Ryan Tannehill is the Dolphins starting quarterback


Dolphins coach Joe Philbin might want to become a poker player.

Over the weekend, Philbin said that he wasn’t sure that the team would stick to its plan of naming the starting quarterback before the third preseason game of the year. So, naturally, he started his press conference on Monday by announcing that rookie Ryan Tannehill will be the team’s starting quarterback this season.

The signs actually started appearing at Dolphins practice on Monday when Tannehill got every snap with the first-team offense as the team started doing more game planning in advance of this week’s game against the Falcons. Philbin said that he informed Tannehill and Matt Moore of the decision before the practice to inform them of his decision and praised the professionalism of both men.

“This is the best decision we can make at the given time,” Philbin said.

Philbin cautioned that he once called David Garrard the team’s starting quarterback, implying that things could change at some point during the regular season. Injuries can happen, of course, but it would be surprising if the Dolphins pulled Tannehill from the starting lineup as a rookie when they obviously believed in him enough to make him the eighth overall pick in April.

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  1. While it’s great to have a rookie showing promise like RT has done, it’s a shame he’s gonna get killed behind that line. And he’ll be throwing to the worst group of WRs in the league.

    Miami will be picking in the top 10 again next season.

  2. Great move, Matt Moore hasn’t taken the job which does not say much for him. Tannehill looks good for a rookie with a bad oline and terrible receivers.

  3. Doesn’t make sense to have anyone else starting at QB if Tannehill is your QB of the future. Might as well start the learning curve now, and hope he pans out.

  4. Don’t worry Dolphins… after Tannehill flames out, Kirk Cousins will be here for you all to trade several draft picks for. We’ll be waiting. Oh hell yeah.

  5. A new era begins. He looked good against Tampa, but if Tannehill is gonna have any success whatsoever, the O-Line needs to give him better protection than they did against Carolina.

  6. as a dolphins fan, i was hoping we would be able to slowly work him into the league, but at this point hes looked just as good if not better than Moore, and after the Garrard injury, I don’t see why we wouldn’t start him. I just hope this isnt Chad Henne 2.0

  7. I’m excited. The kid has made good decisions, shown a command of the offense, has a lively arm, and has shown touch.

    All we need now are WRs who can catch along with a functional right side of the OL.

    It’s a sad state of affairs when your #1 WR is a UDFA slot guy (Bess) and it looks like the only other guy who can get open is a UDFA lacrosse player (7-11!) who plays the slot.

  8. Had Garrard not suffered that knee injury my guess is that he would have started the opener.

    Philbin has no choice given that Moore just isn’t getting it done. Forget about 6-3 last year. Against the three best teams in that record he just couldn’t protect the ball.

    Being from an older generation I would prefer that Tannehill watch, practice and learn before taking over. Can’t blame Philbin for this decision given the circumstances however.

  9. Bucs fan here, and from what was seen in that first preseason game this is a good move. Tannehill showed a lot of promise imho. As someone above already stated, the Phins have nothing to lose in starting him. If he is the QB of the future you might as well get him ready for the task. Yeah, the line and receiving corps might be lacking, but if Tannehill gets his bearings with the current group you can always build around him. Good luck this season Phin fans!

  10. thesmartest1 says:
    Aug 20, 2012 3:19 PM
    What do they have to lose???
    16 games? j/k.

    Good move..lets see what the kid has. A healthy R. Bush will suit him well early on in the season.

  11. I get it, Miami wasn’t going anywhere this year so RT may as well get some experience, but this type of move has often hurt rookie quarterbacks’ development. Look at Gabbert, Sanchez, and Flacco. Now rememeber quarterbacks that held a clipboard…Rodgers, Brady, Steve Young, Drew Brees, etc.

  12. Dumb move to put a rookie in a failing position. Fins should wait two years and build an offense first. Otherwise, he’ll be another David Carr.

  13. This is why you draft them, to use them week 1 or have them learn for a year depending on your quarterback situation especially if you have a good veteran. But in this case Matt Moore was the incumbent and hasnt been able to grasp the job or sustain it with consistency even though he has the respect of his teammates and the like. This was Moore’s opportunity to really show that he deserves to start and can play at a high level, but Ryan Tannehill just gets it and came into camp ready. The offensive line and the wide receivers will of course have to help the kid out in making plays and he will make some plays, but they must do their respective jobs, give him time and get open.

  14. The moment I saw him on Hard Knocks I knew he was going to be the starting. He has a presence about him. Plus he’s clearly mature enough to handle the NFL, the guys married to a smoking hot wife and already has a kid. I doubt he’ll be partying much.

