Saints dealing with more injuries at linebacker

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The Saints lost linebacker Chris Chamberlain for the season in Friday’s game against the Jaguars, but that wasn’t the only injury to strike the team’s linebacking corps.

During his Monday press conference, interim coach Joe Vitt announced, via the New Orleans Times-Picayune, that Curtis Lofton and David Hawthorne are also dealing with injuries. Neither one should be out as long as Chamberlain, but it sounds like both will miss the final two games of the preseason.

Vitt suggested that the new turf at the Superdome might have played a role in mowing down his linebackers. The coach said he regretted not having a practice on that field before the game against the Jags.

Lofton has a high ankle sprain and Vitt called him “extremely doubtful” for this week’s game against the Texans. Vitt said he thinks Lofton should be able to play in the first week of the regular season. Hawthorne tore his meniscus early in the game against the Jags and will need surgery to repair the injury. Vitt projected he’d be out for a few weeks and said that he was optimistic about Hawthorne’s recovery because the linebacker was able to remain in the game after getting hurt.

Ramon Humber will likely start in the middle in place of Lofton while it’s less clear who will replace Hawthorne in the starting lineup. Whoever gets the job will be tasked with helping the Saints do a better job of tackling than they did against the Jaguars last week.

6 responses to “Saints dealing with more injuries at linebacker

  1. Wow, was really looking forward to seeing Lofton perform against Houston. This game will be a challenge for the Saints. Get healthy guys!!

  2. It’s time for the judge to send Vilma onto the field, since Goodell has yet to show valid proof to back up his accusations.

  3. There’s a lot of injuries around the league, especially on defense (just ask the Packers and Giants).

    I find it interesting since this is the first season of the new CBA rules that limit OTAs and training camp sessions. Players are being worked less in practice, but they’re getting injured more.

    Maybe less time practicing, instead of improving player health, actually leads to players being in worse shape, using worse technique, and getting injured.

  4. Strange to have so many injuries on so many teams, Falcons just announced they lost Svitek for the year, so they have fan favorite Sam Baker protecting Ryan.

    The good news for Saints is Lofton should be back week one and normally would have played in week 4 of preseason, so it will only be a few drives gait Texans this Saturday that he misses. Also, Coach Vitt said Hawthorne was playing after injury, which means the tear probably isn’t that bad and a quick return hopefully for week 2!

  5. silentcount says:

    “It’s time for the judge to send Vilma onto the field, since Goodell has yet to show valid proof to back up his accusations.”

    It’s not happening, so you better get ready to deal with reality.

    If the judge had a legal basis to do it, the decision would have been rendered already. She has no legal basis, therefore Vilma ain’t playing football.

    Vilma had a chance to appeal his suspension, but refused to participate in the very process that he agreed to. So now he can watch football for 2012 season.

    Justice has been served.

  6. silentcount: Ummm, Vilma did appeal. It was filed May 8th. The appeals hearing was on June 18th. Maybe you missed it. Goodell didn’t abide by the CBA rules on the timing of presenting the evidence for the appeal. He also wouldn’t present any evidence before the initial offer to meet with the players. The appeals hearing was a sham anyway, so why is this pertinent? It continues to amaze me that some people are laser-focused on CBA agreements and timing and willfully ignore the total lack of credible evidence.

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