NFL says one-man crew hasn’t been discussed


Well, it was fun while it lasted.  And it didn’t last very long.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello says the NFL will not be using one-man officiating crews in lieu of full crews of replacement officials.

“There has been no discussion or consideration of that whatsoever,” Aiello said by email.

We stand by the notion that it’s a rumor (and, as our source said, a “strong” one) within the hallways and offices and cubicles of 345 Park Avenue.  But if the league is officially taking the position that there has been no official discussion of consideration of it, then we’ve got no reason to dispute the league’s official position.

Even if the unofficial whispers don’t mesh with it.

11 responses to “NFL says one-man crew hasn’t been discussed

  1. If that was a trial balloon being floated by the NFL, it just had a “blow out”…

    …that had to be the fastest deflation of trial balloon in history.

  2. Chiefs PR machine drummed up this story to distract from the Hali suspension.

    I’ve guess they’ve had a lot of practice distracting the media from the fact that they haven’t won a playoff game in 19 years.

  3. Can you imagine the cries that, “The fix is in!” by various fan constituencies around the league if reps of the League Offices are deciding which penalties are going to be called?

  4. If anybody with the NFL actually did have this idea, he should be fired. How many cheap shots would be missed with a single ref out there? There’d be a fight every other series. And with a single ref, who would be expected to stop a fight? Stadium security? Or would they go hockey-style and just let them fight it out?

    They could expand replay and keep a full crew. They would gain nothing by going to one ref but would completely lose control of the game.

  5. cakemixa says:
    Aug 20, 2012 2:59 PM
    Just like they didn’t make a settlement offer to Vilma.
    Why would they settle with a guilty party? They never made an offer, someone from Vilma’s “camp” made it up in an attempt to confuse the public and cause doubt. Thats been the Saints gameplan in this whole thing. Looks like it worked.

  6. And I always thought they should add one to the field, better officiating, less stress on officials. Officials wont cry for more money (aka strike) because the duties increased and they are not being compensated…, help me out here, why wouldnt they?

  7. A one man officiating crew? That’s so stupid that only a league advocating 18-game seasons and expanding to London could have come up with it.

    Uh oh.

  8. Godell has 50,000 pieces of evidence to prove that one official games have not been discussed… Oh, wait

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