Josh Gordon catches attention with “brilliant” practices

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The Browns took a chance on receiver Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft.  While we’re still 20 days away from finding out what he can really do in a real game, he’s looking in practice like a guy who has a chance to be pretty good.

Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository reports that Gordon has looked “brilliant” the last two days in practice.

Doerschuk points out that the superlative team reflect the Browns’ bell curve at the position.

“I don’t know if it was noticeable to you guys watching, but the last couple of days, he’s practicing faster,” coach Pat Shurmur said after practice on Monday regarding Gordon.  “He’s catching the ball and running with it instead of catching and stopping.

“He’s learning how to do it better in practice.  If we see it here, then it will translate to the game.”

That will serve only to help the Browns, who are waiting for someone/anyone to step up and be a starting-caliber wideout across from Greg Little.

8 responses to “Josh Gordon catches attention with “brilliant” practices

  1. Please Jesus, let my team finally be good. Please. Let this be a sign. A start of great things to come. I swear, I won’t ever cuss or touch myself ever again. Just make us good.

  2. Yep…all the simple naysayers and shallow thinkers out there, who have been knocking the Browns…including their selection of “Flying J” Gordon in the supplemental draft…are in for an awakening. These Browns are FOR REAL!

    Can’t wait to get this thing started by welcoming the Dog Killer to the Dawg Pound in Game #1…

    Strut in and limp out, Mr. Vick!

  3. From the linked Canton Newspaper: “He’s had a lot of things running parallel,” Shurmur said after Monday’s practice. “The grind of training camp, the newness of playing the game again, learning our system … facing competition.

    Agreed. I just hope Browns Nation will be patient with this guy. He’s very young and will need time after a year off from game action and the typical transition rookie receivers go through. Coming to the WR-starved Browns is a great opportunity for Josh Brown to step in sooner rather then later.

  4. One of the things I dislike about camp is how fanstastic everyone looks according to reports. If we went by the training camp reports only, there would be 30 playoff teams and 75% of players would be all-pros.

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