Ravens CB Cary Williams turns down extension offer


To play cornerback in the NFL, you have to be confident.

For Ravens corner Cary Williams, that means being willing to gamble $15 million on staying well and being productive.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, Williams recently turned down a three-year, $15 million contract extension, and will instead play out the year under his $1.927 million restricted free agent tender.

“My philosophy on doing that was just having confidence in myself,” Williams said. “I know myself, I know my ability. I know my work ethic. At the end of the day, the offer, I felt like I could always make that. I felt it wasn’t good enough and my agent said it wasn’t good enough. I love playing for the Ravens. I would love to be here, but right now we’re just in the negotiation stage.

“For me to say the money ain’t good, that wasn’t the case. It’s good money, but my job is to make the most money I possibly can for my family. I’m thinking about my daughter and any future children I want to have. I want some kind of security, and the deal we had wasn’t like that.”

If that’s the Ravens offer, they’re clearly trying to buy low.

Williams is coming off surgery to repair a torn labrum after playing through hip pain much of last year. He still started 18 games. But so far, he’s off to a slow start in camp. He said his left hip is sore from overcompensating for the surgically repaired right one.

Making his play more interesting is the fact he’s a former seventh-round pick, who was signed off the Titans practice squad, so he’s never had that kind of rookie deal that allows him true financial flexibility.

And with a 2-year-old daughter, he’s clearly thinking long-term instead of taking the first thing offered.

“I don’t take anything for granted,” Williams said. “It’s an honor and a privilege to be in the NFL, but I know that 17 or 18 years from now my daughter is going to be in college and it’s going to be a bunch of money for tuition.”

If he plays well and the Ravens have a good year, he’ll stand to make far more than $5 million per year, based on recent corner deals. But if he backslides, or gets hurt, he may wish he’d have taken the Ravens first offer, which may no longer be available now that his agent’s aired it out for the world to see.

25 responses to “Ravens CB Cary Williams turns down extension offer

  1. Megatron and Julio think its a fair deal based on their production vs Williams in the 1st two games. We’ll see how AJ Green feels about the offer following week 1.

  2. Good, he’s probably the 3rd or 4th best corner on the team anyway. Terrible decision by this kid,,,teams will go at him

  3. You can’t support your family and start (and finish) a college fund with 15 million dollars? I hope he has a terrible year and doesn’t get a good offer…. ever. Greedy people man!

  4. 1. Props to him for being a forward thinker,considering his daughter’s college costs and any other children he may have. Don’t know if he is,but he sounds like someone with his head on straight.
    2.He’s coming off of an injury,and his club used a first round pick on his position last year,as well as spending big $$ on another(better) CB in Webb. His leverage with the club is minimal unless either of those guys gets hurt. Even if they get hurt,his leverage is minimized by the club having both the draft and free agency to find his replacement or to franchise him for another year.
    3. Big gamble on his part. DBs coming off of a major injury like his usually have a down year before coming back fully once 2 years removed from the injury. If he has a down year or gets reinjured he may’ve cost himself big $$.

  5. I’ve always liked Cary, he performed better than I expected last year as a first year starter. That said, he is a fairly average corner and is definitely the weakest link in the Ravens’ starting secondary. He should have taken the fiancial security (3 years 15 million is not exactly peanuts) because veterans Corey Graham and Danny Gorrer have both had solid camps, rookie Asa Jackson was great not only as a returner Friday night but was good in coverage as well. Not to mention Jimmy Smith still having the potential to be the full time starter at some point this year. Sounds like Cary’s Baltimore swan song now to me.

  6. somebody else is going to offer a kid signed off a practice squad and coming off a injury more than 5 million a year? he should have taken it and done what everybody else does and held out for more if he has a great year this year. do not expect me to feel sorry for him if he gets hurt or has a bad year and gets cut after the season.how can anyone not get by on 5 million a year? he better make sure his little girl studies hard and makes good grades so she can get a scholarship to help pay for that college education.

  7. I love this argument and have heard from players many times. “I’m making this decision because it is the best for my family”. Less than 5% of America will have the opportunity to make 15 million dollars in their life. To say you want security and that 15 million isn’t it is the same as saying, “I’m highly irresponsible with my money and I need way more than 15 million to cover my inability to budget more money than most will ever see in their lifetime. It’s only 3 years of your life. One injury under your current tag could result in a huge opportunity cost. Oops, I shouldn’t use financial terms like opportunity costs with someone who makes millions of dollars. They might not understand! Too many pro athletes have destroyed their financial security out of stupidity. Good luck!

