Weatherford apologizes for posting cold-tub video


Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara was dumped in the cold tub eight times last year as a rookie.  None of them registered on the media’s radar because no one recorded it.

This year, Amukamara’s first cannonball into the cold tub has become a news item because punter Steve Weatherford taped it and posted it on the Internet.

And now Weatherford has apologized.

“I want to apologize to the fans,” Weatherford said on Twitter.  “The video I posted was distasteful. Our team is a family, and we love each other.  I am sorry to the fans.”

That’s a bit confusing.  If the video is “distasteful,” how does it prove that the players “love each other”?

While the apology isn’t clear, it’s clear that Weatherford issued it after having a portion of his rear end (from the non-kicking side) chewed off by coach Tom Coughlin.  Indeed, Coughlin seemed as concerned about the fact that the video was posted as he was about the fact that the incident captured by it happened.

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  1. I actually felt bad for prince… Seeing a grown man not standing up for himself like that was just wrong

  2. The Packers and Patriots need to apoligize to football fans everywhere for allowing such a weak team to win the SB.

  3. I was dumped in the cold tub in high school. I helped dump other players in the tub. Yes, I can see how it could be seen as bullying, but another part of me, the part that actually experienced something similar wants to say “it was boys being boys”. I feel bad saying that, as I feel it gets used as a humorous excuse in some very serious situations, but I find it hard to believe that Prince Amukamara is totally uncapable of defending himself. I mean these are all grown ass men. But hey if it means the Giants locker room is totally dysfunctional (I highly doubt it is, do YOU want to piss Tom Coughlin off?), hip hip hoorah, I’m an Eagles fan.

  4. Weatherford has always seemed like one of _those_ guys. For a punter, he sure is in the news way too much. He needs to keep quiet. Pipe down. You’re a punter, dude.

  5. Is it possible that Weatherford felt like Prince has been bullied all this time? And then posted this video (in the name of fun) with the ultimate motive of outting JPP as a bully? That way, Weatherford doesn’t get labelled as a ‘snitch’. If it turns out this was his actual thought process, kudos to this man for sticking up for Prince.

  6. I think the punter just posted the video because he finally felt like one of the guys…..because it wasn’t happening to HIM for a change.

  7. If a white player were to call Jason Pierre-Paul a “f’n N”, he’d go off on him.

    Racism from any race isn’t acceptable, he should be fined or suspended for it.

  8. and they wonder why JPP was getting the “immaturity” flag as a draft prospect…

    dude’s not a rookie anymore man… and this is coming from a military dude who’s done his own hazing’ and also had it done too

  9. mycroft,

    I think you could be right. Weatherford had to have known how this would make JPP look especially given the language at the end of the clip. Weatherford, being a punter, probably has been on the receiving end of bullying at some point in his career…and wanted to stop the mayhem before it turned into a repeat of last year.

  10. I’ll be honest, I think the apology should come from JPP for dunking Prince rather than Weatherford posting the video. Our knowledge of it’s existence isn’t what’s bad, the act itself is bad.

  11. just wondering what led to the cold tub dunking. maybe he put liquid heat in JJP jock. The bigger question is how long this idiot gets to stay on the team. You don’t tape hazing. It gets everyone in trouble. a little fun pinning chevrons or getting your blood stripes turns into real trouble if you tape it.

  12. Thats not bullying obviously pierre paul feels comfortable enough with prince to do that too him, i think prince must be clowning around alot for something like this to happen its all fun and games pro football style .anyway there grown men if prince is bothered by it he has to voice his opinion to the coach or some authoritive figure he is not a child please lets not act like he is

  13. The NFL will investigate anything that smells like a Bounty even when its and internal matter …………… out!

    Who put the Bounty on the Princess?

  14. bluelifer,

    Yeah Prince probably got dunked 8 times last season because he just wont stop joking around. You could tell he didnt mind by the smile on his face. but running to coach to complain surely sounds like that would have a positive ending…

  15. apologizing to the fans? Shouldn’t he be apologizing to Prince for embarassing him on a national level?

  16. It was a little surprising to hear of a second-year player being hazed – that’s something that usually just involves rookies.

    Maybe JPP is just a bad teammate … he has one good season and now he needs a size 52 helmet for his over-sized head.

