Saints acquire Barrett Ruud from Seahawks

Linebackers have been dropping like flies in New Orleans, which caused the team to make a move to shore up the position on Monday.

The Saints announced that they have acquired linebacker Barrett Ruud in a trade with the Seahawks. New Orleans gives up a future undisclosed draft pick in the deal. Ruud signed with Seattle in April, but became expendable after the arrival of Bobby Wagner in the draft.

He started nine games at middle linebacker with the Titans last season before a groin injury ended his season and he’s very familiar with the Saints after spending six years doing the same job in Tampa. With Curtis Lofton out with a high ankle sprain, Ruud should battle with Ramon Humber for time in the middle over the rest of camp.

If Lofton winds up missing the season opener, Ruud would stand a good chance of starting because Humber will have to serve a three-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Lofton and projected weak side starter David Hawthorne, who had surgery after he tore his meniscus, look like they’ll be out for the rest of the preseason and the Saints lost Chris Chamberlain to a torn ACL over the weekend as well. Throw in the suspensions to Lawrence Wilson and Jonathan Vilma and you’ve got a group in need of some help heading into Week One.

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  1. I am suprised Ruud has bounced around as much as he has..he was a pretty serviceable Linebacker in Tampa…Never made alot of splash plays, but did enough for you to think he wasn’t a liability…Curious to see how he plays in N.O….they have the makings of a pretty terrible looking defense this year

  2. No d-line, no linebackers, only two decent corners, and one decent safety. Brees is going to have to break records this year for the saints to win.

  3. If you’ve been watching the Hawks you knew Ruud was out one way or another – he barely played in either pre-season game and was an afterthought at camp this year.

  4. samapoc says:
    Aug 20, 2012 10:33 PM
    No d-line, no linebackers, only two decent corners, and one decent safety. Brees is going to have to break records this year for the saints to win.

    Not so fast friend. It’s a long season. Lofton will be back and the Dline has a second year Cam Jordan as well as Bunkley and don’t discount the improvement that Spags can bring.
    But Brees will probably still break records anyways, then you can be right.

  5. jayslang…as a die hard…can’t exactly disagree, but only counter with that usually, we have the prototypical serviceable but nothing special defense all around every year CSP has been at the helm.
    We let our best players in Sharper and Fujita go that weren’t named Jabari Greer. And so many folks down here just looooove Roman Harper, but when he got ran down from behind by Sam Bradford, the league knew our weak spot…make us run after you…Linebackers Vilma, Dunbar, Shanle…ugh just awful against the run but serviceable against the pass unless blitz and mouth-happy GW kept sending the house in blitzes leaving man to man coverage. Our line was never a high point. CSP hasn’t impressed one bit with his draft on the line…none of them pan out to be anything but pedestrian players and we never make a move on the big game changers that hit the market to keep all the money for the offense…oughta be interesting

  6. I wonder what the future undisclosed draft pick is it coming from one of the players on the team. Are is it next season draft pick who knows GM Mickey Loomis is the mastermind of the draft.

  7. It’s only been two pre-season games, but Bobby Wagner may be as good at Lofa Tatupu was in his rookie year. Starting at MLB.

    Maybe up for NFC DROY!!! Another great PC draft pick.


  8. the games the saint beat us watch the highlights you will see rudd miss tackling so am cool with this pick up he sucks like the saints good for Tampa can’t wait

  9. Good call samapoc….

    But hey, Bree’s said it’s them against the world a few weeks ago…remember?

    So they should be OK…

    Do I need to right the word sarcasm or does it speak for itself?

  10. Ruud was insurance in case Seattle wasn’t able to find someone for the middle after losing Hawthorne in free agency. They found someone with Bobby Wagner. Now they flip Ruud for an extra pick. Not a bad move by the front office.

