Calvin Johnson targets 100 yards, every game


At a time when the Madden cover athlete’s primary objective should be to avoid the curse of the Madden cover, Lions receiver Calvin Johnson is aiming slightly higher after a season that included 96 catches, 1,681 yards, and 16 touchdowns.

“I expect myself to do better in every category than I did the year before,” Johnson said in the ESPN The Magazine season preview issue, via Josh Slagter of  “My goal is to have 100 yards for my team every game.  If I can just keep that average up, I feel like I’m helping my team.  Who knows, sky’s the limit.”

While Johnson averaged more than 100 yards per game in 2011, he had only eight 100-yard games.

“I want the defense to fear me,” Johnson said.  “It’s kind of cool I’ve got the nickname Megatron because he is the bad guy.  I like to be the bad guy to the defense.”

If he can get at least 100 yards every game, he can be a bad guy to the record book.  The single-season receiving yardage is 1,848, set by Jerry Rice in 1995.  That’s an average of 115.5 yards per game.

That’s something Megatron could possibly accomplish.


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  1. If there has ever been a player that could top 2000 yards in a season, this is the guy. With a lack of a running game, combined with our unreliable defense, the lions will be leaning on Stafford a lot. And Stafford will be relying a lot on Megatron…who is like a video game create a player with all of the different variables maxed out.

  2. The Man Crush on Calvin Johnson is getting to a point I think Calvin may want to file some paperwork with his local law enforcement to keep the creepy little italian guy from getting to close to him..

  3. Unfortunately, his QB is made of glass, and he won’t make it through another season.

    He’ll have to temper these expectations a little.

  4. I plan on drafting Calvin with the 1st pick of my fantasy draft sat night then firing up a stogie and driving home in a golf cart ala Mike Ditka at the ’99 draft.

  5. i’ve avoided the cover athlete for fantasy every year but this is the first time im thinking of drafting him anyways.

  6. I will get to see him play this week against the Raiders. This guy is a beast. Last year I thought Oakland was going to win that one and the oh No the defense got chewed up. Looking forward to my Raiders and this really good Detroit team match up.

    I think overall Detroit is the better team while Oakland has some impressive players they will be rebuilding for a while.

  7. If Calvin Johnson had that QB that Jerry did his whole career then Calvin would shattered the WR records.The only good QB Calvin has had is Stafford and look what Megatron is doing now.Tons of respect for this man.

  8. He’s the only one I consider to potentially be the GOAT after all is said and done. And I’m sure Rice wouldn’t disagree with that as well.

  9. He is very, very good and I think he just might be able to do 100 yards a game–except for October 28th. That’s when you run into a secondary that had 3 out of the 4 players in the Pro Bowl. Other than 10-28, best of luck to you.

  10. the madden curse is real because the nfl media is so behind times they always pick a guy thats maxed out his production. He shouldve been on the cover 2 years ago

  11. I just wanted to take a second to make sure you all understand how pathetic you sound – like a bunch of slobbering, starry-eyed lovestruck fan boys.


    Man, you give someone a “cool” catchy nickname and a little Madden-hype, and suddenly everyone wants to make them the next Jerry Rice (or better than Jerry!)

    Rein it in a bit, sycophants.

    Look, I get where SOME of the praise comes from, I do – he’s talented. But enough with all this gushing and slobbering and hyperbole already, crowning him as the BEST EVER when he hasn’t really distnguished himself from other current elite WRs in any meaningful way: “he’s a lock to be the best ever” — “the GOAT”, “He walked on water, turned water to wine, and cured my blindness!” blah blah.

    Give it rest, already. Enough with the effusive adoration.

    Like I said, I’m not denying his talent, or his potential. But let’s be honest and factually accurate, shall we?

    Statistically-speaking, there are a LOT of WRs who’ve been just as productive and effective (or MORE so!) over the past 5 years, too:

    In the past 5 years, Wes Welker’s had 554 recs. 6105 yards and 31 TDS — plus another 6000+ yards and a couple TDS in the return game (Personally, I’ll take a well-rounded football player on my team over the much-hyped “specialist” ANY day).

    Brandon Marshall’s had 474 recs. for @6000 yards and 34 TDs…

    Andre Johnson has had comparable numbers (prior to the injury this year).

    Greg Jennings (389 rec, 6171 yds, 49 TDS), Roddy White (500 recs., @6800 yds, 45 TDS), have been right in that realm or BETTER, too.

    And just as good (if not better) during that 5 year time has also been Larry Fitgerald — 49 TDs over the past 5 years, too (73 total over the past 8 years), plus 463 recs. for @6500 yards.

    (693 for 9615 over 8 years)

    All these compared to Calvin Johnson’s 366 recs. for 5,872 and 49 TDs….and really, you’ll come to see it’s not THAT impressive.

    When you start accounting for W’s and L’s of your team over that time, too, that’s got to factor in. CJ can have all the 100+ yard (even 200+ yard!) games he wants, if it doesn’t translate into WINS for your team, so what?

    My point in all this is to take your abundant man-love and put it in check — you embarrass yourselves with such premature and effusive adoration. Try judging players on their actual merits, and not just prematurely crowning them the king of anything – until they’ve truly earned it. Time to get past all your commercial -hype Madden fanboy delusions.

  12. Oh man i wish we were all as manly and cool and unpathetic as deweyaxeman. Anyone can take a clump of stats and show what they want. Im glad you included CJ’s rookie year in the league to compare to, and this is just one example, a veteran wes welker playing with tom brady. CJ has had 6 QB’s in 5 years, and one full year with a good QB in a season where he averaged 6 catches, 100 yards, and a TD per game and made as many highlight reel, game changing plays as any other player in the league. Since he has been on the Lions he has been the singular threat that teams key on to stop (much like fitz) and still put up good stats on an 0-16 team.

    My guess is you’re a stat nerd who doesn’t watch football, or a fanboy for some other team who has a WR you like that in your opinion isnt talked about enough. Calvin is the best WR in the league and everyone (in the league and out) knows it except for your huge intellect.

    Calling him the best WR currenly in the game is neither premature nor embarassing, but your ego baring rant sure is.

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