Tamba Hali suspended a game for violating substance abuse policy


The Chiefs announced outside linebacker Tamba Hali would miss the regular season opener because of a league suspension.

Hali was suspended for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, via Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star.

Hali will now miss the Chiefs opener against the Falcons, but will be eligible to join the team the following day. He will also be fined one additional game check.

He can continue to practice and play in the preseason, however. We’ll have more on this one as it develops.

UPDATE: 11:33 a.m. ET: “Tamba’s situation is unfortunate,” Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli said in a statement. “Obviously, we are disappointed and will miss him during this suspension, but the NFL’s policies are very clear and we respect the league’s decision in this matter. We are unable to comment further on this matter or any aspect of the NFL’s Drug Policy.”

30 responses to “Tamba Hali suspended a game for violating substance abuse policy

  1. “He will also be fined one additional game check.”

    so he has to play a game for free too? that might be worse than being suspended. Either risk injury for no paycheck, or leave your teamates hanging by not playing

  2. This is terrible news. The Chiefs defense had their work cut out for them against Atlanta with Hali. Without him, it’s going to be tough to stop them.

    I’d be curious to know just how exactly he violated the substance abuse policy. Doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who would dope.

  3. These comments about “juicing” and “cheating” are laughable. If you understood the NFL rules you would know that if it were Performance Enhancing Drugs aka PEDs for you slow learners it would have been a 4 game suspension minimum.

    Sounds like a recreational drug use and with it being his first offense it is only 1 game…Chiefs still win AFC West don’t worry.

  4. I may be wrong here but this would be for recreational drug use, not PEDs right? PEDs carry a minimum 4 game suspension as far as I knew.

    Not saying either one is acceptable, just that he wasnt “cheating”

  5. @joetoronto if your going to talk smack at least know the facts. Had it been performance enhancing it would have been 4 games. Don’t get me wrong, its an idiot move by Hali. Its selfish and ridiculous. However, it doesnt change that he’s a great player. Unfortunately if every NFL player that smoked pot got caught we’d be watching 1/2 the talent.

  6. No wonder he has been good…the guy is cheating! Scott Pioli does come from the New England school of cheating, so I would not be surprised.

  7. From NFL spokesman Greg Aiello:

    Hali’s situation/suspension is unique and isn’t defined specifically by the substance policy.

    Er, interesting.

  8. I think people like to say he’s cheating, not because they mean it or believe it, but the stupid fact that they want to make people mad. They know it’s not cheating because that would mean that they’re so stupid NOT to know that if it was PED’s then it would be a 4 game suspension, and not a 1 game…

    NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said, “Hali’s situation is unique to the NFL and is not defined specifically by the substance policy.” What does that mean? Well, probably not PED’s because that would be a given. We’ll find out more probably, but for the time being, it’s who’s gonna take his place during the ATL game?

  9. @slightlyhyphy actually Tamba Hali has been good because he is actually good. This is not a PED issue or he would have been suspended 4 games. Whatever he did was obviously against the rules, but breaking the rules does not automatically make you a cheater.

  10. NFL testing is a joke. I still don’t think they are testing for HGH. How can you pretend to care what they put in their body when you don’t test for HGH?

  11. @raidadon

    The Raiders are coming up on their 10th season without a winning record, and haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1983.

    But please, tell me more about their commitment to excellence.

  12. One game? JUST ONE GAME? Why not four? Wade Wilson got FIVE GAMES ON FIRST OFFENSE and he was a freaking coach.

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