Suspension voids large guarantee for Hali in 2013


Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali’s one-game suspension and one-game fine is guaranteed to cost him $1.32 million of his $11.25 million base salary for 2012.  He’ll also lose a significant chunk of guaranteed money for 2013.

A league source tells PFT that the suspension for violating the substance-abuse policy voids $7.75 million in guaranteed payments for 2013, under the terms of a contact signed in 2011.  Hali is still due to earn $12.25 million, and he’ll get all of the money he’s due to receive as long as the Chiefs don’t cut him.

If the Chiefs would cut Hali, he’d become a free agent, and he’d be able to sign elsewhere.

10 responses to “Suspension voids large guarantee for Hali in 2013

  1. The Chiefs would never cut Tamba Hali, first of all.

    Second, I hope he’s learned his lesson.

  2. They won’t cut him now. The Chiefs just got a big discount on his contract! Pioli must have suspected something about Hali to put that big penalty for substance abuse in the contract.

  3. There is less than a zero chance that the Chiefs cut Hali. He is there most dominate player on a really good defense. What really pisses off Chiefs fans is that he misses a winnable opening game at Arrowhead against the Falcons. They need him to keep pressure on Mattie Ice. This suspension sucks. Idiot! Tamba, wake up!

  4. And now you know the rest of the story…..

    The Chiefs are famous for trying to save money, wouldn’t surprise me if they put something in his water bottle…..

    $9M to have him just miss one game – you be the judge!

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