  15. Not much of a surprise, he looked better than Garrad and Moore and likely knows the system better as well since he ran the same one at Texas A&M last year.

  16. @Stonecoldsays:

    Nah, you keep that wasted 4th round pick Kirk Cousins. You might need him once you realize the fragile track star you’re having play quarterback isn’t a franchise QB. Lol, 3 1st rounders and a 2nd rounder gone. There’s a reason Shanahan picked Cousins high, and it’s in case (when) Bob Griffin doesn’t live up to the hype, ala akili smith.

  17. Anyone who predicts that a rookie is going to “flame out” before one snap of the regular season has been taken is probably not the best source of information. You might have more luck trading Cousins to the jets. I hear they’re having some QB issues.

  18. It’s great that the Fins got this question answered early. It was the biggest question going into this season and now that it’s taken care of, Philbin and the gang can focus more heavily on getting Tannehill ready and getting the rest of the team ready for him.

  19. This is Steve Ross trying to sell tickets to his empty stadium. Unfortunately they are going to ruin this kid because he has no offensive line or receivers. Ireland has destroyed this team.

  20. we have 3 first round draft picks on the Oline. And one at QB. And yet our oline and qb looks average. I hope they jell – I hope they do better than they are doing… or IRELAND will feel the heat!

  21. Might as well start. If it were a year backing up Manning, Brady, Brees, Favre or someone similar, then he would at least have someone he could watch and learn from. But he’ll learn a lot more playing than he would from watching Matt Moore.

    Now fins fans should hope he doesn’t get killed or get terminal shellshock.

  22. The good news is that this gives the offense clarity.

    First-team WRs and TEs don’t have to learn how to adjust to 2-3 different QBs – they can focus on getting reps with Tannehill to build chemistry and timing.

    The offensive line also gets used to Tannehill’s audibles and how he deals with pressure, namely how he prefers to step up into the pocket as opposed to Matt Moore scrambling outside.

    Lastly, the running backs get used to receiving handoffs from him. Dolphins have 2 weeks to see what group of personnel on offense works best with Tannehill.

    Keep an eye on Jeff Fuller – Tannehill’s teammate from Texas A&M, since his odds of making the roster just went up.

  23. Just because the o line hasn’t come together yet doesn’t mean it’s a bad unit.

    It’s the one group that I’m confident will show serious improvement as soon as the season starts. Sure, the receivers are lacking but there’s talent on the line and plenty of it.

    Usually I’m with the idea of having them wait but this does feel like the right move to me.

  24. Moore give Miami a better chance to win as of now. This is clearly an investment in the future and a blatant message that this is a rebuilding year.

    They better hope they secure the right tackle spot and see if this pays off in a few years.

    To be fair, this is similar to what the McCarthy era Packers did (not the Red Scare) to end up winning, looking long term.

  25. They drafted him to be “The Guy” and Moore has done nothing to prove he’s better than Tannehill, so you know what, let him be “The Guy.”

    This team is rebuilding (whether they admit it or not), so put this kid in at quarterback and start to build around him.

    Hard Knocks is appropriate for Miami this year as there is no better way for Tannehill to learn than this way……..

  26. Totally agree with wabbitslayer. Very excited to watch this offense grow and improve together as a unit over the next few seasons… And you never know, any team could get hot at any time.

  27. I understand that the 8th pick in the draft should be an immediate starter and should contribute right away, but in this case Tannehill is really a late round pick that was majorly reached for. Therefore, he should stand by, learn the ropes from David Garrard and come in when he is ready to compete. Not to mention the fact that their Offensive line is dangerously porous and he will have second string receivers catching for him. Right now is not the time for Ryan Tannehill, Its too early and he is not ready. The Dolphins are going to ruin a perfectly good project QB, who could eventually become a champion. If you throw him into the fire, he will burn.

  28. Good news. If he can stay healthy I think he’ll progress just fine. I am far more worried about the Defense than the Offense. The O has at least moved the ball and scored some points. The D (as stated by JP himself) hasn’t stoped anybody and hasn’t been able to get off the field, but things can change and hopefully they will. Go Phins.

  29. When Garrad went down I assume everyone saw this coming. Garrad was the onyl threat for this kid NOT to be the starter Week 1. Top 10 QB draft picks typically start from day 1

  30. I’ll let those comments slide. I’d be angry too if I had to have a WR at QB instead of a young legend in the making like RGIII. Call us back for Kirk in 2 years and bring a good offer.

