Justin Tuck says getting dunked is a good thing


The Giants spent Sunday scrambling to do damage control after a video of defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul dumping cornerback Prince Amukamara into a cold tub and the effort continues on Monday.

Defensive end Justin Tuck is one of the players discussing the video and he’s putting a different spin on it than we heard on Sunday. That was when Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger reported that Amukamara has been dunked eight times because the team wants him to show more edge and because they don’t yet consider him to be done with his rookie year because he missed time with a broken foot last year.

Tuck said that Amukamara wasn’t dunked because his teammates were hazing him or giving him a hard time about his lack of edge. It was all about the love.

“We don’t dunk guys who we don’t think will be a part of our team and are going to help our football team,” Tuck said, via Tom Rock of Newsday. “It’s kind of a good thing that you get dunked. I know that doesn’t sound right, but Prince is one of those guys who everybody around this room loves and we find him to be one of the most amusing guys. He kind of in some ways enjoys the fact that we give him a hard time. Again, we’re still very sensitive to the fact of the bullying epidemic that’s around this world and how people can perceive it in the wrong light. We’ll just try to be very conscious of that.”

Amukamara also said Monday that he doesn’t consider it hazing and said that Pierre-Paul, who said he won’t be doing it again, has nothing to apologize about. Punter Steve Weatherford, who shot the video that started the whole thing, said that it was just a simple case of “horseplay” that everyone is overreacting about.

Whether or not you agree with the Giants’ assertion that this was all just an unremarkable bit of locker room culture, you still have to wonder about one thing: If this is all just about how much they love one another, why are the Giants so concerned that it has become public?

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  1. “why are the Giants so concerned that it has become public?”

    They aren’t. Its just not part of Coughlin’s credo to have locker room stuff become public.

  2. The only thing that strikes me as odd about all this, is that it was JPP that did the dunking.

    I mean…he isnt some 10 year vet or anything. He is basically a kid himself.

    Other than that, who the hell cares. Theyre football players. This isnt daycare.

  3. Why are they concerned it bacame public? Maybe because some writers for a web site will overreact and call it bullying?

  4. “If this is all just about how much they love one another, why are the Giants so concerned that it has become public?”

    I really don’t think they’re concerned at all … but the media won’t let go of it.

  5. Wonder how Justin explains the phrase “You gotta stand up for yourself.” that was stated several times after the dunking. Was that just about showing the love?

  6. Weatherford is like the guy who shows up when it’s just you and your buddies even though he wasn’t invited then tells your girlfriend what you guys did while all the other guys know what happens stays between the guys. As if punters weren’t already outcasts to begin with.

  7. while I agree this may not be appropriate behavior, I feel like folks like you are giving way too much attention to this. Tom Couglin runs a tight locker room and the fact that he implied that he’s more annoyed by the fact that it was posted online, says this is a non-issue. frankly, I’d rather read more Tebow articles than continued discussion about this

  8. floriosfuglykid says:
    Aug 20, 2012 1:01 PM
    “If this is all just about how much they love one another, why are the Giants so concerned that it has become public?”

    I really don’t think they’re concerned at all … but the media won’t let go of it.


    Imagine if Twitter and such were around back when guys like Mickey Mantly and Billy Martin played? They would have had some short short careers lol

    The media these days has to milk every drop out of every story. Especially during the offseason.

    I understand they have to make a living too…but I genuinely feel bad for famous people who live in a bubble because of it. Im sure guys like Eli would love to just go to Applebees one night for a Bloomin Onion…but that aint gonna happen lol

  9. Why are the Giants “concerned” it has gone public? Because people are criticizing it and so they’re defending themselves.

    As a Giants fan, I’m not mad that they’re being criticized, as it looks really bad. I know they’re in a football/meathead culture, and I’ve been in sports locker rooms, so I know that stuff like this happens. And I also know that JPP and Prince in particular are young guys at 23, so basically kids.

