Asante Samuel could be sliding out of the starting lineup


Asante Samuel likes to talk.  This year, he could be doing plenty of it from the sidelines.

Samuel currently is stuck behind Dunta Robinson on the official depth chart, second string on the right side.  Making the status even less desirable for Samuel is that he prefers the left side.

But Brent Grimes is the starter on the left side.  When the Falcons deploy three corners, Robinson plays the slot, and Grimes and Samuel alternate on the left and right sides.

“Of course, that is where I made my living,” Samuel said regarding the left side, according to D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  “All my production came from the left.  It’s going good.  It’s a new thing for me, switching back and forth, trying to get my mojo right.  All is good.  The coaches are going to do what they think is best.”

Coach Mike Smith is keeping his cards close to the vest.  “As we move closer to the start of the regular season, we’ll be making that decision,” Samuel said.  “Again, I think it’s to our advantage to keep that in-house in terms of how we want to deploy our corners.”

While Samuel prefers the left side, he was frozen by a stutter step and then burned for a 50-yard touchdown pass by Bengals receiver A.J. Green.

The Falcons have given no indication that Samuel could be in trouble of not making the team, but we’re getting closer to the day when there will be inevitable surprises as rosters get slashed from 90 to 53.

28 responses to “Asante Samuel could be sliding out of the starting lineup

  1. A.J.Green burned alot of dbs last year and will continue to do so.
    Samuel just didnt do his film study on the best WR in the afc north.

  2. Aj and Andy ran the same play again after the 1st one got jumped by Asante Yes he loves to talk ;he was giving AJ an earfull of trash talk only to get beat the 2nd

  3. jssgriffi says:
    Aug 21, 2012 8:51 PM
    Once again the eagles know when to get rid of players! (except for b-dawk)

    yep Reggie White, Bob Brown, Cris Carter, Eric Allen, Seth Joyner, Sonny Jurgenson, Keith Jackson, Tommy McDonald, Ricky Watters, Bob Brown, etc….all agree with you.

  4. jssgriffi says:
    Aug 21, 2012 8:51 PM
    Once again the eagles know when to get rid of players! (except for b-dawk)
    And Akers.

  5. New system sweet babies, gonna be some growing pains (mmmmm, Joanna Kerns). Mojo will be workin’ overtime by late October. Just like Domonique Foxworth, A GEM OF A TRADE. Take that to the bank & smoke it.

  6. Just think, if the Eagles didn’t get rid of this guy then DRC wouldn’t be starting! I’m so glad they got rid of this guy when they did. All the highlights will show his INTs, but they don’t show him afraid to wrap up anybody, or how he is merely average in man coverage.

  7. DeAngelo Hall will line up anywhere on the field, play any receiver, tall, strong, or fast, gets beat, criticizes himeself, forget, and give it his all his next play again. And still top 10 amongst corners in made tackles.

    Yet, for some reason, some people still hold Samuel in higher regard. I don’t get it.

  8. Wow, I did not see it before. One blown coverage in a preseason game is enough for me. Thank you genius Eagles fans for pointing out the foolish trade. If only your wisdom was available before the draft.

  9. “Once again the eagles know when to get rid of players! (except for b-dawk)”


    yeah, cause getting rid of garbage like cris carter and reggie white really helped the franchise get over the hump in the 80s and 90s. and more recently giving mega contracts to me-first guys like desean jackson and mike vick has also helped the team win numerous playoff contests…

  10. Someone who will be at least the third best corner on the team and someone who will definitely be on the final roster for a 7th rounder? I think thats a pretty good trade

  11. Hold ur horses hombres!!! Samuels may not like to tackle but he still leads the league in INT’s over the course of the last 4 seasons!!! There are plenty of teams that wish they had Samuels…….

  12. Hey, I’m going to quote Asante Samuel from an interview 3 weeks ago…then insinuate that he may be in trouble because a STUD WR beat him deep in a pre-season game…cause I need traffic and I’m an ex-lawyer so I have no problem being shady…sincerely, Hack Job Florio. LOL

  13. Are you kidding me, Florio? A seventh rounder was a steal for this guy. And his renegotiated contract is cheap, to boot! At worse, he’s the 3rd best CB on the squad that will be playing lots of nickle.

    It wasn’t pretty watching him get burned by AJ Green, but AJ Green is no slouch. And yes, when you talk a lot of smack, it makes you look even worse when you get burned. That said, the production on the field is what matters, and Asante has produced quite a bit. My guess is he still has some left in the tank.

  14. The falcons have stated from the start that they would be using 3 starting cb’s…I know it’s the preseason and you have to find something to talk about but good god stop overreacting to one bad play.

  15. With just about every team running 3 & 4 WR formations for more than half their snaps, your 3rd CB will be on the field a lot……Falcon fans knew they weren’t getting a Pro Bowler in his prime, but Samuel is still an upgrade on what they had and far more valuable than anyone available in the 7th round…..

  16. Asante got beat once so far in preseason, his job isnt on the line, just a headline to get the talkers worried. Yes he is a double move from getting burnt but I enjoyed his time in Philly, he also was a turnover away from changing the game, is he on the decline of course he is, he is getting older. Is it drastic right now, no he got beat the way he always did, put him in zone and watch him bait a great QB, oh he has done that. As far as Andy and the new regime getting rid of players Bdawk and Akers comes to mind but Everyone from the early 90s has nothing to do with Andy and crew (Reggie who went and got more money, Chris who was a drug addict and head case, Seth who did nothing no where else, Eric Allen who had 2 more years in him, Ricky who was done as well, I mean either way these guys were all before Andy Reid that a few have named….

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