Buccaneers land Jordan Shipley on waivers


Jordan Shipley’s heading from Cincinnati to Tampa.

The Buccaneers announced Monday that they were awarded Shipley on waivers. The Bengals waived their 2010 third-round pick on Friday after he failed to land a spot in a wide receiver crew that was fairly open outside of A.J. Green this summer.

Shipley tore his ACL early last season and still seemed to be carrying the effects of the injury with the Bengals. He caught just one pass in the first two preseason games and the slot role he rode to 52 catches and 600 yards as a rookie looks like it will go to Andrew Hawkins.

Tampa looked to be in need of playmakers on offense during a dismal 30-7 loss to the Titans on Friday night. They gained just 21 yards on 10 passes by Josh Freeman and there doesn’t appear to be a set pecking order of receivers after Vincent Jackson. The fact that Shipley wasn’t healthy enough to get a longer look from the Bengals would seem to make it doubtful that he’d be the guy to jump to the head of that list, but he’ll get a shot to make his case before cutdown day.

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  1. Here’s one Bengals fan who wishes Shipley a long and productive career. I hate to see the kid go.

    That said, I’m pretty excited about our young WR corps going into this new season.

  2. I loved Shipley in Cincy. As a Bengals and Panthers fan, I was hoping the Panthers would put a claim in. even if they did, though, the Bucs would have got him anyway. I hate to see him go, but I was hoping my other team would snag ’em. I’m indifferent towards the Bucs, but I wish him the best.

  3. Jordan is a class act and I hated to see him go. I wish the Bengals would have held him out of practice and put him on the PUP just in case he was up to par later in the season. The guy could have been the next Wes Welker.
    They are loaded with good young WRs though but nobody proven.
    If he gets healthy the Bucs fans are going to be real happy.

  4. Glad to see him get picked up, I figured it might happen. He’ll be productive once he’s healthy. But we had a packed group of WRs this season and he was projecting 7th or 8th. I kind of thought he might land in Jacksonville with his old OC Bratkowski form 2010. But either way he’s a good slot option, had 52 catches his rookie year. In another year we would’ve kept on the roster, but we have drafted WRs in the 1st and 6th round of 2011, 3rd & 5th round of 2012. Plus we picked up Binns & Tate last year and they have blossomed into solid players, and Hawkins was a walk on that took SHipley’s job last year when he was injured and hasn’t let him get it back.

  5. As a cincy fan, hes a great guy, and can be a great player if healthy. Many fans were shocker he was let go but his knees just werent getting to where they needed to be.

    Good luck Shipley! Hope you get back to form

  6. Grr. I was hoping the Panthers would at least look at him. This will probably come back to bite them.

  7. Is it just me or is this a pretty short-sighted move by the Bengals? I would think his rookie production would be enough to keep him around until fully recovered from his injury. May be something more to it than the injury and from what I know of Shipley from living in Austin is that he’s a great kid and will give you all he has. Hope he does well.

  8. Good for Shipley. Maybe the Bucs will actually give him a chance. Career killer for anyone that gets drafted by Cincy.

  9. Nothing but love for this guy..Even when he was recoving from his knee injury he still made time during the summer to host his Youth Football Charity Organization here in Cincy..Good heart and God Bless him for that.

    Who Dey

  10. As a Bucs fan the receiver choices have been somewhat odd. Shipley could be a good pickup but Benn is at least as good, and Parker was clutch last year on third down. Add “house party” as he was aptly named earlier and there is a bunch of guys who could be good but will never see the ball behind Jackson and Williams.

  11. Two things:

    If you look at recent history, the Bucs and Bengals seem to have a thing for each other’s players going back to at least 2009. It started in 2009 with the Signing of Corey Lynch, then paying more than the NFL recommendation to the Bengal’s practice squad WR Des Briscoe to get him to sign with the Bucs and current Bengal’s FB Chris Pressley. Since then, Cincy has picked a couple of Bucs and Buc FAs in seeming retaliation. It would be interesting to find out who has the bad blood for each other.

    Second, Shipley wrote his own way out of Cincinnati. He announced to the world that HIS doctor had cleared his knee prior to the first OTAs. He then publically questioned why the Bengal’s doctors were taking so long to clear him. Finally, he put the team into the position to have to let him practice, or make it appear that the Bengals were going to stack the PUP/IR list. So he played and his knee still swelled up after a couple of plays in the preseason. Now he is not eligible for PUP and with history of lingering knee injuries to Peter Warick and more recently Laveranues Coles and a plethora of young talent at WR, the team had no choice but to let him go.

    I wish him well in Tampa.

  12. “Tampa looked to be in need of playmakers on offense during a dismal 30-7 loss to the Titans on Friday night.”

    So true… MAINLY at QB…… With Freeman looking like he played all last year that resulted in many Ints and Dan not fairing any better.

    If freeman does fizzle out and shows he isn’t an NFL quality starter the Bucs will find themselves in a very familiar situation soon, still looking for that QB that all teams long for….. 1 who is capable of leading a pro team to many victories!

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