    That said, they’re also receiving multiple millions of dollars, at least part of which is in exchange for representing the organization. They should have done a better job.

  10. Why can’t the media just leave it all alone. Let coach Coughlin handle the situation because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what we think, it matters what he thinks. It is his football team!!

  11. I swear I thought I heard JPP in the video saying “next time I will break him open like a shotgun and slip a shell in him”. that seemed kinda odd to me

  12. leave it to the media to totally spin this out of control. for christ’s sake….we’re talking about dunking somebody in WATER. and people are actually having to apologize for this?? isn’t it a little too close to the season to be paying attention to these kinds of stories?

  13. These dudes aren’t kids. They are millionaire adults. It’s clearly bullying and jason Pierre-Paul sounds like a classic bully explaining himself to a teacher.

    I was bullied, than I got tall and chiseled and alpha. Those who wouldn’t support prince are def beta males or bullies themselves.

  14. Maybe he should fill prince in on how it’s a good thing seeing as how he didn’t have the look of this is a good thing

  15. But he’s NOT a rookie. Whether or not he was hazed last year is not the point. The point is that he isn’t a rookie. That seems simple. And you haze someone once, not eight times.

  16. It sure looked like love when JPP was beating his chest like a gorilla telling him “he aint gonna do nothing to me”. You stay classy JPP.

  17. I love how the idiots who post stupid a$$ comments are reaching to try and put a negative spin on the whole thing.

    Any reason to bash the champs who “lucked” there way into 2 superbowl championships eh?
    I guarantee that if this was actually a case of bullying then disciplinary action would be needed however that is not the case.
    This is a non story.

  18. This Giant fan is not cool with this. All JPP did was bully the smaller, well-spoken African kid. If it’s all about dunking rookies to give them an edge, why aren’t we seeing JPP dunk 315+lb Marvin Austin (who also missed his rookie season last year with an injury)?

  19. This may be the most idiotic NFL news story I have heard in ages. We all know people get dunked in ice tubs all over the league. I have personally seen MUCH WORSE dunking videos, in which the person being dunked was even taped up or restrained somehow, and those videos were never really posted about anywhere to my knowledge. I’m not saying it’s the most admirable or logical thing to do, but come on… 5 posts about this? Ridiculous.

  20. It was classless on the part of JPP. He needs to have his mouth washed out with soap. Also, someone needs to remind him that Prince Amukumara has been in the league the same amount of time he has. JPP just fell off of my “guys I like” list big time.

  21. Yeah nothing says we love you like getting thrown fully clothed into a bathtub full of ice water eight times, the last of which was put on Youtube

  22. yeah people get dunked but not the same guy every time and if its kinda a good thing to get dunked why wasnt he happy he said idk why im the one who keeps getting dunked this happend to me 8 times last year

  23. No way to spin this other than JPP is a jerk and a bully. There are so many other ways to motivate teammates besides hazing. The way people are condoning this type of behavior just makes young kids think it’s ok to do on their team. What a great role model….

  24. Anybody who as a problem with this is soft! Its funny to me that the author of this post would question why the Giants are trying to get ahead of the story when articles are written with suggestion of bullying by people like this author( if you want to call him that) who are doing their best to create a story out of nothing along with the USA steadily becoming a land of handout whiners, I’m surprised the police haven’t been called into the facility to investigate these ‘criminal acts’!!! What happens when someone with above average mental ability and below average athletic skills has nothing to write about while covering the NFL???

    – They’re remind us how much scarier practice and/or extra curricular activities are for players when not on the field.

    Im surprised he didn’t suggest we cage these guys up for their and societies protection before and after each game!!!

  25. After watching the video, Clay Matthews was quoted saying “JPP didn’t dunk Prince, Prince dunked himself.”

  26. When seeing this you don’t have to wonder why there is so much domestic violence with NFL players. If you can come to work and assault a coworker and call it all in good fun or working on team bonding you have messed up mentality. JPP should be suspended for 8 games and do some jail time. That would send a message about boundaries to players. This incident is probably worse than the bounty scandal and Vilma got convict with almost no evidence.

