at me like he wanted to say something, but he didn’t really say nothing though.”

Powell admits he said something to Tebow that was “not very appropriate,” and he said he thought he Tebow was growing angrier as the game wore on.

“The frustration was written all over him,” Powell said. “He was already upset so it didn’t take that much.”

After a loss in which the Jets’ offense averaged just 2.6 yards a play, everyone on the offense has plenty of reasons to be upset.

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  1. How can they expect all the players to get on the same page when the coaching staff keeps setting the players against one another? They’ve no one to rally ’round and build something from.

  2. More evidence that having the lights shining upon you, starting during OTAs and escalating into the Season, helps everyone [including the Giants] except the Jets.

  3. It must stink to be Tebow sometimes, he’s created this squeaky clean image for himself and he probably wants to tell everybody to shove off. It’s probably hard to be a full time man if principle, I sure wouldn’t know.

  4. O-Line looks bad, no one to throw to and a suspect running game. Right now they look like a 5 win team…maybe.

  5. How embarrassing for fans of this horrible team that their backup QB is asked if he was “frustrated” by the offense’s lack of scoring, and not their starting QB.

    Jets fans love rooting for losers more that Mets fans, so they deserve to be stuck defending a team coached by Tyrannosaurus Fat, run by Backup QB Jesus, and being the least knowledgeable football fans in the world.

  6. Not a Tebowmaniac….

    But he is 6-2, 245. I think he can hold his own against JPP. No wedgie and no lunch money stolen. If you ever read about Tebow in the weight room, he s as strong or stronger than the linemen. Amakamura is like 190. Big difference. JPP would not have the balls to do that to someone that size.

  7. It sure is going to be fun watching this team implode. Santonio hasn’t even hit the field yet and look at where were at!

  8. I’ve said this before but this Jets defense better be holding teams to 10-14 points a game because if they don’t the Jets are going to be a 6-10 team this season.

  9. Running in the rain with your shirt off doesn’t get you wins in the NFL …OR turn you into a good quarterback. The ONLY reason the JESTS signed Tebow was to sell tickets and energize a fan base that has very little to look forward too other than Rex Ryan’s Big Mouth and boasting that is growing old at warp speed.

    When the “empty” seats start showing up for JET games and Giant games are packed, the Rex Ryan era will be over.

  10. Jets could hold teams to 6 ppg and still go 3-13 – I just don’t see where that offense is going to get 7 points. Get them down 14-0 and the game is O-V-E-R OVER! OVER! OVER!

  11. The Jets need to just go all in with Tebow and McIlroy this year. Sanchez is clearly not the answer for them. And they are wasting time not letting the O-line commit to Tebow’s style of play. Sanchez’ confidence with them is visibly shot. He’s better off elsewhere. Like backing up Carson Palmer in Oakland perhaps. Who knows. Jim Plunkett was reborn out there after everyone thought he was finished.

  12. i am beginnino notice that basically everybody that makes negative comments doesnt know anything about football. First off correct if im wrong wasnt sanchez playing without his top 3 wrs ? Put any other qb without his top 3 wrs and see how they fare. Second of all everybody that says Rex is horrible coach? Yea he has only brought a mediocre team before he started coaching them to 2 AFC championship games in two years and one 8 and 8 season and thats horrible ? You guys clearly dk anythin bout football. You know its funny everybody hates the jets but these same clowns that make dumb comments are the same ones that take time out of their day to talk about them. If i cant stand someone i wouldnt even waste my time. I really would like to know what team each person that comments on this thing actually supports. Seems to me to be a bunch of envious fans that wish they had a coach to make their pathetic franchise like the bills vikings seahawks rams jags redskins dolphins browns titans and cheifs relavent again. last time i checked chips don get won in the preaseason. before you comment make sure you know what your talking bout

  13. Tebow will eventually get traded to a playoff team and win the SB as a back up. Mark my words lol

  14. and for the jaguars DAVID CARR is a better choice for them then Blaine Gabbert your franchise is going to move to LA any way who the hell wants to play and live in a hick invested town like Jacksonville I sure as hell wouldn’t lol

  15. gooseblack1987.

    I couldn’t disagree with you more. There are football reasons the Jets won’t win more than 5 or 6 games. This isn’t based on this preseason, have you watched them the last 2 years?
    1. You said Sanchez’s best 3 WRs were missing…but if you name those 3 WRs you will see they aren’t anything anyone is afraid of. So they are bad at WR.
    2. Sanchez is a Below Average to Average QB. Plain and simple. Bad accuracy, bad decisions. And they brought in a wishbone H-back to back him up or push him to get better?? What a disaster.
    3. Their defense isn’t as good as it was 2 or 3 years ago.
    4. They talk about ground and pound. They can’t run the ball. Their best RB is Shonn Greene? He had 1ooo yards last year…………so. That is about 62 yards a game. The 1000 yard rusher thing is a joke now. It was a mark when there were 12 or 14 games. But in 16 games. Who cares about 1000 yards.
    5. If they lose their marginal QB….their backup QB is a gigantic mess.

