Cole Beasley isn’t ashamed of vomiting on the field


Earlier in the offseason, Cowboys undrafted rookie wide receiver Cole Beasley said he didn’t like people comparing him to Wes Welker.

Perhaps he’d be happier with Donovan McNabb. During Saturday night’s game against the Chargers, cameras caught Beasley vomiting on the field after a spiked ball stopped the clock during a two-minute drill. Beasley had just made a catch — one of a team-high seven for 104 yards on the night — and explained after the game that blowing chunks during a game isn’t a new experience for him.

“I was tired, but the reason I came off was because I landed on the ball, and the ball knocked the wind out of me and made me have to throw up a little bit,” Beasley said, via Scott Bell of the Dallas Morning News. “Tired had a little bit to do with it, but it was more the ball knocking the air out of me. You’ll probably see me throw up a lot more. I throw up a lot before the game, too.”

Between the Welker tiff and his brief departure from camp, Beasley has made more of a name for himself than most undrafted rookies. More performances like the one on Saturday, both the puking and the production, will only make him more recognizable because the Cowboys have an opening for receivers behind Miles Austin and Dez Bryant.