Brian Orakpo, Brandon Meriweather done for preseason


The Redskins dodged a couple of bullets on Saturday night when injuries to linebacker Brian Orakpo and safety Brandon Meriweather turned out to be minor.

They aren’t going to take any more chances with either player getting hurt in preseason action, though. At his Monday press conference, coach Mike Shanahan said that neither Orakpo nor Meriweather will play in the final two preseason games. The expectation is that both players will be able to play in Week One.

Orakpo’s injury raised fear that he reinjured the pectoral muscle that he had surgically repaired this offseason, but Shanahan said that the injury only involved scar tissue in the chest and shoulder. Meriweather’s knee is swollen, but, as reported on Sunday, there won’t be any need for surgery to fix the problem. Meriweather has been working as a starting safety throughout camp, a status that shouldn’t change as long as he’s able to avoid any setbacks with his knee.

The news on running back Roy Helu was not as good. He remained out of practice with pain in both of his Achilles tendons, giving more ground to Evan Royster and Alfred Morris in the battle for carries in Washington. Tim Hightower was able to practice on Monday and his return to full health could push Helu even further down the depth chart by the time the start of the season rolls around.

11 responses to “Brian Orakpo, Brandon Meriweather done for preseason

  1. Get well soon fellas. Drew Brees and the Aints are gonna get smacked around opening week as the Redskins win to open the RGIII era and that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so!

    PS -Luck won’t do jack Saturday. Our 3rd stringers can shut down that overrated guy.

  2. Redskins fans:

    If the Giants were lucky to win the Superbowl, then you were more lucky to sweep the Giants last year.

    This team is going to be terrible, again.

  3. Wow, I’m not a big fan of the fact that we are hanging by a thread at the safety position. More and more, I’m really angry at that “cap debacle” from last year. We would’ve been able to address safety and maybe another O-lineman or two. Blech!!

  4. Maybe Meriweather has figured out a way not to get cut for a while. Cuz there is no way he stays in the league much longer based on his ability.

  5. Wow for me, too: This is another scary reminder that you can have the best players, the best coaches, the best organization…but with INJURIES such an unfortunately integral part of the Game, everything can literally change in a second; so it’s just as important to have the best doctors!

  6. crazycane says:
    Aug 20, 2012 2:50 PM
    As a Bears fan, what were they thinking dropping Orakpo out on coverage? You save that stunt for when the games count.
    It’s not a “stunt”. They play a 3-4 scheme and he’s the OLB, he drops back in coverage preseason or regular season.

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