  27. JPP isn’t some wily veteran that should be teaching other players a lesson. Based on what Prince Amukamara said, he didn’t like it too much. It’s just another case of a case of big guy picking on a little guy.

  28. They are “concerned” about becoming public because our society has been dumbed down to the point where some guys are having some fun and it becomes bullying. One poster on another thread wonders why the police weren’t called. Really? Yeah he might have gotten hurt, but if a dunk in an ice tub is too much for him then he darn sure shouldn’t be on the football field. Our society has gotten to carried away with applying a label to any and every type of behavior that occurs. Next thing you know Dr Phil or Oprah or Dr Oz will be talking about what type of “pill” they would give to “fix” the dysfunction. Good God, it was a group of young men screwing around

  29. Wow, somebody got splashed. And there was more than one story about it. We better crap in their beer and drag their jet skies around with our truck! You’d think the guy was water boarded with all these stories.

  30. Prince’s OWN words from last year:

    Last season, Prince told the Newark Star-Ledger that he didn’t always take the hazing quietly.

    “Sometimes I think they take it overboard just because they’re vets they get to be mean about it and tell you what to do,” Amukamara said in that interview. “I just kind of flipped the whole script and kind of had fun with it with being insubordinate a little bit just so it can be more playful, and I think that that whole vibe just creates a great locker room atmosphere.”

    Sounds like Prince is truly suffering, don’t it?

  31. Teammates have a weird way of showing their love towards each other… When players get dunked in a tank or hazed in a certain way they are just bringing you in to the brotherhood. if they don’t do things like that to you, that means they could care less about you and don’t really think too much of you as a teammate. This isn’t a bullying effort like you see in today’s schools… it could send that message or image… but definitely isn’t it.

  32. so this seems to be a habitual thing…my question is…after dunking prince the first 2 times or so…doesn’t it stop being funny? especially after you do it 6 more times?

  33. A discussion about whether or not a football player is a bully?

    Excuse me if I think that’s absolutely stupid. These are people who are paid to be bullies on the field, if some of that spills over into the locker room, who the hell are you to be offended by it?

    It cracks me up that the PC crowd wants to turn our gladiators into civilized gentlemen. Crap on that, either end the game or live with it.

    If the kid can’t figure out why his own team-mates keep dunking him, maybe he should watch some game tape. He’s the weak link in the chain.

  34. With the injury to Terrell Thomas, if Prince doesn’t step up and show some coverage skill in the near future… JPP’s bullying will be the least of his problems.

  35. Pinkbellying was a big thing at my school. No freshman in football or wrestling escaped it. It was demeaning and cruel to have older teammates disrespect and cause harm simply because they were older and they could call their bullying “tradition.” Kids see this crap and think, “Hey Billy over there isn’t playing as tough as the rest of us, so let’s show him he is less than us by physically violating him against his will”

    People that condone this type of thing are too stupid to realize the long reaching effects it has and are nothing more than bully apologists.

  36. Here’s the real truth: It may be a good or fun or kidding thing, as far as Tuck and JPP are concerned, but their outlooks/opinions aren’t the important ones.The important opinion/outlook is how the dunking was received by Prince. If he took it as a joke or sign of love by the guys, then it is, period. If he did not take it that way, then it wasn’t perceived that way, hence it was not appreciated. If you tell someone they suck, and they do not like hearing it from you, then it is an insult, whereas another of your buds would think you were just messing around. It is the receiver’s impression that determines the impact of the deed. The perpetrator’s intent is not really germane. It would be great to know how Prince REALLY feels, and I doubt that the public will really ever know the answer to that question, regardless the truth.

  37. The expression on his face did not appear to be one of joy! The voice urging him to stand up for himself implies he was and has been getting bullied! And still no statement From JPP!

    Al Davis Forever!!!
    Just Win Baby!!!

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