  8. Give me 15 mil right now and I’ll retire right now at 28. I’ll put my kids and grand kids through college and still live very comfortably. If anyone out there is willing to give me 15 million I promise I won’t tell you to f— off. Seriously though will someone give me 15 mil? 10 mil? 1 mil? 1000 bucks? 500? 100? Buy me lunch? I’d be greatful.

  9. Boy you all are really concerned about the billionaire owners money. lol I’m sure he has insurance in case of an injury. Most would take 15 mi compared to their current 40 -50k job. But, how many would take 15 mil if you had a chance to make 30 or 40 mil?

  10. Come on, you can’t compare your jobs as accountants or whatever to a starting NFL corner — it’s not even in the same fiscal world. Compared to his NFL job market, if the kid is right, he’ll make more by testing free agency. That’s his business decision, and if he performs okay this year, it will be a good one. Just because he didn’t agree to play for $45K a year plus dental, or take a below market deal with your team, doesn’t mean he lacks perspective.

  11. steelersownyou says:
    Aug 20, 2012 10:27 AM
    I can’t blame him. Would you want to sign to play on a sinking ship!?

    Wallace is thinking the same thing after watching last night’s Indy game.

  12. He has a chance to make the 30 million dollar or more range. I hope he gets it. I am not going to be a douche like some of these other people

    “hurr he turned down 15 mil I hope he fails hurr”

    “durr 15 mil would put my kids and grandkids through college durr”

    around the time his daughter goes to college I doubt 15 million will even get you 3 years of college at the low level. I wish him all the luck

  13. I don’t blame him at all. Of course I won’t believe his reasoning unless I see where he set up a trust for his daughter and “future” children.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s not because he wants 2 Bentleys. If he does that’s fine. It’s his money. Just say that instead of hiding behind the “family.”

  14. Wow, you are injured, like the 3rd CB, only gonna get 1.9 mil this year and 5 mil/yr for 3 years isn’t enough?
    If he goes on IR he will be lucky to get the vet min next yr

  15. Steelersownyou can’t get over the fact his team was Tebowd by a backup QB, did I mention this “sinking ship” swept the AFCN last year, what a joke.

  16. Yea… I’ll point out both preseason games and last year in Tenn. Williams is good in short coverage but terrible on deep routes. He’s also highly incapable of keeping up with burners (see Britt, Jones and Megatron) and tends to give up the big plays. Not saying he sucks at all just saying he’s a 2-3 cb not a one and cannot expect to be paid as such. He turned it down for playing time. Jimmy smith has passed him by and Cary is sliding back to 3rd in depth. He wants to be on the field and his role will diminish this year.

  17. He is sounding like Latrell Sprewell. If he, or his advisors, aren’t smart enough to be able to invest about $8 million dollars (after taxes and agent fees) and establish a financially sound future then he deserves to be broke. If he put $5 million in decent investments, he would make around $400k a year in interest, not touching principal. He still would have $3 million to “play with” – house, car(s), etc. 400K a year, plus the NFL pension he will receive is a pretty good living once he retires.

  18. Ravenator cant get over the fact Steelers own this division. And that he was cundiffed out of the playoffs! I also would like to point out that he is also tebows masseuse. And yes folks…It always ends with a happy ending!

  19. Williams sounds like he has his head on straight regarding finances, which sadly is a rarity in the NFL. Not taking the first offer is wise unless the Ravens played hardball and said that this is the only offer he can expect. He wasn’t arrogant or a jerk about it. He spoke honestly.

  20. Ravens should focus on getting an offense and a field goal kicker. Oh yea and their defense is old and slow.

  21. I don’t like his decision personally, but hey, it’s his life not mine.

    That being said here is what I see:
    1. He is sucking in the pre-season right now. I don’t care that in the pre-season defenses aren’t run as they are in the reg. season – he is blowing opportunities left and right at disrupting passes and proving his worth.

    2. If he plays this season as he is playing in the pre-season, here is what is going to happen: Some bottom 15 team desperate to plug holes will give him a 2-3 year, $15m – $20m guaranteed contract. Once that contract is up and he hasn’t proven himself he will not be resigned, and be too proud to accept anything less than $5m a year. I hate to say it but I smell diva on this guy already

    3. I hope I am wrong because he definitely has potential to be a great #2 CB on any team. Just don’t like to see players squander their careers from bad contractual moves (a la Hillis)

    Best of luck to him though

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