Jacksonville won’t be the only team playing a home game in the U.K.

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The Jaguars formally announced today that they’ll play one “home” game a year at Wembley Stadium from 2013 to 2016. But Jacksonville won’t be the only NFL city losing one of its home games to the United Kingdom.

In the Jaguars’ announcement of the annual game in London, the team confirmed that the league is working to add a second game in the U.K. next year.

“We have had a tremendously positive reaction to our sport in the U.K.,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said.

There’s no word yet on whether that game will also be at Wembley or at another venue in the U.K., and there’s no word on which team will sacrifice one of its home games to travel overseas. We know that team won’t be the Rams, who have scrapped their plans to play in London in 2013 and 2014 as they continue to negotiate with St. Louis over improvements to the Edward Jones Dome.

But some team other than the Jaguars will be hosting a game in the U.K. in 2013.

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  1. I’m still not a fan of playing London. My bigger issue with though is why on elf the teams involved has to give up a home game. Why can’t this be an away game for both teams in term of schedule this helps alleviate issues with their home stadium. One of the teams in London can be designated the home team but there isn’t much advantage to it

  2. I could see Miami, Carolina, or San Diego being the second team. Maybe Buffalo? Maybe Cincinnati? I suppose Tampa could be a slight possibility.

    Others seem unlikely, especially those in the larger markets.

    The New York teams, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, and a few others…none would be willing to give up a home game. They’ll tell Roger to go take a hike.

    Those with fanatical fan bases for their size, like Kansas City or Green Bay won’t do it either.

  3. We DON’T want the NFL to expand to different countries. If they want football have them start their own league. This is a horrible idea. There are enough teams as is and why should fans have to miss out on home games because they want to play in England? Enough already!!!!

  4. Playing American Football in London during the regular season is stupid and needs to stop NOW!! Play a preseason game there or something.

  5. they need to send bigger market teams over seas . no one cares about rams jags lions . need to send patriots packers saints . teams that better represent what the NFL os about

  6. Here come the xenophobes…

    Seriously though, it makes no sense to make teams travel that much in the middle of a season. I’d have no issue if these were exhibition games.

  7. sonvar says:Aug 21, 2012 2:54 PM

    “Why can’t this be an away game for both teams in term of schedule this helps alleviate issues with their home stadium. One of the teams in London can be designated the home team but there isn’t much advantage to it”


    Kind of hard to do that. You have to have an even number of home games and away games to make a schedule.

  8. @ lonespeed

    You can scratch Carolina off your list. Our PSL program has us at 93 straight home sell outs.

  9. Nothing like screwing over the ole’ season ticket holders. They pay a LOT of money per year paying for tickets, including full priced preseason games, parking, snacks/beverages, tailgating, etc. It absolutely SUCKS losing a home game. I have to watch the Bills play in Toronto for a home game, and I don’t get tickets to the game. I didn’t even get offered face value tickets for a similar location that I have at Ralph Wilson. Minus the Jaguars, since their fans don’t go to home games anyway, I feel bad for fans losing their teams home games for crap like this. A home game is a home game for a reason. You want to do season ticket holders a favor? Give ALL preseason games to overseas cities, let them pay for the full price, and keep that burden off season ticket holders.

  10. At least we know it isn’t Buffalo, who is busy sending the business and $$$ from an extra home game to Toronto of all places. They need to stop taking these small market teams out of their homes and send the big names for once. The Steelers playing Green Bay or something would be huge back at home and would drum up much more excitement than Bucs/Rams or whatever.

  11. Having teams travel back and forth over the Atlantic for games that count is not the way to increase competitive balance or achieve parity.

    But something tells me those two things take a back seat to the almighty dollar bill.

  12. It is complete BS that a team (or teams now) has to give up a home game for this. I understand that Goodell wants to expand the NFL market to the UK. More money is good for everyone, right? The problem is he’s taking away from the fans of US-based franchises to do it.

    There’s a reason for this. You aren’t going to get the same caliber of player from the UK, so you have to send over US based teams to fill the stands. The US breeds football players through high school and college programs. American football isn’t going to catch on as well over seas if the talent pool isn’t up to par.

  13. How can Goodell support playing football games in a place where you can bet on the game just down the street from where it is being played but sue the state of New Jersey in AMERICA for trying to do the same? Wow, Hypocrisy.

