Trent Richardson will be back at practice “soon”


When word emerged that Browns rookie running back Trent Richardson again needs surgery on a knee that needed surgery after the BCS national title game, any optimism surrounding the long-suffering franchise disappeared like the wind rushing out of a whoopie cushion.

But Richardson doesn’t have a torn ACL or any other serious knee problem (yet).  He had arthoscopic surgery.  And while enough of those procedures eventually will take out enough of the stuff that keeps the knee joint from working like two sticks being rubbed together in the hopes of starting a fire, Richardson will be back.


That’s what coach Pat Shurmur said Sunday, via comments transcribed and distributed by the team.

“He’s getting better every day so his progress has been outstanding,” Shurmur said of the third overall pick in the 2012 draft.  “I think he’s 10 days out now, so he’s about where we thought he’d be at this point, probably a little bit ahead of that.  He’ll be out here soon.”

The good news (if there is any) is that Richardson’s absence has given 2010 second-round pick Montario Hardesty a chance to finally show what he can do.  And the Browns will benefit from having both guys healthy and effective.

Or at any given time at least one of them.

14 responses to “Trent Richardson will be back at practice “soon”

  1. “But Richardson doesn’t have a torn ACL or any other serious knee problem (yet). ”

    The last thing you would want from a poster banned for supporting marijuana is advice on writing, but here’s a nice example of Less Being More. Take out the “(yet)” and you wrote a factual statement. But your factual point is overblown by your own impressions of this young man’s hopeful athletic career.

    Maybe you should not try to be snarky. If, indeed, that is possible.

  2. But Richardson doesn’t have a torn ACL or any other serious knee problem (yet)
    You put the (yet) in there for what reason? Sounds like you want the kid to blow his knee out.

  3. If you had paid attention when he needed this second surgery, you would have seen it was a minor procedure, just to remove some residual cartilage.

    But that either requires effort, or actual journalism.

  4. Now that we can complete a pass for more than 6 yards, I’m still optimistic for the season.

  5. i don’t predict the browns to be a “surprise” team this season.. i do hope for an improved offense… which will lead to a) more points and b) keeping our defense fresh.. only positives in my book.

    how competitive this team is week to week will depend on how our rookies develop.. and from what i’m hearing.. weeden, schwartz and benjamin have progressed well.. while gordon hasn’t and richardson has been hurt..

    i do expect to see a much improved offense this year.. hopefully in time an elite offense.. the pieces are there.. just gotta give em time to develop.

  6. Using “yet” at the end of the sentence makes sense. Richardson had knee trouble in college, and he has it now. That is a not alarmist at all, it is sensible to mention it that way as he very well could be a prime candidate based on his history.

    The Brown pies are just paranoid and grasping on the any hope that they may get a glimmer of (understandable).

    Nothing wrong with the comment, and nothing wrong with the brown fans heightened sensitivity.

  7. steelfan i dont know what trent richardson you watched but the one this article is about didnt miss a single game in college due to knee problems

  8. He’ll be back with the team shortly. In fact, he goes everywhere shortly. He’s a very short beast you know.

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