Michael Vick leaves game after big hit in first quarter


The Patriots are resting most of their starters on Monday night and the Eagles are probably wishing they made the same choice.

Michael Vick got pasted by Patriots linebacker Jermaine Cunningham on the first play of the Eagles’ second possession and was grimacing noticeably when he rose to his feet. He went back down to a knee after taking a few steps, bringing the Eagles medical staff to the field in a hurry. He left the field under his own power and stood next to Andy Reid on the Philly sideline briefly before heading to the locker room with what could be a rib injury.

Vick had a rib injury that cost him a few games last season and he’ll surely get a full battery of tests before the Eagles allow him to return to action.

Nick Foles is now running the Eagles offense, which means that neither starting quarterback is in the game. The Patriots, playing the first of three games in the next 10 days, are resting most of their starters including Tom Brady.

UPDATE: Lisa Salters of ESPN confirms that the Eagles are worried about a rib injury. Vick will get x-rays to determine the extent of the injury.