  31. Huge “dis” to Matt Moore who performed fairly well last year and won over the respect of his teammates. Bottom line???….. Put the best player on the field.

  32. …and this is why Free Agent QBs stay as far away from Miami as they can. A couple mediocre pre season games (one against 4th stringers) by a rookie and the starter from last year, who played quite well despite the fact that he didn’t have a team around him, is buried in the depth chart.

  33. The SKINS are JUNK!!! Bottom feeders no doubt!!! They will get swept by every team in that division! The Bears starters made them look silly the other night!

  34. revischrist16 says:
    Aug 20, 2012 3:32 PM
    I get it, Miami wasn’t going anywhere this year so RT may as well get some experience, but this type of move has often hurt rookie quarterbacks’ development. Look at Gabbert, Sanchez, and Flacco. Now rememeber quarterbacks that held a clipboard…Rodgers, Brady, Steve Young, Drew Brees, etc.


    Good point but you forgot to point out that Matt Ryan, Payton Manning and John Elway started their rookie season as well and a handful of other QBs started later on in their rookie season such as Dan Marino and Eli Manning.

    There is no cookie cutter way to develop a QB. If there was then they would be a dime a dozen.

  35. its not like the oline is that bad, but when you keep changing philosophies every 2-3 years, the players are not going to fit the new schemes. Since 2007 we have drafted 9 offensive lineman with 5 coming in the first 3 rounds. We have also brought in countless free agents on the line, The problem is the schemes change yearly so the parts become useless, Jake long is a great tackle but do you really think someone of his skill is needed in a zone-blocking WCO, not really. So our best player on the team doesnt get to optimally use his skill-set because its not needed. There are about 8 other instances of the same issues on this team (soliai, wake, vontae to name a few). Problems is, if there is always constant turnover with the schemes the players will never work out.

    4 centers in the last 5 years???? really…. come on now… get my point

  36. I’m excited. The kid has made good decisions, shown a command of the offense, has a lively arm, and has shown touch…..so says dvnelson…..unfortunately sir, we only have W-L-T as our columns…..everything else is BS….This kid is not ready to start, but hey, I’m a Steelers fan……Garrard was your best shot mainly because he is mobile and is more experienced….Unless Miami shores up that O-line you guys will pick a QB 1st in the 2013 draft…….

  37. I understand the 1st team Oline is not up to par, which is a problem…..but how do you leave your franchise QB of the future in there after pulling the 1st string oline at the end of the 1st half and replacing them with players that most likely won’t make the team? Tannehill almost got killed because of that no-name LT.

  38. backindasaddle says:
    Aug 20, 2012 5:31 PM
    Huge “dis” to Matt Moore who performed fairly well last year and won over the respect of his teammates. Bottom line???….. Put the best player on the field.
    That’s exactly what Philbin is doing. I like Moore but he is not outplaying Tannehill. Moore is a good guy to have as a back-up but he is only a place-hold starter. Tannehill has a better arm, is more mobile, throws better on the run and knows this offense better than Matt does. All RT lacks is experience and you can’t gain that from the bench. He will learn nothing by holding a clipboard. He already knows the offensive schemes. He needs reps, timing with his receivers and game experience against real NFL defenses. there may be growing pains but this fan will accept that as long as progress is made. My only fear is the O-line gets him hammered. I expect them to be better but I can’t explain how they are not already better than they are. The defense has regressed but that has been typical of the last several years and I have no doubt they will get much stronger as the season progresses. Philbin is doing things the right way and that should lead to consistency and a stronger team in the next year or two. This year is a toss-up. They could be really bad until better players that fit the schemes are brought in or they could gel into a cohesive team. The Dolphins have been competitive but have lost close games. I think Philbin will be the guy to fix that. We’ll see.

  39. Re: anybody who thinks there is some advantage to sitting a rookie QB on the bench for a year before he starts

    Football Outsiders actually did research on this very question, and the results were that it simply doesn’t matter. If a rookie QB is good enough to be the best QB on his team, there is no reason not to start him.

  40. There are good QBs who started their rookie years, and there are good QBs who sat on the bench for a year or two. There is no evidence that suggests starting a young QB “too soon” has any detrimental effect.

  41. Matt Moore couldn’t move the offense this preseason and has clearly looked worse than Tannehill. Tannehill should be the starter. Unfortunately we have no WR’s but I trust Philbin and Sherman will be able to scheme plays to get these poor WRs open. I think we pick in the top 5 next year so we can use that pick to draft Robert Woods.

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