    Apologize? Heck … Weatherford might have done the Giants a favor. Maybe they can put a leash on this goon before he kills somebody on this own team.

    Perhaps this will give the media another story to chase instead of their usual 24-7 Jets coverage.

  17. I am stunned by the coverage this is getting. It was a good old fashioned prank, something that is most likely pulled a dozen times a day in NFL locker rooms across the league.

    If you only read the coverage of this and didn’t know what a cold tub was, you would think it was some sort of torture device that could cause permanent harm, not a therapeutic device used by virtually every player in the league.

    How many times has Amukamara dumped himself into the cold tub?

    And for people going on about “bullying”, check yourself. Bullying is a serious issue in this country and is hurting alot of innocent people, but to apply it to a situation where one NFL player is punking another NFL player kind of trivializes it.

  18. Prince should do what I would tell any college player to do. Report this to his superiors. He’s no longer a rookie. He has a right to his own disposition. If he doesn’t want to have “an edge” he doesn’t have to have one. JPP is hardly a sage ready to decide what attitudes are right for others.

    If Coughlin won’t stop this physical intimidation on the job Prince should get a lawyer and charge JPP with assault. I think picking you up and dragging you somewhere against your will then dumping you head first into a tub is AT LEAST assault.

    Not everyone wants to continue to play childish redneck games, especially those that are used to humiliate them in front of the team and the general public.

    The fact that JPP hasn’t already apologized says a world to me and I’m a Giants fan.

  19. I hope Prince brings a bat in tomorrow and afterward says, “I’m sorry. This was just boys being boys. This is my version of hazing and standing up for myself. Now, I’ll go and tell coach, we need a new punter and DE.”

  20. Forget the punter, lets look at the facts:
    1. JPP called another African American the “N” word! Jeese Jackson and Al Sharpton better say something.
    2. No team mates helped out “Princess”! They were laughing at him!
    3. There is some bad blood between these 2 and I woudl not be surprised to see them go at each other during a game this season.
    4. What is Goodell going to do about this? Racism running amuck in the Giants locker room!

  21. Gotta love ny media, giants do this crap, diel gets a DUI and the jets are the ones having ‘camp chaos’. F’n clowns

  22. Whatever dude keep pinning them inside the 10. F u Matt dodge!!!!! Why would you punt a line drive to desean Jackson????!!!

    Yes that’s what I got out this article # back2back championships are fun

  23. That was the funny part. Not a real member of the team put this up for all to see. Prince should knock him out. You are a kicker not a real football player.

  24. God I hate punters, they shouldn’t even be classified as football players. And I know that this guy was some track athlete in college, but now all he does is kick a football and get in the news way too much. At least kickers have to deal with crunch time pressure field goals.

  25. If you need someone to step into MetLife Stadium and establish control of that Giants locker room… just call in the Seahawks.

  26. I wonder if JPP was under orders to toughen Akumura up.. Example: Like Coaches ordering someone to get into a fight in practice. Did Coughlin order the Code Red? lol

  27. He can mean the language he captured in it was distasteful. All the vulgarity and dropping of the N-bomb can be distasteful, yet still leave them all as family.

    I think he’s referring to the larger picture stuff, though.

  28. Prince not exactly getting the royal treatment in Giants locker room. I saw the video and it looked fairly harmless but yet had a little bit of a bully element to it. This could be an indication of a lack of leadership in the Giants locker room perhaps.

  29. Let’s see it’s 4th and 15 on your own 30 yard line! I guess most of you have that sure fire 15 yard play that’s gonna get the 1st down? Gimme a break! Punters are specialist! They play football too and the good ones change field position! Amazing I felt compelled to say that!
    Anyway good for this dude! I dont know for sure but I think he was outing JPP! He sure didn’t apologize to his teammates! Nothing is probably gonna happen to JPP because of this boys will be boys crap, but I found it disgusting! I hope the NY media shames JPP to know end until he shows some contrition! Bullies are the worse!

    Al Davis Forever!!!
    Just Win Baby!!!

  30. That punter is NOT useless. He has a great case for SB 46 MVP.

    sad Pats fan 😦

    I like LR humor and don’t find most of guys’ pranks alarming but this did not have that vibe when I saw it. This had the vibe of Prince being picked on, not an “all in fun” thing. It just doesn’t sit right with me.

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