Jacksonville may not be thrilled about loss of home games to London

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When the Rams announced in January that they would play one home game per year for three straight years, it occurred to me that the powers-that-be in St. Louis may claim that the team’s lease doesn’t permit the export of 12.5 percent of the annual regular-season home schedule.  I didn’t reduce the thought to writing and, of course, it soon emerged that the Convention and Visitors Commission claims the lease prevents exporting 12.5 percent of the annual regular-season home schedule.

Now that the Jaguars reportedly will play one home game per year in London for four straight seasons, it’s occurred to me again that the folks responsible for leasing the stadium to the Jaguars may not agree with the maneuver — especially since the initial item on the matter from the newspaper of record in Jacksonville says nothing about whether city officials are on board with the move.

I’ve taken a quick look at the initial lease agreement.  The following language appears at page 13:  “[Touchdown Jacksonville] acknowledges and agrees that it shall be the owner of the NFL franchise and that it shall be obligated to place, keep and maintain the NFL franchise at the Stadium in Jacksonville.”

Playing one of eight regular-season home games per year for four years in another stadium arguably doesn’t constitute “placing, keeping and maintaining” the franchise at the stadium in Jacksonville.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens.  One thing that new owner Shahid Khan has made clear in his short time as owner is that he’s willing to play hardball.  (Just ask Maurice Jones-Drew.)  He could be getting ready to fire a little high heat at City Hall if they try to suggest that the lease requires him to play every home game in the home stadium.

UPDATE 11:05 p.m. ET:  The lease will indeed have to be revised.  But Mayor Alvin Brown is supportive of the effort to play a total of four home games in London.

Sure, there’s a chance that Khan and Jacksonville have worked out the details in advance.

Just like the Rams and the CVC did earlier this year, right?

17 responses to “Jacksonville may not be thrilled about loss of home games to London

  1. As a Jacksonville resident, all the spin is that it’s good for the team and it’s going to create opportunities overseas and all other types of mess. If Khan wants those tarps off you start with building the home fanbase that desperately needs attention. The way of doing that certainly isn’t taking a home game away from them. I feel sorry for true Jaguars fans because the future doesn’t look too bright sadly.

  2. Touchdown Jacksonville was the original ownership group, i.e. Wayne Weaver and company. They don’t own the team anymore. And do you think the lease may have been amended in the last 19 years?

  3. If you’re staring this might cause a move, that’s a he’ll of a stretch. But as a season ticket holder I’m against this as well. I love my jags and really could care less what those on the outside say. And regardless what khan thinks exporting 1/8 of our regular season home games isn’t going to get a bunch of bloody Brits to fly over and buy season tickers.

  4. This is one thing I believe that mayor Alvin brown better take a stand on. Looks like Kahn is offering the jags up on a silver platter to the commish to quench his international thirst. Also most jags season ticket holders have a contract of 3 years/30 games. How is Kahn gonna get out of that?

  5. It has been. But I doubt that fundamental provisions like the language quoted in the story have changed.

  6. What does play one home game for three years mean? They have the choice to play 45 away for three years? Do you mean in London?

  7. The Jaguars are voluntarily putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage for the next four years, not to mention that they will likely lose high-profile home games that could have been incentives for potential season ticket holders on the fence. Think about 2014 when it could easily be the Giants or Cowboys playing them in London, a potential strong drawing card thrown away, kind of like Rams fans getting screwed out of seeing the Patriots this year under the once-every-eight-years setup for opposing conference teams to visit.

  8. It has been well documented that Khan wants to use these international games to sell the city of Jacksonville as well as the Jaguars. Early in the year he met with the chamber of commence and with other city leaders with the idea to sell the city to international businesses. Jacksonville is a growing city with a panamax port, two rail lines (CSX and Norfolk Southern), with direct access to I-95 and I-10 for logistics moving north and west and, Jacksonville is located in a right to work state.

    He just spent more than $3 million of his own money to upgrade the locker room and he has made other game day improvements to the stadium. He is making business moves to improve the Jaguars and the city of Jacksonville.

    His only hidden agenda is to bring a Lombardi Trophy to Jacksonville

  9. I’m ok with it and the response from the majority people calling in today on Dempsey’s show were cool with it. As far as the “city” goes, all the Jags have to do is put a bunch of city officials and the mayor on a plane and call it a “business outreach” and they’re won’t be problem. Politicians love free travel, especially to Europe.

  10. Whoa whoa whoa, I know you season ticket holders are upset about this but lets look at it this way, so the next four years we play a game across the ditch, yeah it sucks but we all know where this team is going, this team is on a major rise quitely, Im willing to bet that we have 2-4 playoff games here at the bank in the next 4 years, I dont know about you but I would take 2-4 playoff games over 4 reg season games over 4 years. Just look at it that way, we are going to be in the playoffs, hell maybe even win the division this yr if Gabbert keeps this up!

  11. Hundreds of people won’t know what to do that Sunday if they can’t go to the Jacksonville stadium. On a plus side the other hundred fans will get to watch a home game on TV with out the team and sponsors having to buy the remaining tickets.

  12. saddolfinfan says:Aug 20, 2012 10:24 PM

    if people in jax dont want to see the jaguars why would anyone in london?
    I know 61,000 seatholders this season that would disagree with you…

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