Amukamara says things got “out of hand” with cold-tub incident


The Giants are sending plenty of mixed messages regarding the videotaped dumping of cornerback Prince Amukamara into a cold tub by defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.

On one hand, the video is “distasteful,” according to punter Steve Weatherford.

On the other hand, defensive end Justin Tuck says getting dunked in the cold tub is a good thing.

But if it’s a good thing, why is Pierre-Paul saying he’ll never do it again?

Amukamara has now addressed the situation, twice.  Once on Sunday with Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger, and again on Monday with reporters in the locker room.

Prince is in a tough spot.  He can’t be perceived as complaining about the situation, especially since as Garafolo mentioned on Sunday the veterans keep dumping Amukamara in the cold tub in an effort to toughen him up.  Still, from time to time Amukamara’s concern peeks through, as it did on Sunday when he expressed confusion as to why he’s still getting treated like a rookie and on Monday when he said that the situation got “out of hand.”

The broader point I’ll make before we close the book on this one (barring further developments) is this:  If guys who are deemed “soft” repeatedly get thrown in the cold tub, what happens to a player who is regarded as gay?

It’s become fashionable for NFL players to claim that they’d welcome a gay teammate into the locker room.  One of the first things that occurred to me after watching the video was that a player deemed to be gay could end up being relentlessly hazed and bullied and harassed — which makes it even more difficult for a player to come out of the closet before his career ends.

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19 responses to “Amukamara says things got “out of hand” with cold-tub incident

  1. Doesn’t seem like regular old hazing to me… Otherwise why does JPP say, “Teach that n***a to mess with me again…” or something of the sort?

    JPP seams like a bully, and it’s definitely not a good look for him or the Giants… especially considering that it looks like there’s a bigger underlying issue here.

    It’s clear, via the video, you can see that Amukamara was very discouraged and embarrassed by the act. He wasn’t laughing, which is what you’d expect from “lighthearted banter and play.”

  2. Every WR who faces him this year will not respect him. Be sure of that. Can’t wait to see Garcon/Moss easily punk him and that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so.

  3. I feel bad for this kid. All it took was for one punter twit for the kid to forever be known as the guy that got dunked in the cold tub. Prince should wipe both of their mouth guards on his taint and tweet it once they bite down.

  4. How does this organization have the reputation for being classy? They’ve done almost everything possible to embarrass themselves since the Super Bowl.

  5. Plain and simple professional locker rooms aren’t for everyone. Young people are allowed language that is considered offensive in their own enviornment i.e. the locker room or field/court… btw Florio n—a isn’t n—-r, if you can’t get it right, don’t report it. This another example of why athletes don’t care for the media (that and sensationalizing quotes to make stories). Prince seems really mild mannered so I truly hope he doesn’t feel bullied but, as a man… not a child.. a MAN, he has to stand up for himself. Your teammates are urging you to do so!
    Bullying IS a serious issue but, this is a matter of showing that you’re willing to take a stand

  6. They’re still hazing him because by this time last year they couldn’t touch him because he was nursing a foot injury. Now he’s better and will probably see the field a lot more compared to his ACTUAL rookie season. They’re just catching up on missed time. This is such a non issue it’s ridiculous how much attention it’s getting. These are just haters trying to devide the kicker room. Don’t fall for it gmen just keep your damn phones in your lockers

  7. I seem to remember a bust of a QB who was taken second over all and went through the same type of continual torment from teammates like Junior Seau.

    Is the “Knock It Off” count down on?

    Prince Amukarama needs to step up and super glue everything in JPP locker to the shelf.

  8. As a giants fan I think HOP is a jerk for doing this. Prince is a class act for a young men to follow. Last year at the rookie symposium he when asked what type of car does he drive his reply was I bought a $5000 accord. Got to save my money until my second contract if I get one. He graduated from Nebraska and holds a degree something JPP doesn’t have and if I had to bet I would say prince will be far more successful after football.

  9. Not cool. I don’t see any difference between this and taping Larry Lester’s buns together. That dude got a Saturday detention.

  10. Amukarama is in a tough spot as he is stuck with co workers who are jerks that thought he was Vincent D’Onforio in Full Metal Jacket. Hazing to toughen someone up is a stupid idea that usually backfires and makes the person depressed and traumatized. That is how you get someone going Postal in the workplace. Hopefully he has not seen the Last Boy Scout.

  11. there is deeper stuff going on here. Amakumara isn’t blinged out like alot of NFL players, he’s proud of his Nigerian descent, he drives a modest car, he speaks proper English, probably doesn’t hang out with rappers…. He doesn’t try to come across as a gangster or “hard.” He seemingly doesn’t retaliate and that is viewed as further proof of his “weakness.”…He’s being punished for not conforming.

  12. I expect grown professional athletes to be better than this. 8 times is 7 times to many. Whatever happenef yo just making a rookie carry your pads? Jpp is a classless jerk.

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