Colts acquire Josh Gordy from the Rams

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When the Colts trashed the Rams, 38-3, nine days ago, there was apparently at least one player who showed the victors something better than the outcome would suggest.

The Colts have swung a deal with the Rams for cornerback Josh Gordy.  The trade, announced by the Colts on Tuesday night, sends an undisclosed 2014 draft pick to the Rams.

Originally an undrafted free agent who signed with the Jaguars, Gordy bounced from to the Packers in 2010 then to the Rams in 2011.  He now joins a team that has 10 other cornerbacks less than a week before the process of shaving the roster from 90 to 53 commences.

But the Colts wouldn’t have traded for him if they didn’t think he could help.  And it’s the latest effort to beef up the secondary by picking up a former Ram; in June, Indy signed veteran free agent Justin King.

Incumbent Jerraud Powers has complained about the criticism of the cornerbacks.  This move shows that the strongest indictment of the unit is coming from within.

10 responses to “Colts acquire Josh Gordy from the Rams

  1. 2014 pick? Are you serious? We need help now or next year! not 2 Years from now! Josh is a good player! Unlike Justin King. Or, is that who Josh will replace? Book it! Good luck Josh!

  2. Sorry Powers, but you are the only servicable CB on that roster. It’s obvious the Colts corners are terrible, and I doubt this makes them much better.

  3. I thought the young man played well last season for my Rams. However, with the addition of Innegan, Janoris Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson in the draft, and with Fletcher and Murphy back from injury, I think it was good move for the Rams. Might only equate to a 7th round pick in the future, but it’s still one more draft pick and maybe the Rams get lucky and find a steal (Stevie Johnson-type).

  4. Good player. Far superior to Justin King. Ball hawk but can be caught out quite easily. Good deal for both sides imo, depending on what we (rams) get.

    And how long are the Colts going to get credit for this pre season thrashing? The play calls couldn’t have been more vanilla.

  5. randomramfan, Fisher and Sneed are setting up for the long term and under the new CBA, stock piling picks now and into the future is smart. The Skins are probably going to be pretty bad for the next two years and the Rams will be able to convert those high first rounder’s into even more high picks spread out over the next 3-5 years given them the chance to improve now (which they are doing) and be able to continue to build and replenish well into the future. Patience grasshopper.

  6. Gordy will be missed, but Murphy is not going to replace him. Fletcher yes, Tru Johnson yes, Jenkins yes, Finnegin yes…this is why Gordy was expendable…He was balling this preseason

  7. So our rookie qb comes out and impresses against a weak secondary… and then we trade a draft pick for a member of that secondary… that happens to be a former undrafted free agent, journeyman back up.


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