DeSean Jackson: Now I’m giving it my all


DeSean Jackson wasn’t shy about saying that his top priority last season was staying healthy ahead of becoming a free agent.

That didn’t endear him to many in Philadelphia and Jackson’s often indifferent play led to a year filled with problems before Jackson was finally benched in one game. The two sides were able to patch up their differences to the tune of five years and $47 million and that’s led to a change of attitude from Jackson when it comes to his effort level.

“I let it get to me, even though I tried not to let it,” Jackson said, via Lisa Salters of ESPN. “I was trying to protect myself from getting hurt — now I’m just giving it all.”

That Jackson wasn’t giving everything he had last season doesn’t qualify as a shocking revelation. You only needed to watch him play for a couple of quarters to see an instance where Jackson was leaving something out. His honesty about it won’t do anything to change the impact it had on the team, but the Eagles and those that follow the team will likely make their peace with that if they get back something resembling the pre-2011 Jackson who helped them make the playoffs.

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  1. He shouldn’t have risked his safety. I’m an eagles fan and I completely understand. You work your whole life to get there, why would you risk your career for a team if they haven’t made any commitment to you. He owes it to himself to put his psersonal and family interest first just like anyone else would. Anyone who disagrees is a delusional hypocrite

  2. I understand his thought process, but he has a huge turn to make before I’ll believe it. He’s been a completely different receiver since the Dunta hit. I don’t ever think he’ll be the same receiver…that is unless he plans on running fly routes for the rest of his career.

  3. So he’s saying he was paid in full and gave half effort so he could get more money? This is why the Eagles never win, they are full of me first players who don’t know the meaning of team. He should watch LeSean McCoy on how to conduct himself. What will Jackson’s excuse be when he has another average year? Lousy QB? His toe hurt? Fans boo’ed him? Please.

  4. we have a term for dirtbags like you where i’m from…….. oxygen thief , not a guy i would want as a teammate

  5. He gave full effort for 3 years making 300k and 2 pro-bowls. I wonder how much money that team made off of him in that time period. He was due that money last year. Philly always pays players minimal and then cuts them. If you out work your contract then you are supposed to. But if under work your contract then you should be cut. What the hell ever. pay these dudes for their hard work.

  6. If you wanted to protect yourself, you should’ve just sat on the bench and let someone who does give 100% play. At least your teammates would know what type of player they’re getting on every snap.

    Football is a violent sport. Suck it up.

  7. The honorable thing would have been to hold out. By playing he basically accepted the deal … and then cheated on it.

  8. Very first thing he did was spike the ball before reaching the endzone. Hot-dogging 201..
    Now, he’s afraid of the big hit (Atlanta), and won’t go over the middle.

  9. Eagles fan here- I first saw Suh’s claim that his stomp was not intentional and thought to myself, ‘He should be punished for saying stupid things to bring stupid decisions back into the spotlight.’ Then I saw DeSean’s comments and facepalmed. Then I read comments from Eagles fans defending his actions. I need a drink.

  10. lipp4246: This is why the Eagles never win, they are full of me first players who don’t know the meaning of team. He should watch LeSean McCoy on how to conduct himself.
    So, you use McCoy as an example for Jackson to follow, but say the Eagles will never win because of the me first players. I think you have some wires crossed.

  11. Jackson was a top 5 playmaker and top 10 receiver his first 3 years and was paid about 600k last year and aprox 2 mil his entire career. Seems to me the Eagles got more than their a fair exchange in production for the what they paid.

  12. Sad to say the least. Look at how close the Eagles were to squeezing in like the Giants did. And to think if D-JAX would have played harder they most certainly would have made it…

    and we all know what happens once you make it!

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