Colt McCoy: There’s no place I’d rather be than Cleveland


Despite talk that the Browns could trade or release backup quarterback Colt McCoy — and talk that they’d be doing him a favor if they did — McCoy says he wants to remain in Cleveland.

“If it comes to that, if they decide to do something, [I’ll deal with it] at that point,” McCoy told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “But no one has said anything to me yet, and there’s no place I’d rather be than here. I’m invested in this city and this team, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

McCoy says he knows all the talk that he could be traded, but it’s not on his mind.

“You hear all of the rumors,” McCoy said. “I keep a real tight mind-set that my job is quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. And I’m going to go out here and compete and give my best to this city and this organization, because this is where I was drafted, and I don’t want to be anywhere else.”

It’s surprising that McCoy feels that way, considering that he lost the starting job to rookie Brandon Weeden and says he never even got a chance to compete with Weeden for the No. 1 spot. Most players would want to play for a team where they have a chance of playing. The Browns have made clear that they see McCoy doing little more than holding a clipboard on the sideline, unless Weeden gets hurt. But McCoy has played well for the Browns in his limited preseason action, and he expects to continue to play for the Browns, when he’s playing at all.

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  1. Not that Brandon Weeden isn’t a decent QB, because he is, Its just a little weird that there was no competition at all. They shouldn’t just hand Weeden the job, that is how players lose their drive to win.

  2. There’s no place I’d rather be than Cleveland.

    (Except for any of the 31 other NFL franchises, and e a few of the Canadians team, and whatever Arena team TO played for last year, and maybe the Yankees, I hear they need some help in the bullpen.)

  3. McCoy is right, the starting job was handed to Weeden under the disguise of a competition.

    That said, there is nothing unusual about any NFL team wanting to give their first round draft pick (QB) an opportunity to show his stuff.

    McCoy looked good in his one series against the Packers #2s, taking the Browns on a 75 yd TD drive in his only series in the 3rd qtr. McCoy completed 4 of his 6 passes for 58 yds in the drive.

    QUESTION: When was the last time a Browns starting QB played the entire season, without an injury?

    In 2007, Derek Anderson started 15 games and ended the season as the Browns starter.

    Since 2007, the Browns have needed their backup QB(s) to finish the season because the starter was injured.

    In 2007, the Browns offensive line gave up only 19 sacks the entire year, but since then, the Oline’s ability to protect their QB has steadily declined, reaching a 5 yr high last season, giving up 39 sacks.

    Given the Browns ability to “protect” their QB, they best hang on to McCoy and Wallace, unless some team makes an offer the Browns can’t refuse.

    At this point, McCoy looks to be the best choice to backup Weeden, imo.

  4. Colt McCoy is a backup.. period.. He’s a solid guy.. says all the right things.. but his QB skills are average at best. He knows his best chance of getting to be a starter somewhere else is going the Matt Cassell route.. Backup someone for a few years.. Learn a system.. when starter goes down.. Ball your ass off and get a huge contract.

    If he goes somewhere else to attempt to start now.. he’ll fail miserably and be out of the league in no time.

  5. Maybe he’s just a genuinely good guy who realizes that he’s not yet ready to be a starting quarterback in the NFL and it will take him longer to develop?

    Where’s he gonna go where he has a shot to play without the guy in front of him going down? Maybe he’s just a loyal guy who appreciated the opportunity and who *gasp* actually likes it in Cleveland?

  6. I guess he tossed in the towel. Outside an injury, he won’t play. Had more respect when he wanted out.

  7. Colt McCoy is a classy guy, and he remains classy even when he’s in a difficult situation. I don’t know that he’ll ever be a top-notch NFL QB because he just doesn’t appear to have the skill set, but I certainly admire him as a person.

  8. No place he’d rather be than Cleveland?

    This appears to be conclusive proof that the issue of concussions is a serious problem in the NFL.

  9. I really like this kid and feel it is rather hard to 1) succeed in Cleveland, and 2) succeed without much talent around you at all. I didn’t think his numbers were too bad and he has a good heart.

  10. The kid never had a chance. Are the browns just going to draft quarterbacks early every year or actually develope one. The browns front office is the worst in the league. I’m a browns fan too. It’s freakin hard sometimes

  11. If I were to list the problems with the 2011 (or every year since Bernie Kosar for that matter) Cleveland Browns, Colt McCoy would not be in the top 5. Try, lack of pass rush, weapons, poor drafting, bad coaching choices and poor offensive line play. Then maybe after all of that you could pin the blame on Colt.

  12. “I guess he tossed in the towel. Outside an injury, he won’t play. Had more respect when he wanted out.”

    Where else in the NFL would he have MORE chance to play than Cleveland?

    No matter where he goes, he’s a backup.

    His chances of becoming starter in GB are zero. Why would HE want to go somewhere that has an entrenched QB and where he doesn’t know the system?

  13. “Not that Brandon Weeden isn’t a decent QB, because he is, Its just a little weird that there was no competition at all. They shouldn’t just hand Weeden the job, that is how players lose their drive to win.”

    Weeden will be turning 29 this season. They couldn’t afford to let Weeden start his NFL at age 30.

  14. Maybe he doesn’t want out because he knows he actually has a shot to play because Weeden will get benched at some point.

  15. You do know this is the Cleveland Browns you’re taking about right? McCoy will get more snaps during the season than half the starters in the league as a backup there. It’s not surprising at all that he’d want to stay considering he was the 3RD STRINGER his rookie year when he became a standout during the season. Had he got drafted by any other team he’d just be considered another big name college QB who became a NFL after thought like John David Booty or Jimmy Clausen. McCoy is going to ride the Browns backup job to a big money contract somewhere aka the Matt Flynn/Kevin Kolb plan or with the Browns aka the Charlie Batch plan.

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