  14. “Why can’t this be an away game for both teams in term of schedule this helps alleviate issues with their home stadium.”

    You have not thought your plan all the way through.

  15. More expansion is ridiculous. If they want to REALLY increase player safety then thet shouldn’t think about putting more mediocre to bad players in the league to go against guys who will physically punish them. Goodell is a hypocrite.

  16. How about those saying fans don’t go the Jags games look it up attendance. Jax is not last in attendance ..they are more middle of the pack so get your facts straight before saying no one goes.

  17. Its simple.

    If you guys in Jax, Tampa, Minny, Buffalo or wherever don’t want your team to play a home game in London or overseas someplace, you better make sure these games are sold out.

    Use ’em or lose ’em.

  18. jagsfanugh,

    Jacksonville may be a small market, but it’s a solid NFL city. The fanbase will return when the team starts winning again.

    Same in Tampa and Miami.

    I wouldn’t expect the Jags to be going anywhere soon.

    Buffalo and St. Louis would be more tangible at this point.

  19. One Toronto game, an hour and a half up the road, once a year ain’t looking too shabby now is it Bills fans.

  20. Almost everyone hates this. A few guys with so much money they can’t keep track of it love the idea. Guess who wins?

  21. rcali – exactly right!

    This is bogus. None of the fans want this, it is just a Goodell money grab that screws a team out of a home game. It is a disadvantage to two teams every year in a league otherwise obsessed with fairness.

    When do Chelsea and Man U play at Giants Stadium??? Oh yeah, never.

  22. Roger, I’ve backed you every step until now. Do not take my Packers and put them across the Pond. The Pack is on 5 prime time slots this season, enough is enough, send someone else to generate revenue, ratings, and interest from the Queen’s subjects.

  23. I can see the Colts doing this.

    With Manning gone their season ticket wait list disappeared in less than 6 months and they still have multiple games this year not sold out.

    This failure to sell out won’t change until Luck gets them back to their consistent winning ways. In the meantime, taking one less game off of the home schedule will reduce the financial burden on Colts fans, maybe allowing a few more to buy season tickets since they’ll only be paying for 7 regular season games instead of two.

    Plus, with Luck, it opens a whole new opportunity to the Colts to generate international interest in the next big NFL superstar.

  24. I lmao San Diego from early 2000’s till 2009had no blackouts until 2010 yet people think the fan base is small.San Diego metro is over 3 million people n the chargers fans base runs from SD to LA to vegas n Arizona down into Mexico… …..the jags had blackouts on a regular basis as the raiders do until they tarped their stadium.also until last year the 49 ears had blackouts too!! California economy and cost of living across the board has a lot to do with it.it sucks living in a state where taxes are high n they wanna raise them more while claiming the state is going broke..gas is always over $4.00 a gallong 4.25 or higher n fixer upper house built in the 60’s n70’s run 300,000$…

  25. Vikings are a likely candidate, as they will be playing at the U of MN stadium until their new one is finished, beginning with the 2013-14 season.

  26. Wouldn’t (Or rather…shouldn’t) the season ticket holders or PSL holders have something to say about this as well? If I’m buying season tix for X amount of dollars for 8 home games, and all of a sudden my team has to play a ‘home’ game in London…well that would make me a might bit ticked I’d think…

  27. They would have to create a new team to go with them, but if London becomes an NFL franchise, I think they should be named “Werewolves of London.”

  28. They need to at least reduce the price of preseason tickets for season ticket holders to compensate them for losing a regular season game.

    They suffer through 4 face-value preseason games for the right to buy 8 face-value regular season games. Not 7.

  29. Tampa’s already come out on record and said they’re done with London. It seems they actually listened to the season ticket holders they screwed over the last two years when they said enough is enough.

  30. I went the other night to sunlife stadium and watched a regular season soccer match between two Argentinian teams. If they can don’t mind putting regular season games in America then….oh wait…. They didn’t. It’s called a friendly. No soccer teams play their regular season games in America even though this is an untapped resource for them because they know its dumb. They take care of home first.

  31. @jjackwagon

    I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing them pack the whole NFL up and play the whole preseason over there. Those tickets are overpriced anyway. I’d be absolutely ticked if my team lost a home game .

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