Michael Vick: I can’t keep taking hits like that

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Eagles quarterback Michael Vick avoided broken ribs on Monday, but reminded the Eagles of the constant injury risk that comes with his style of play.

According to wide receiver DeSean Jackson, Vick knows that he needs to try something different in order to stay on the field. Jackson recounted his halftime conversation with Vick during an interview on ESPN in the second half of the game against the Patriots.

“He’s sore and bruised up a little bit,” Jackson said. “He’s just like, ‘Man, I can’t keep taking hits like that.'”

Doing so will take a fundamental change to the way he plays. Vick got hurt on Monday night because he tried to make a play when the more prudent thing to do would have been to throw the ball away. The throw was a heave downfield as well, a ball that could wind up being intercepted, and that only adds to the reasons why Vick would have been wise to make another choice.

If there’s a silver lining to the injury for the Eagles, it’s that Nick Foles got extended playing time and looked good in both halves. He went 18-of-28 for 271 yards, two touchdowns and an interception and hooked up with Jackson on a 40-yard play to set up one of two Clay Harbor touchdowns. Foles got a chance to play with the Eagles starters that he wouldn’t have otherwise received this preseason and it’s probably a safe bet he’ll get more after Vick went down on Monday night.

That will give Foles his first chance to face a starting defense, something that should help could cement him into the backup role that looked to be Mike Kafka’s when the preseason began.

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  1. He continues to say things along this lines, and yet, he seems unable to do so. It’s as though he is hard-wired. Getting constantly thumped by the opposition doesn’t seem to change him. Perhaps his position coach should rap him on the snout with a rolled up newspaper.

  2. I think this is where Vicks athletic ability hinders his qb play. He has the potential to turn a lot of plays into a great play. With that mindset, he puts himself in a position to want more, when the defense may be giving him a lesser option. A smart qb takes what the defense gives him. A risk-taking qb will see what else he can get. Vick should focus more on the easy option. Go for the risk when your team needs it. If he take what the defense gives, he may find that there will be fewer times when he needs to make a play by himself. Use your teammates to your advantage…we know you have big play capability, but you cant use it on the bench.

  3. He will be out for a few weeks this season…as always.

    Money says if the Eagles don’t get past the first round of the Playoffs, Reid is gone and they rebuild. Adios Vick.

  4. Man he looked good couple years ago, he just needs to go back to that style of disciplined play… Not an eagles fan but love good football

  5. Foles was indeed the silver lining…preseason is learning what you have for the season. As an Eagles fan, we have some great potential. But consistency is the key. I hope Vick can learn from this…but I have hoped the same thing from the many injuries he has suffered in the past. And despite hearing that the president’s words would make him learn to slide… he still slid head first tonight. Hope Foles is the backup & ready to play.

  6. “I can’t keep taking hits like this.”

    Is this Ricky Williams, Michael Phelps, or Michael Vick?

  7. Are people seriously acting like hits don’t happen to Big Ben or Rodgers weekly?? Yea Bit Ben is a lot bigger, but Rodgers is just his size, so was Favre and neiter of em showed they needed out over half the weak BS Vick needs out for!

  8. So glad to see this monster get crushed every game. I have no respect for him and cheer the D that rocks his world every week. I shall go to sleep smiling tonight.

  9. And the Foles era begins in Philly. Remember you had heard it here first!

    The kid looked good minus one throw. He’s ten times better than Kolb was right out of school

  10. During the first Eagles offensive series Vick ran on a play. He went down head first, instead of sliding, what’s up with that?

  11. As a Eagles fan, this is going to be another long season. The defense is picking up from week 18 from last year inwhich there is zero discipline, coaches yelling at players again and Vick says he’ll stop whatever gets him injured but continues do it anyway.

    It’s amazing how Castillo got schooled by pats defense that didn’t have their starters in a preseason game. Unreal.

  12. I’m a Vick fan but it’s getting old. At this point in his career he should know how to try and avoid these hits already. Foles looked great and I am ready to just see what he can do behind center at this point.

