Sanchez, Tebow both confident Jets’ offense will improve


The Jets’ offense has looked nothing short of terrible this preseason, but that doesn’t have the Jets’ quarterbacks feeling down.

Both Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow told reporters today that they actually feel good about where the Jets’ offense is headed, and that they’ve demonstrated they can play well on the practice field, even if they haven’t done it yet in the preseason.

“Absolutely, I’ve seen it from this group already against our defense,” Sanchez said, in comments distributed by the team’s PR staff. “I’ve seen it on the practice field and now we have to translate it to a game. I think the most important point that Rex [Ryan] talked to us about today, is translating what we do in practice onto the game field.”

Tebow said he has seen improvement consistently, including today.

“I feel like every day we’re getting better,” Tebow said. “I think today at practice we showed some good things. We did some good things out there, we hit some big plays and we have to keep getting more consistent and limit the negative plays.”

Asked if the Jets have lost any confidence, Tebow said, “I don’t think so at all.”

So the players in the Jets’ locker room remain confident. Few Jets fans share that confidence.

48 responses to “Sanchez, Tebow both confident Jets’ offense will improve

  1. “Absolutely, I’ve seen it from this group already against our defense,” Sanchez said, in comments distributed by the team’s PR staff.
    Well, THAT should makes Jets fans confident in the defense!

  2. Sanchez, Tebow both confident Jets’ offense will improve
    In other news “Kevin Kolb, John Schelton confident Cardinals offense will improve”…..see how dum that sounds Jets fans!

  3. How can you be confident when you have a QB (Sanchez) that throws INTs on check-downs? In the Jets-Dolphins finale last season, Sanchez threw all 3 of his INTs on checkdowns. Same thing happened when Hosley returned the Sanchez INT for a TD a few days ago.

    With Tebow, he may not turn the ball over as often, but he’s just not getting it to his guys consistently either. But he is what he is.

    Not a good luck going to the season if you are a Jets fan.

  4. Well…What, I wonder else COULD either of them have said? They are, after all, ON the particular team in question are they not? As a matter of fact, they are, more or less in CHARGE of this particular offense about which they are SO confident, aren’t they? Again, what else COULD they have said?

  5. Of course it will improve. But that’s only because there’s no way it could get worse.

  6. Of course it’s going to improve, they haven’t scored a touchdown yet in two pre-season games.

    So it can’t get any worse. They either stay where they are, or they get better. They can’t go any lower. LOL

  7. Sure they can improve. Sparano is a nice guy but is a horrible offensive football guy. His offenses go from random turnovers to 3 and out. That’s why he was excited about a FG opportunity–rare scoring chances.

  8. I’m confident their defense will improve too… it can’t get much worse. Shaky and inconsistent Sanchez and Tebow at quarterback aren’t that scary.

    The Jets don’t have D.Thomas and Willis McGahee here. Even if Tebow plays or starts he has less help on offense for sure if they want to run a similar read option offense. (Joe McKnight won’t get it done)

    Their #1 receive is Santonio Holmes… enough said. And Shonn Greene is just not that special. Sure he gained 1000 yards last year but is 65 yards a game in a power run offense anything to be proud of?

  9. now can the media and espn and nfl network stop riding the jets like theyve won something, this team is horrible and yet they are all over, cause stone old said so!!

  10. Next week….TWO field goals.

    You really picked Tony Sparano over every other coach in the country to run your offense? There wasn’t ANYBODY out there who might have been a better choice? I still can’t believe it.

  11. Maybe what the QBs are saying is that they believe the Jets defense is so awesome they can hold the Patriots and every other team scoreless. Otherwise they’re toast.

  12. “absolutely, I’ve seen it against our defense”

    Rex told them they couldn’t intercept any passes because he didn’t wanna hurt your feelings and wreck your already waning confidence.

  13. I’m confident the Jets will not win 7 games.

    I’m confident Mr.T was too confident with his current Offensive Line.

    I’m confident the Jets will have every one of their QB’s on IR by mid season.

    I’m confident Vinny and Favre will get a call from the Jets by mid season to be their starting QB.

  14. Nick Folk has already locked up the teams offensive MVP


    LOL. Folk might have to take a pay cut though, as he probably won’t be needed for any PATs.

    Unless the defense scores.

  15. Here we go again with anti Jet bashing! can we play a regular season game before we say how bad they are? 3 of their top 4 WRs did not play. Let’s try and give it a chance. No wildcat or variation of what offense will be come opening day has been shown yet, but they are toast. I love the anti Jet fans. It makes it fun to be a real Jet fan. Lastly, the super bowl MVP didn’t look so great against the Jets D. Just remember that there are 2 sides to every game and the Jets first team D has been pretty good so fat. Relax Jet fans, we are going to be fine.

  16. Now, I have to admit some of the comments are funny, BUT
    barring injuries, preseason means squat

  17. How long will it for the brains in charge to figure out they need some wideouts. Those two aren’t good enough to work with this group.

  18. I think the most important point that Rex [Ryan] talked to us about today, is translating what we do in practice onto the game field.”
    What a novel concept. I bet every coack from Lombardi to Belichick wishes they had thought of that.

    makbjkamk26 says:Aug 20, 2012 8:31 PM
    Relax Jet fans, we are going to be fine.
    Just when I was looking for the definition of delusional ……..

  19. Sanchez, Tebow both confident Jets’ offense will improve
    Did anyone expect them to say they liked where the offense was at?

    If they had a Top 5 offense last season, that’d be an impressive statement. Otherwise, it’s just what’s expected.

    The Jets are a team that are built on ‘ground-and-pound’ but didn’t really do either last season and aren’t looking like they’re going to do it this season (unless they put Tebow in for good)…

  20. Thank you straight cash I’ve been thinking he same thing he has nothing to say, he doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed. I have never heard his football IQ complimented he cannot read defenses. He is the biggest hoax in sports

  21. I love the excuse that it’s because the “top” WR’s aren’t playing.

    Well you need a QB who can get the ball to them
    Is this group really scaring anyone?
    Santonio Holmes
    Jeremy Kerley
    Patrick Turner
    Eron Riley
    Raymond Webber
    Joseph Collins

  22. Even the most staunch Jets supporters have to be worried. I know we haven’t seen all of their offense, but what we’ve seen has been atrocious. Do you really think the Wildcat, or more correctly the college spread option, is going to change things so drastically? The Giants are very weak up the middle & the Jets couldn’t rush the ball between the tackles on them with any consistency. That is because Shonn Greene sucks. The Tebow pass to Stephen Hill, wide open in blown coverage to a touchdown, is just a foreshadowing microcosm of things to come with the Jets’ offense. It’s pitiful. Additionally, there is no question Wayne Hunter isn’t very good, but I am starting to think it is Sanchez more than Hunter. Sanchez holds the ball way too long & is extremely slow going through his progressions. Even the best LT’s in football can’t hold off great DE’s for 5-7 seconds.

    As a side note, who the hell cares what the backup QB thinks of the first team offense? That’s like David Carr making headlines over his assessment of the Giants’ offense. It means nothing except how little the Jets & the NY media think of Sanchez.

  23. I really think the coaching staff and GM of the Jets should be drug tested.(LOL). For a professional football team, it’s a no brainer for the off season decission that should have been made. I just can figure out what they are really trying to do. Do they really think they will even be close to being competitive team this season? unreal. Good Luck LOL

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