Report: Jaguars lease will need to be revised to permit London games

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Before the Jaguars can play one home game per year for four years in London, the lease that requires the team to play its home games at EverBank Field will have to be revised, according to

The question is how the City of Jacksonville will be compensated for the games that are exported to London.

The good news for now is that the Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown supports the effort to make Jacksonville and the Jaguars an international brand.

“We are excited for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the NFL in their pursuit to expand the game globally,” Brown said in a statement.  “We support these efforts and look forward to working with the Jaguars to ensure success in this venture.  This will also serve as a major building block to expose the city of Jacksonville as a destination on all global fronts.  We intend to use the Jacksonville name, in conjunction with the Jaguars, to help expand our opportunities for business investment and create larger economic success for our great city.”

The Jaguars plan to play one home game in London in each of four years, starting in 2013.

It’s unknown whether they will temporarily change their name for the annual visits to the “Shaguars.”  But here’s hoping they do.

11 responses to “Report: Jaguars lease will need to be revised to permit London games

  1. Can anybody explain how a team playing one game a year in London is going to build a fan base? I just don’t get it.

  2. Why should a government entity, the city of Jacksonville, be “compensated” does the city own the franchise? Can a conservative please explain this or could you address this issue Florio?

  3. This Ida way for the city of Jax officials to travel abroad and pitch the numerous build to suit manufacturing/distribution locations the city has to offer. It will also go a long way in forcing the state government to get on-board will major port upgrades. Not to mention growing the overall popularity of the team thus making its value climb. I’d love to go on a visit to the UK and see “Shaguars” shirts a plenty!

  4. @irishnativeson

    They would need to be compensated because the team rents the Stadium for 10 games a year. If they lose 1 game the team loses Ticket Surcharges and parking fees that go along with Game Day. Not a huge piece of money but they would need to be compensated nonetheless.

  5. The city loses tons of revenue locally from the game being hosted at home.

    Local businesses are the ones who are REALLY getting screwed. They lose the gameday spike in patronage and they’re not getting any part of the “hush” check that the team will likely cut the city in order to amend the lease.

    Keep in mind, the local businesses affected will be those same businesses that saved the team’s season ticket drive in 2010 and 2011 with the “Teal Deals” and “Team Teal” efforts, which worked local business coupons into the season ticket package to promote both the team and the businesses at once.

    Now they’re getting bent over.

  6. This is bad news for the season ticket holders and does nothing for the city of Jacksonville. I didn’t see this great growth in Tampa from playing there and as a matter of fact every game this past season was blacked out and a lot of blackouts in the last couple of years.

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