  13. Who cares if he takes hits like that, both me and the Eagles agree, Nick Foles is the greatest rookie QB of all time. He will have no problem going against the defensive fronts in the NFC East during the regular season. As a Giants fan, I’m so jealous. I mean, how do they do it? First Feeley, then Kolb, then Kafka and now Foles… I don’t understand how they aren’t winning Super Bowls non-stop. Baffling.

  14. Rather than make a joke about teaching an old dog new tricks, can we agree that Mike Vick hasn’t changed his style in all the years he’s played, and doesn’t seem to try to very hard, and therefore the Eagles have to accept him that way, or move on….

  15. Easy there Foles fans. He looked good but that’s because the Patriots rested 1/2 the starting lineup. The Patriots D, while improved, is still not the caliber the Eagles are going to face in the NFC East. Vick is your best QB, injured ribs or not.

  16. After the way Foles looked, he’s not trade bait, he’s the future. Kolb never looked that good during his preseason rookie year games.

    As for Vick, the guy can’t win: if he leaves the pocket and uses his gifts indtead of looing awkwardly to the nearest open spot and sliding, he gets treated like a rn by the refs. If he stays in the pocket, he takes shots.

  17. If you watch the replay he could have shot that gap an ran it and he would have been fine!…… I think they are putting to much emphasis on throwing from the pocket. All his injuries have been throwing from the pocket….. Escape first then keep your eyes up field!!!

  18. Foles played well against a bunch of 3rd stringers who will be looking for a new job come this time next week……..But hey, way to be optimistic.

  19. In a perfect world Vick would keep taking hits like that but still be able to play and do all of his self-serving interviews – this way his haters and supporters will both be happy.

  20. I kept telling people that Carolina was going to beat Philly on MNF in late November because by that time Vick was already going to be hurt.

  21. Dear Eagles,

    We would like to exchange our quarterback, Kevin Kolb, for a new one. We believe the one we received was defective and should be issued Nick Foles as a replacement.

    Arizona Cardinals

  22. I wonder who is the vegas favorite to have a multi game injury stafford,vick, or cutler

    All three are made of the same brittle material.

  23. Vick makes far to much money to sit on the bench but….he has shown a great tendency to ” break easily [” in the last couple of years.] I think we are looking at his replacement in Foles & this may happen much sooner than was expected !

  24. I’m starting to think he can’t play the game any other way… which is unfortunate for the Eagles.

  25. Vick is only guaranteed through this season. Let the Nick Foles era begin!!!

    Foles went to the same high school as Drew Brees on crushed all of Brees’ high school records. If that’s any indication of his ability I say let him play.

  26. All you people tripping over yourselves to buy a Nick Foles jersey do understand it’s the preseason, don’t you?

    The Eagles will go as far as Vick can take them. He’s easily their best QB.

  27. Michael Vick will only play in 10-12 games this season, he is way too injury prone. This will give Foles the opportunity to show what he is worth in 4-6 games of his own. If Vick is smart and wants to retain his job, he better learn how to absolve hits better or avoid them completely.

  28. Our positive perception of Foles is just more of Reid’s smoke and mirrors. Sometimes I think that he could make me look good at QB if he wanted to score some extra picks.

  29. I am a die hard eagles fan but enough of this guy already all I keep thinking about is the way eli got the snot knocked out of him in that playoff game against San Fran, he kept getting up and leading his team, Vick would have never stayed in, it is getting tiresome rooting for a team holding my great every game wondering if Vick will get hurt start foles already

  30. Look, l am a ride or die Eagles fane to the end. Their no V team stop acting like Vick is out there by himself. This man is one of the QB’s that ever played the game and he can’t play offense by himself someone is got to protect him and someone have got to get open to receive the ball. Whether it’s a hand off or pass we all know he can put the ball where it should be. O-line get it together play your game we all want to win but let’s face it love Vick or hate him we CAN’T WIN without him. He’s trying to make plays he shouldn’t have to because guys are not where they should be or not trying to get opean and yes he deserves every dime and more. So fix whatever bull thats going on and play some Eagles football. At the end of the day the offensive line will be the blame for not
    protecting their Quarter Back and the defense kept them on the field long enough

    ne scored a touchdown. And the defense kept

  31. A quarterback needs three things: talent; character, and the respect of his teammates. Vic has one: talent.

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