Bills avoided $4 million by cutting Merriman


The Buffalo Bills, as it turns out, had four million reasons to not keep linebacker Shawne Merriman.

Merriman was due to make a base salary of $4 million in 2012, which would have become guaranteed as a practical matter if he’d been on the Week One roster.  ($3 million of it already was guaranteed for injury and cap, but not for skill.)

Yes, it’s easy to point to the fact that he’s more of a 3-4 linebacker than a 4-3 defensive end.  But pass rushers are pass rushers, regardless of scheme.  And Merriman apparently isn’t the pass rusher he used to be.  More accurately, he’s not enough of a pass rusher to merit that kind of pay, given where he was on the depth chart.

Also, given his history of injury, it’s not unreasonable to think that something on his body was going to sprain or tweak or break before too long.

It’s hard to say where he’ll go next; we discussed some possibilities during Monday’s PFT Live.  There’s a chance that, like the name-changing receiver with whom Shawne once used to feud and who was cut eight days ago by the Dolphins, it could be over for Merriman.

If Merriman plays, it’ll likely be for a lot less than $4 million.

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17 responses to “Bills avoided $4 million by cutting Merriman

  1. funny,,

    this guy gets busted for PED’s and never has another good season . . .
    weird how that works out..

    juicers should get banned for life

  2. Ok, I recant what I said earlier, 4 million dollars is too much for a second string pass rusher. Yes, Merriman is a great run stuffer, but he has a huge history of injuries, has lost most of his pass rushing skill and won’t be on the field nearly enough to be worth 4 million dollars. I have seen a big headed superstar turn humble since he joined the Buffalo Bills. I wish him luck on his next journey, keep the lights out Shawne!

  3. @ billsfan27 – you are that upset at Buffalo for that 2 yr $10.5M contract that you must bring the Jets into this? HAHAHA man gets hurt ends the season on IR and you gave him that money…craziness

  4. no doubt one of the worst signings ever! artificial athlete right there . after the juice , he was done , finished , kaput! stick a forkin this joker , no more stops on the gravy train.

  5. Merriman can’t stay healthy. He really only played for SD for 3 1/2 yr and was paid for 5.

    Waited until the start of the season w a knee issue & then decided to have ACL surgery and took the yr off. Wasn’t ready until 1/2 way through the next season.

    Same thing in Buffalo, injured in the preseason and out for the yr after a $1M signing bonus.

  6. As a Chargers fan I honestly think Merriman gets far too much flak. He was tested numerous times and only had a positive test once, which he said was a tainted supplement. If you REALLY want to see when he absolutely declined then look at the Chargers/Titans playoff game in like 2008 where it was damn obvious they targeted Shawne and seriously injured him.

    THAT was the point where he never recovered from, I truly believe it’s simply a matter of injuries beginning with that heinous targeting. If he was a cheater in general why not use HGH or other substances to try and regain his old form/overcome injuries?

    In general I just hate how the common opinion is that he never was good and it was all steroids, and that he could never be good again after one positive test because the serious injuries have been a much larger factor.

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