Handheld metal detectors now standard part of stadium screening

Some would say it’s a move that is long overdue.  Others inevitably will complain that their privacy is in some way being violated.

Either way, anyone who tries to enter an NFL game when the Browns host the Eagles at the Factory of Sadness on Friday night will be subject to handheld metal detectors before getting through the gates.

The league announced on Tuesday morning that the new procedure will apply moving forward from the Eagles-Browns game.  Fans will be asked to hold keys, cell phones, and other metal items in their hands while being “wanded” by stadium workers.

The good news is that wanding replaces pat downs.

Then again, those of you who prefer the pat-down process may regard the development as bad news.  Along with those who would be inclined to bring, you know, a knife or a gun into an NFL stadium.

So leave the pistol at home, Barry Switzer.  Not only will you not get into the game, you’ll get to watch it from the TV in the hallway outside your cell.

21 responses to “Handheld metal detectors now standard part of stadium screening

  1. The nba has been doing it for a couple years now. At least at magic games they’ve been doing it. It’s random tho, Not everyone gets “wanded” maybe only if you look suspicious?

  2. MetLife had this in place last year. I don’t mind it to much. I just hate the people that complain about it then are thr first to say where was the security when something does happen

  3. You have a much bigger chance of dying in a car crash because of a negligent driver than getting attacked fatally in a stadium. You guys supporting this are just part of the same scared group of babies this country has become. Imagine if we started patting down everyone in a movie theater. At restaurants. Where does it end? A few minutes here and few minutes there plus the extra expense of security. What about being patted down as you enter a bus?

  4. I work security at Gillette, and let me tell you, the wands really don’t take long at all. As long as you take your cell phone & keys out of your pockets before you get to the screeners, you’re done in less than 10 seconds.

  5. We get screened in Detroit and it is harmless. Have been for a few years. A 5-10 second process to help better protect everyone in the stadium.

  6. That’s great except for the fact that they would not be able to detect liquid explosives, weapons made of fiberglass etc…
    Has the NFL had a past problem with people sneaking guns or knives into stadiums or is this just another one of those post 9/11 measures that’s designed to make people feel safer even though they really aren’t?
    I personally have no problem with it other that the fact that it will be fairly ineffective.

  7. If we instill the same amount of resources into actually patrolling roads and pulling off bad drivers(speeding alone is not bad driving, it’s weaving, driving without paying attention to the road, stuff like that), you would save more lives. I think people forget about the opportunity costs involved when you get overprotective in some areas.

    Now I am not against some kind of security with some random checks. But I don’t think we should TSA every freaking place.

  8. This has been standard procedure in Jacksonville for over a year. about time the league caught up.

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