Doug Baldwin has a “little procedure” on his hamstring


Receiver Doug Baldwin became a pleasant surprise for the Seahawks in 2011, as an undrafted free agent who caught 51 passes for 788 yards.

This year, a hamstring injury has kept him from getting ready for the season, and it has culminated in what coach Pete Carroll called a “little procedure” on his hamstring, according to Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times.

“He’ll be back in it next week for sure,” Carroll said.  “Whether we play him next week or not — I don’t know that yet — but he should be practicing full go and we’ll return next week.”

Baldwin’s injury could help veterans like Braylon Edwards and Terrell Owens make the 53-man roster.  If Baldwin can get healthy by August 31, however, one of those guys could be in jeopardy.

14 responses to “Doug Baldwin has a “little procedure” on his hamstring

  1. At least it’s nothing serious, this guy was great last year. I’m rooting for Braylon Edwards to be good, I don’t know what went wrong with him the lady couple of years, but I hope it’s behind him.

  2. Before 2005 the Seahawks had the longest drought in NFL history of no appearences in the playoffs..They have one the NFC one time in their existince and won the NFC west only five times when all the three other teams were completely stripped of talent and were glorified college teams..And that is a Seagulls claim to fame is how many times theyve won the aint been in the west long and never had to beat a winning team to get the crown….The Seahawks are a second rate expansion franchise and their fans know it and resent it..I understand fans if teams talk trash but these are facts…look it up..for god sakes your most famous players are Brian Bosworth and Matt Hasslebutt…..SMH

  3. Norcalmafia still lovein the seahawks posts…. Lol be very afraid this year norcalmafia ur team hasnt looked so good in the preseason. Mark it

  4. Hamstring problems can linger, but I’m pulling for Baldwin to have even a better year.

    Keep Edwards and T.O. handy…..

  5. It’s funny how the Whiners fans who weren’t fans before last season have to comment on every Hawks thread…Smells of fear.

  6. The most famous Seagulls if you were to ask the average fan is Matt Hassleback and Brian Bosworth!…….hahahahahahaha….DYNASTY!

  7. As a Niner fan theres only two things that scare me………..Those atrocious looking uniforms and bieng transfered to Seattle….Uugh now thats scary…..I remember last time I went up there all I saw in the airport were stores that sold umbrellas and flannels…..Spooooooky…

  8. ok so I guess this means the longest playoff drought was 1 season according to your “facts” norcalmafia, prior to the 2005 season, Seattle made appearances in the 1999, 2003, and 2004 seasons. Also another fact is that Seattle made its first playoff appearance in their 8th year of existence.

    The fact is however prior to 2005 Seattle had about a 15 year gap between playoff wins. this is by no stretch the longest playoff sought on either wins or appearances. especially since teams like the cardinals won their first road playoff game about 4 years ago.

    Bottom line norcalmafia , don’t use words such as fact, won (or one as your second grade level English suggest in your post) as these are words far beyond your vocabulary. go ahead and spare us the boredom of reading another one of your immature replies.

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