Eagles say Vick has rib contusion


When it comes to disclosing injury information about players at a time when the team has no obligation to do so, the Eagles are as candid as any NFL team.

And far more candid than most teams.

On Tuesday, they applied that candor to their starting quarterback, announcing that both an MRI and a CT scan “revealed no broken bones and no fractured cartilage” for Mike Vick, who was injured Monday night against the Patriots.  The team also announced that Vick “has a contusion of his ribs and of the soft tissue area surrounding it.”

Technically, the Eagles had no obligation to say anything about Vick until the Wednesday preceding the Week One game against the Browns.  Even then, all the Eagles had to say was whether and to what extent he practiced.

Today’s announcement by the Eagles essentially confirms that he’ll be able to play when the Eagles return to Cleveland for the September 9 opener.

8 responses to “Eagles say Vick has rib contusion

  1. So no serious damage, and it will only hurt (like heck) when he breathes. If he takes it easy and lets the trainers do their job, he’ll be ok in a couple of weeks.

    This is the kind of injury that leads to another issue with pro athletes – liver damage from popping handfuls of ibuprofin.

  2. imagine the numbers Vick would put up under Reid if he actually could stay healthy. slide or throw the ball away unless its the fourth quarter and your losing, Vick really needs to learn that.

  3. The Eagles are worse off in the short term with Foles playing but would be much better off in the long run with him starting. Let’s face it, Vick can’t stay healthy so Foles will be playing anyway. Why not just end the Vick experiment and get on with it.

    Plus, Gruden will be the coach next year anyway and when that happens Vick is as good as gone.

  4. Releasing that much info when they don’t have to is pure PR to combat the perception that Vick is soft and looks for reasons to leave games. This is also why they put a cast on his BRUISED hand last season.

  5. Ibuprofen is actually harder on the kidneys than the liver. It’s acetominophen or Tylenol that hits the liver hard. That said, something like this, I’m sure he’ll be popping something stronger than those two.

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