Titans owner Bud Adams on board with Locker decision


There was always a sense of inevitability about Jake Locker winning the Titans quarterback job, and here’s a good reason why — Bud Adams said so.

The Titans owner said Monday, shortly after the news came out that coaches had decided to play Locker instead of Matt Hasselbeck, that he was on board with the decision.

That’s my man,’’ Adams told Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. “That’s the one I wanted to see getting the job.”

Adams said the front office called him to inform him of the decision, which he agreed with wholeheartedly.

“They knew I was interested in [Locker],” Adams said. “They called me to see what I thought and I said, “That’s my man.” Everyone is on board with this one, and I left it that way. I didn’t tell them they had to do it, I just told him I thought he was young enough and tall enough and he can run with the ball.

“Hasselbeck has done a good job for us, but he is getting a little older and we needed a younger guy. They recognized that and made the right decision. Now Locker didn’t look great against the Buccaneers, but neither did Hasselbeck in the game before that [vs. Seattle].’’

Of course, a few months ago, Peyton Manning was Adams’ man, and he told General Manager Ruston Webster to make a run at him, before Manning signed with Denver.

“I watched him the other night and he didn’t look so good,’’ Adams said of Manning. “I’m not sure how he’s going to do. . . . I am excited about Locker. I think we made the right decision. We’re going to be just fine with him. That’s my man.”

But as Vince Young proved conclusively, being the owner’s man can win you a job, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you can play.

If Locker doesn’t meet his expectations, Adams will find a new man, and make sure his football guys get him this time.

16 responses to “Titans owner Bud Adams on board with Locker decision

  1. “I didn’t tell them they had to do it, I just told him I thought he was young enough and tall enough and he can run with the ball.”

    Are we talking about a RB or a QB? Bud might be confused.

  2. I think it is the right thing to do, Locker looks just as good right now as Hasselbeck and at some point you need to turn the page. I am a fan of how the Titan’s have handeled the situation, the the grizzled vet just seems to have lost his edge on the young guy, make the switch.

  3. Nice of Adams to throw Hasselbeck under the proverbial bus. Locker is not the answer at the quarterback position. He better find ” Another Guy “.

  4. Re: Bud saying they made the right decision in choosing locker over Manning.

    Hey dummy, you didn’t make that decision. Your offer of the farm was turned down remember?

    And let’s wait until playoff time to decide if the right “decision” was made for you. Let’s not declare anything after week 2 of the PRESEASON!

  5. I guess it’s kind of unfair to expect an owner who dresses like that picture to talk up maturity and professionalism, but that’s something Adams should be profusely thanking Hasselbeck for. After the wreckage that Adams’ last guy VY left behind, Hasselbeck stepped in and restored the calm. That was huge last year.

    Lucky for Adams, Locker takes after Hasselbeck and not VY that way. It’s what’s going to give Locker a real chance to be the guy that VY couldn’t be.

  6. How can you even bring up Vince Young when talking about Locker. Locker is a hard worker, comes early stays late and cares about his teammates. Not sure Young can say the same.

  7. It didn’t seem like totally throwing Hass under the bus. Bud was just honest. Hasselbeck plateaued in Seattle, and he did acknowledge that he’s done well in Tennessee, but we all know Hass isn’t going to win us a Super Bowl. Bud was a bit blunt, sure, but you’ve got to respect the honesty.

  8. The more he involves himself in football decisions the better I like it. Uncle Bob makes me glad this guy bailed on us everyday.

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