    Now, Philly, with Vick and Kafka both hurting… feel like parting with a fifth for Tavaris Jackson? He’s willing to take a pay cut…

  11. Let’s just wait to crown Wagner DROY…He was lost at times against Denver and is reacting not going full speed.. Against Veteran QB’s he bite on fakes…the real reason is Mike Morgan has out played himself and Ruud..So Ruud became available..Kyle Knox might have a chance to make the team now..

  12. NOLA’s defense is going to surprise a lot of people. Playing with a major chip on their shoulder and Spagnuolo is a defensive guru.

  13. Seahawks felt so bad after that playoff thrashing of the Saints in Seattle they’ve been throwing over their linebacker scraps out of pity.

  14. Looks like I’ll be starting the Redskins #1 RB week one of fantasy, because Barrett never attacks the line of scrimmage he makes tackles 4-6 yards down field every time!

  15. This is a pretty good pickup, dude was a tackling machine in Tampa, he was never flashy but got job done and seemed to always be where he was supposed to be.

  16. I liked Barrett when he was here, but I mean he got beat out by a rookie in Tennessee last year. That should tell you all you need to know about where his game is at at this point in his career.

  17. Nice to see the hated division rival getting so desparate that they trade for a decrepit old has-been. Fantasy owners, start every Panther offensive player you have in week 2!

  18. saints4evah,
    Loomis and Payton can’t make good draft choices unless it’s the later rounds. Consider their first round picks to date, with my grades:
    2006 – Reggie Bush (C+) – not a bad player but often injured and inconsistent
    2007 – Robert Meachem (D) – often injured and inconsistent
    2008 – Sedrick Ellis (D) – not much pass rush and mediocre run stopper
    2009 – Malcolm Jenkins (B) – good but not great
    2010 – Patrick Robinson (C+) – maybe too early to judge, has shown flashes of being good
    2011 – Cam Jordan (F) – zero pass rush ability
    2011 – Mark Ingram (F) – often injured and no better than the 3 undrafted RB’s we have on roster now

  19. @jknock625

    Cam Jordan F, Mark Ingram F? You have no idea what you’re talking about. As a Saints fan, and I am one, I have to say you have an extreme lack of knowledge about Talent in the NFL. The sad part is, my team appears to be your team, and you still criticize horribly. I’m not saying any of them are A’s, but you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

  20. phrancheyez,
    In 16 full games last year as the starting DE for a team that usually had the lead and could pin their ears back, Jordan had 31 tackles and 1 sack. That’s it. In 2011, there were 57 other DE’s with at least 31 tackles, and those DE’s AVERAGED 44 tackles and 6 sacks. Only 8 of those DE’s had 1 sack or fewer. This guy was a 1st round pick! He had no passes defended, no INT’s and no forced fumbles last year. Spags is going to rotate him in at DT a lot this year because relative unknown guys like Junior Gallette and converted LB Martez Wilson are better pass rushers. I agree that he’s only had 1 year and he could get better, but grading based on that 1 year, it’s an F.

    Ingram has had knee problems since 2010, but we drafted him anyway. He only played 10 games last year because of a knee injury, and he has now had 2 surgeries in 3 years. He only averages 3.9 yards per carry and 4.2 yards per reception and has failed to separate himself from a pack of RB’s which includes Pierre Thomas (UDFA), Chris Ivory (UDFA), Darren Sproles (4th round) and newcomer Travaris Cadet (UDFA). Again, he’s a 1st round pick, so expectations are (and should be) high.

    I criticize objectively based on black and white statistics and what I see in games, not because I have an emotional attachment to a player or because I pretend to be able to recognize “Talent in the NFL” like you.

  21. Barrett, as a Buccaneer Season ticket holder I can tell you saints fans he makes lots of tackles !!!!! I believe he often lead the team. He’s great at bringing runners down 4-5 yards from the line of scrimmage.

  22. Why are yall acting like the saints D will be terrible or keep them from winning? Its the same D as always except they added bunkley, ruud, hawthorne, lofton & jordan/wilson/robinson are a yr older. I dont know if the D be good or not but either way that doesnt change how good the saints usually are/will be.

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