Jared Gaither: It’s foolish to question my motivation


When Chargers tackle Jared Gaither first developed back spasms in late July, coach Norv Turner said that his return was “day-to-day.”

Month-to-month would have been a more accurate assessment. Nearly a month has passed since the back issue first cropped up and Gaither hasn’t been able to get back on the field for the team that signed him to a four-year, $24.5 million contract. Gaither has seen multiple doctors, but didn’t share any insight into when he might be able to get back to work while speaking to reporters on Monday.

Gaither referred all questions about his health to the team’s training staff and said only that he’s not going to return until he’s 100 percent. For a player who has had his effort level questioned in the past, that answer doesn’t sound quite as good as it would from a player without them but Gaither warned against questioning his motivation to be at practice.

“It would be foolish to question any of my motivation,” Gaither said, via Michael Gehlken of the San Diego Union-Tribune. “I wouldn’t even pay any of those questions any attention. I wouldn’t even waste my time on answering.”

There doesn’t appear to be any issue between Gaither and the team when it comes to how the injury is being handled, although the team has to be getting itchy to start seeing some return on their investment. Undrafted rookie Mike Harris has replaced Gaither and he was beaten badly for a sack early in Saturday’s game against the Cowboys. Too much more of that and Philip Rivers might not be able to remain in the lineup, which would make the identity of the left tackle something of a moot point.

12 responses to “Jared Gaither: It’s foolish to question my motivation

  1. So happy the ravens parted ways with this clown. Hell never get on the field, chargers should cut him now and save themselves the headache

  2. This guy does not want to play he wants to ride the bench and collect a check. It was the same thing in Baltimore. He was cleared by multiple ( <— more than 2 ) doctors when he was in Baltimore. They couldn't find anything wrong with his back. Low and behold its time to work and his phantom back problems arise. I'm insulted that this lazy bum would call anyone foolish for calling him lazy. Because you are lazy Jared. Besides what do doctors know… They are only doctors.

  3. The Chargers are in trouble for relying on players like this in one of the most important positions on the field.

    You can’t go cheap @ LT and survive, and Rivers is no spring chicken.

  4. Al Davis, not Hue Jackson, brought him to Oakland last season for a look see and he left without a contract. If AD wasn’t gonna sign him that should have been a warning to everyone.

  5. We question because you have a history of being lazy. At the University of Maryland, you were too lazy to go to class. They had no choice but to flunk you and then the Ravens took a chance on you in the supplemental draft. Your true colors showed up 3 years later and you got the boot. You were motivated to show the Ravens they were wrong and had a great game against them and an average rest of the year. You got paid and the lazy shines through yet again.

    Haynesworth without the Snydericulous contract.

  6. It’s great that the Ravens replaced this lazy slacker with… Bryant McKinnie. D’oh.

  7. Cut by the Ravens, played one year as a backup for the Chiefs and then cut again. The Raiders looked but didn’t even make an offer. These should have been indicators.
    So what happens?? The Chargers give him a 4 year deal. Way to go AJ!! LMAO. Hope you didn’t give him too much money up front.

  8. We’d be foolish not to question his motivation, given his history.

    That said, maybe everyone questioning it will give him a chip on his shoulder. Prove us wrong big guy. Prove us wrong.

    LOL @ josietoronto – Yeah, I can just imagine an internet tough guy calling Jared a coward to his face. Ha, he probably wouldn’t even look kid faced Kaeding in the eye.

  9. No it would be foolish to throw all that money at a guy who has demonstrated no ability to get on and stay on the field. I don’t make it a habit to bad mouth ex-Ravens Mr. Gaither but you make it really, really hard.

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