Roddy White has some advice for Todd Haley


Cross Roddy White off the list of players who could be joining the Pittsburgh Steelers in the near future.

White, while watching Sunday night’s Colts-Steelers game on NBC, offered unsolicited criticism of and advice for Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

“Todd Haley problem is he really thinks that coaches win games not players when he realizes he doesn’t win games than he will be fine,” White said via Twitter.

White is accurate; only the players can deliver victory.  But it’s the job of the coaches to get the players ready to play.

Maybe the deeper point is that, instead of forcing an offensive system onto a team regardless of personnel, the coach should find ways to maximize the talents of the players he has.  That’s what Steelers coach Mike Tomlin did when he came to Pittsburgh, sticking with the 3-4 despite being an expert in the 4-3.

The fact, however, that Tomlin didn’t scuttle the zone-blitzing scheme in 2007 shows that the decision to go with a new offense came not from Haley but from whoever hired him.  Haley was brought in to bring his offense, and that’s what he’s doing.

Maybe the deeper point is that White watched the stream of clips from last night’s broadcast showing Haley getting into verbal altercations with the likes of Terrell Owens, Anquan Boldin, and Matt Cassell, and White simply concluded that Haley seems like a not-so-nice guy.

And that leads back to the Sean Payton profile on Sunday’s Outside The Lines.  Coaching football at the highest level either attracts or creates guys who, all things considered, can act like big jerks.

That’s not an affliction that can be cured simply by realizing that the players win the games.  But that’s probably the thing that prompted White to speak out via what the kids call tweeting out.

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  1. coaching is important. Maybe Roddy doesn’t know that winning playoff games is also important. try that sometime champ. 🙂

  2. There are some great coaches that win games roddy. Players do play a big part also. As for Haley I’ve heard he has been known to be an a-hole @ times…

  3. I like that White has no filter, he says things that I disagree with at times, but in a league where everyone stays as bland and PC as possible, it’s entertaining to hear what someone truly thinks.

  4. Shouldnt White worry more about why his team chokes in the playoffs and worry less about a team and coach that has NOTHING to do with him ? Does anyone care what White thinks ? Maybe he needs to question his teams Qb and Offensive cordinator ?

  5. Haley believes his tirades can win games as he showed in KC. He pouts, screams, wears old ball caps and even stops shaving to convince his players that he is serious about winning.

  6. I guess Roddy is the expert, especially since the Falcons have won the Super Bowl each year since he joined the team, right?

  7. This story is getting old. Todd Haley was hired to replace Bruce Arians because Arians’ offense was failing to produce points. The Steelers’ offense ranked 22nd in scoring last season. Since Arians became OC in 2007, his offenses have been in steady decline.
    Apparently, team president Art Rooney II got tired of paying his $100 million quarterback to be carried by Dick LeBeau’s defense; especially in light of the fact the rules have changed to enhance offenses.
    Pretty simple.

  8. Don’t get me wrong coaches are a Big part of the programs, but without good old fashion hard work and great camaraderie your not gonna win Football games.It’s that simple.

  9. Here is some advice for Roddy White: Only a player whose ego completely over-whelms their intelligence would ignore what the smartest people in sports have been proclaiming for years: Of all the major team sports–Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer–the importance of coaches in Football FAR EXCEEDS their importance in any other team sport.

  10. Coaches and Players win games together, and each one needs the other to perform. Super Bowls are won by teams, not individuals. Roddy, how many rings you got?

  11. What a selfish clown. Players don’t win games. Coaches don’t win games. TEAMS win games. If Roddy and his TEAMmates had half as much passion for the team as they do for playing the blame game on Twitter, maybe the Falcons wouldn’t have won something that mattered by now.

    Haley might be a jerk, but the one thing you can’t accuse him of is not giving 100% percent. Can’t say the same for Roddy.

  12. Haley has a history of installing offenses to suit a teams’ personnel. He’ll run an offense that his players can best thrive in. That’s hardly being a selfish or stubborn coordinator. White saw a 20 second highlight clip, and shot his mouth off like a 5 year old.

  13. Yes Roddy White has won a playoff game but it was with Michael Vick. But that doesnt mean e’s right. Just making sure folks remember.

  14. ravenator: Roethlisberger looking lost isn’t unusual. He’s a playground quarterback who has never been encouraged, at least not since Ken Whisenhunt was his OC, to learn the position by studying game film.
    Not surprisingly, Roethlisberger has disdain for Whisenhunt. Roethlisberger, however, “loves” Bruce Arians, who allowed the rockstar QB to do as he pleased and run the show.
    Roethlisberger was a far better QB with Whisenhunt as his OC. Rooney II obviously is hoping history repeats itself with the more demanding Haley.
    I’d say after five seasons of doing as he pleases, Roethlisberger isn’t about to now buckle down to become better.

  15. ben has a ring from the previous 2 oc’s so whats the problem?got one with whisenhunt and arians.i would like to see some 4 and 5 wr sets again though,even if u put rbs and te’s out in the routes.

  16. And Roddy White is an authority on winning? Maybe he should go back to school to learn how to properly use the English language, brush up on his grammar and punctuation a bit. Then he can tell us how to win games.

  17. Seems like a T.O. in the making…haha Coaches gameplan and put players into position to make plays to win the game! Players are like chess pieces…lol

  18. steelersownyou: Two Super Bowl wins, ONE touchdown pass. Two Super Bowl wins, ZERO MVP awards.
    If you think throwing 20-22 TD passes a season puts a quarterback in the Hall, good for you. Just don’t hold your breath!!!

  19. @bobzilla…better educate yourself a lil better. Look his stats up in playoffs. They are very good. If you get hung up on stats you miss how great he is. Hes very unique. You cant compare him to brady or brees. He does things they cant do. Been in 3 super bowls in 7 years. Thats very rare. Hes definitely a hall of famer. You obviously dont watch him play. We’re very thankful we have him. We didnt win until he came here. Now all we do is win! The End! Youve been served sucka!

  20. @steelersownyou funny cause Eli Manning still isn’t considered a first ballot Hall of Famer with comparable regular season stats, superior playoff stats, and 2 Super Bowl victories against the best team in the NFL the last 12 years. Ben is by no means unique. He’s elusive in the pocket like many QBs are and he’s forever injured like many QBs are. Beyond that like many QBs he was blessed with a great defense and decent weapons on offense. Good, yes. One of the best ever, absolutely not.

  21. steelersownyou: Roethlisberger has saved some of his worst performances for the postseason. Look it up.
    He was awful in back-to-back playoff games against the Jets and Patriots in 2004. After having a sensational playoff run in 2005, he was awful in Super Bowl 40.
    In 2007, he threw three interceptions, including a pick six, in the first half against the Jaguars in a playoff loss. In Super Bowl 43, he struggled for 58 minutes against the worst defensive team in Super Bowl history. In Super Bowl 45, he threw a pick-six in a six-point loss.
    Last season, Roethlisberger did nothing in the first half against the Broncos en route to a playoff loss.
    Roethlisberger has been to three Super Bowls in EIGHT seasons because he’s played on teams with great defenses.
    Your theory that the Steelers “didn’t win until he came here” is a typical bandwagon-jumper’s outlook.
    The fact that you are willing to lower the Hall’s standards in order to induct Roethlisberger is proof that you need educated on what is expected from an “elite” quarterback.

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