Titans decide to go with Locker as their starting QB


On Saturday, Mike Munchak said he had plenty of time to make a quarterback decision, and planned to use it.

Then Sunday, he said he wanted to make an announcement today.

With the timeline squared away, Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean reports that the Titans have made their choice, and they’re going with second-year quarterback Jake Locker.

There was a sense in Titans camp that Locker would have had to play his way out of the job, and despite a mighty effort Friday night, he apparently did not.

That means he’ll be under center Thursday against the Bucs, and then again on Sept. 9 against New England.

The move relegates Matt Hasselbeck to the bench, despite a solid season last year. Ultimately, he did his job, buying Locker and the Titans coaches a little time, to get the guy they picked in the first round last year ready.

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  1. I watched the game against the Bucs. The pick was awful. Bad decision & even worse throw. With that said, he actually looked ok the rest of the game. On the surface his numbers don’t look good. I think he was 4-11. But I watched at least 3 passes hit the receivers in the hands & not be caught. A couple of them were well defended but as a receiver if you get your hands on it, it should be caught. I think he will be fine.

  2. Titans don’t play the Bucs again. They played last week. Chris Johnson ran roughshod over the Bucs third string defense and the media fell all over themselves declaring him the greatest running back of our time.

  3. Now we’ll get to see what he’s all about and it should help the offense as a whole including the run game. CJ always played better when the QB was a threat to run.

    Also we don’t play the Bucs again, so you might want to edit your article..

  4. Short term pain this season while Locker gets his NFL legs under him (brutal schedule for him to start out with), but hopefully longterm gain.

    And Matt Hasselbeck more than did his job in buying the Titans some time. It wasn’t just his play on the field — guy is a class act and has been a great example for Locker to look up to. Dude’s been awesome. So glad he chose to come to Tennessee last year even knowing he was the transitional guy.

  5. And the news keep getting better in New England. Would much rather have Locker under center than Hasselback Week #1.

  6. Go Jake Locker Go! Go Titans ! Locker must improve his completion percentage to succeed at the NFL level and be a winner! 51% won’t cut it. What 2nd year quarterback took their team to the playoffs last ? Can anyone name him ?!

  7. This is a win-win situation for Tennessee. Good decision to start your young second year quarterback who in mop-up duty and in key backup situations really showed what he can do with the football. He will be fine seeing as how they have a good offensive line and they have receivers. Matt Hasselbeck cant come in barring injury or bad quarterbacking and save your team (note they were a game out of the playoffs last season with him. This is absolutely imperative they have receivers but they need Kenny Britt focused and ready to play and I know he is coming off of the ACL injury but spending more time in New York with Roger Goodell in dealing with your conduct rather than being Tennessee getting treatment for your injury and spending time making you and Jake Locker and your football team better is not where its at.

  8. Yup! Locker’s two exhibition game outings definitely earned him the starting nod.

    Eleven completions of 24 passes attempted. Zero TDs. One bone-headed INT thrown to his left while running to his right, and right to two defenders. Another INT thrown into the end zone that was about to picked off by one defender when another DB simply knocked the ball away. The likely intended receiver was covered like a blanket.

    All points scored when Locker was in the games came one running plays.

    The only reason Locker is starting is that the people who foolishly drafted him at #8 overall want and need him to be the starter. He’ll be gone at the end of his contract.

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