    Now there are more important reasons the Jets won’t win and the most important is because Rex Ryan is CRAZY COACH. And Crazy Coaches bring some buzz and limited success………….then they flame out and crash and burn in a terrible manner. Crazy coaches: Buddy Ryan, Jerry Glanville……….Rex Ryan. Add Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz to that list. All is great initially and everyone thinks it is refreshing. Usually the media does because Crazy Coaches say plenty of stuff to keep them busy. Rex has done that. Crazy coaches don’t last. The Jets took a chance on Jabba The Hutt and he brought in a frathouse atmosphere and sold some tickets and had some marginal success. They got to two AFC Championship games……….and lost. Wayne Fontes once took the Lions to the NFC Championship game. Rex is done and the only reason he is there is because the owner and GM bought into the frathouse mentality to sell tickets. And everyone on the team is talking trash. The starting QB talks trash……..the backup QB talks trash. The third string QB talks trash about how bad the lockerroom environment is. The CB, who has more kids and baby’s mommas than the JETS will have wins this year talks trash about the WRs. The WRs talk trash about the CB. The whole atmosphere is toxic. And you want that idiot Ryan as the face of your team??? Would you want that clown running your workplace?
    The Jets are a disaster. They saw the mess they had last year and brought in Tebow to sell more tickets. Crazy coach……..three ring circus. This is a crash and burn of epic proportions.
    The JETS are done. J E T S…………MESS MESS MESS MESS.

  16. @gooseblack1987

    Most ‘hicks’ down here have the ability to speak/write coherently. You, not so much…..

    A set of words that is complete in itself, typically containing a subject and predicate, conveying a statement, question, exclamation,…

  17. hart6399 ok once again sir do your research before you open your mouth first you say the jets defense isnt as good ? Then how come last year they ranked 5th in total defense ? Furthermore this preseason the first team hasnt even let up a touchdown so what are you talking bout. There defense is the stong point of this team. Second you say that Sanchez is below average bro he had one bad year because his o line was horrendous idc if we had tom brady if your o line cant block the best qb cant do ne thin because hes not goin to have time. Second of all Rex Ryan will not get fired after this year like it or not the guy made this team relavent and competetive each year. except for maybe a handful of games over the last 3 years they have been in it til the very end. And the only reason the jets are a media circus is because of the Media they choose to talk bout the jets 24 7 they make a story about a dumb training camp fight meanwhile fights happen all the time thats not the jets fault. and you say rex ryan is a joke as a coach please remind me what is his total record to date ? Your just a Jets who brought up no legitamate facts and clearly dk anything bout footbal

  18. @regisphilbin I am sorry sir. I was talking like how someone would talk through text messages. Also hicks don’t know how to speak coherently and thats a fact. Southern people are known to be borderline retarded. You take the dumbest person from the North and he will probably be smarter than the most intelligent Southerner. If you would like to have an intellectual debate with I will gladly school you on any topic. Dont let a rant on a doofy football page fool you. On a bad day I will outsmart you sir. So go back to watching nascar and making love to your cousin ok redneck. You rednecks are a reason why people think Americans are stupid.

  19. As bad as the jets looked on Saturday night all u haters have to keep two things in mind – the jets were without their #1 WR AND its preseason!!

    Yes, the jets line looks like crap and that really, really concerns me BUT there is still a chance a vet RT gets cut at the end of training camp(which typically happens). If the jets can pick that player up then the main problem of this team will be solved.

    However, even it the jets dont add a vet to help this line they will still be around 8-8. They will be around 500 Bc the defense is going to be dominant and if you can’t see that then you are either a blind hater or you don’t know football.

  20. Long time Jets fan here and yes I will say the Jets looked terrible on Saturday but we seem to forget these are meaningless games. Games in which starters try NOT to get hurt and younger players try to earn a roster spot. Teams very rarely game plan in the preseason especially those learning a ne

  21. gammynomnom says:
    Aug 20, 2012 5:53 AM
    I wonder if Eli was frustrated in that game, with his QB rating of 32?

    Eli moved the ball up and down the field on your “TOP 5” defense.

    He also didnt have his best WR on the field.

  22. he didnt have his best wr ? what do you call victor cruz ? thats his best wr and o yea moved up and down the field how many tds did he score don reply to me unless u kno what your talking he had a qb rating of a 32 and he was moving up the field on us roght u dont know what your talking bout bro Its PRESEASON lol can someone mention me who knows what their talking bout when it comes to football cuz @gammynomnom doesnt kno jack number dont lie and ur qb drove the field because of a bs roughing the kicker and other and they other drive he stalled out and only scored three points so what are you talking come talk to me when ur first team offense acores a td on us

  23. @gooseblack – great comments from blind Jets loyalist. Fun read, especially ragging on southern folk.

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