Khan ruling out a trade could be the next step in the Jones-Drew saga

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With Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew having no leverage to force a new contract, the next step likely will be to try to force a trade.

The first hint came Tuesday, when Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that Jones-Drew would be open to a trade not long after owner Shahid Khan called the player out.  That’s likely a trial balloon, a toe in the water from the Jones-Drew camp aimed at gauging fan, media, and most importantly ownership reaction to the possibility.

And it’s probably going to fail, in every way possible.  Owner Shahid Khan likely won’t trade him, the media likely won’t demand that Khan cave, and the fans will potentially turn on the player.

Besides, some other team would have to be willing to pay Jones-Drew whatever he wants, and also to give the Jaguars whatever it would take to get them to trade him.

While it would make sense for the Jaguars to get what they can if Jones-Drew were planning to pull a Carson Palmer and never play for the Jaguars again, trading the player to a team that will give him what he wants contractually could be viewed as giving in to his demands.  And that’s why it won’t be a surprise if Khan, who already has been talking tough about the situation, makes it very clear very soon that there will be no trade.

Though I’ll defer a full analysis of how the situation got to this point to Wednesday’s PFT Live, Khan has no inclination to cave.  If Khan thinks that trading Jones-Drew equates to caving, there’s no way Jones-Drew ever gets traded, even if there’s a team that will give both the player and the Jags what it would take to get a deal done.

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  1. I’m on Team Maurice Jones-Drew in this situation. Best of luck Mo, get your cash and play for a legit contender while you can at the sametime. Don’t settle for mediocrity any longer.

  2. Is he really going to win them games? Would they be better if he sits out and they get a better Draft choice?

  3. I disagree. If the Jags were offered what they wanted, I believe MJD would be gone. It would be a win/win situation. From a business perspective, that would make sense.

  4. MJD has to know that he has little leverage. He did before the preseason and has even less now. Had he just showed up this week, all may have been forgotten. Not so much now.

    @voiceofreasonsays: His holdout is about $$$ not winning. Guess which he cares about more???

  5. Open Letter to MJD
    by Tony S. on Aug 21, 2012 9:55 PM EDT

    To: Maurice

    From: A Jag’s Fan

    I just want to get this out there first and foremost – We are a better team with you, MJD. Besides, 2 solid backs are always better than one, and you’re the one that showed us how awesome it is to have two great backs when you and FreddyT teamed up and put clinics on for other teams to see. Hell, for the record, I’ll say that you and Fred are the REASON teams started going RBBC. You guys drew up the blueprint.


    Your agent says that we’re taking this public and that’s a bold-faced lie and you know it. It’s not even good spin. We, The Jaguars, said from the beginning that there would be NO NEGOTIATIONS; but you felt that you could persuade them to change their mind. You assumed that we would come out flat and get whipped up on by the NYGs and the BountyGate Saints and start a freakin’ coup. Absolutely blowing up your phone and begging you to come to camp and start carrying the rock again.

    Dude. Pay attention to what’s going on in NE Florida. We have a NEW owner that is doing everything he can to pimp the Jags brand. We have a NEW head coach that is doing his best to prove everyone that he deserves his title because he learned from his mistake in Buffalo. We have a NEW culture, one that is starting without you. It’s NOT the same old JDR song and dance with WW, aww shucks, we’ll get ‘em next year attitudes. There’s not only a new sheriff in town, we’ve got a new mayor, new deputies, new Fire Chief and a new Judge…. Wake Up!

    The media, your agent and some Gene Smith haters are portraying this as the Jags poking the bear, but you’ve got it all wrong, son, Kahn is the bear – a big f-bomb-ing (legit word says Websters!) bear who will poke who he wants, how he wants and when he wants. He’s the owner of the franchise and he isn’t worried about one player – just winning; and even with your rushing title, we only went 5-11 (aside: not your fault per se, but now you’re getting blasted since Blaine cut his hair and has a 128+ QB rating, just sayin’)

    You want a trade…. sure, how about NO.

    You want more money….. we’ve been saying NO this whole time, it’s not gonna happen.

    Your feelings are hurt, you don’t feel loved, you want a team to want you…. Dude, get real. Your feelings would be fine with a new contract, but you can’t seem to get it… Kahn isn’t going to give you one. Hell, you may not even get one next year. And… if you keep pushing, you might find yourself franchised the year after that….

    To mash a few quotes together that I’ve heard/read recently, “You don’t ever leave the huddle, because you don’e know who’s coming in the huddle, but the train’s leaving and the concern needle isn’t moving. You better Run MJD and hop on.”

    Regards, Tony

    ps – I AM going to boo you when you first step out on the field. After that, dude, all’s forgiven and I’ll cheer my ass off as you mow those f-ers down little Pocket Hercules.

    Go Jags – All IN.

  6. Bottom line: When someone making seven figures a year whines that it’s not enough, he or she is disrespected, etc., this Everyman finds it pretty much impossible to sympathize.

  7. this has to be the worst owner in football pay the man or trade the man….he has guarenteed cash..and not to mention he paid a 3rd receiver 34 million in laurent robinson and he wont be the same receiver with out romo and dez on his team i mean seriously gabbert wont get half the production romo got outta him…

  8. I know this rarely happens in the NFL. But if the Steelers would trade Mike Wallace and maybe Mendenhall for Jones drew and a 3rd pick. I say Steelers by far SB contenders. MJD is a great back.

    Since that will never happen, the jags are stupid not to keep him happy. This team is garbage without him

  9. I disagree entirely. I think the fans will turn on khan cause I don’t think they’ll be that good without mjd. He’s been the face of a lowly franchise for several years and gave his body for the team. He might not make it into another good contract. they need to pay the man. they have the cap space. you know he will play. without him that stadium is a giant tarp on sundays for the past 3 years. keep strong mjd. sadly they probably wont post this.

  10. I do not agree with your statment regarding another team would give you anything to get him, all I hear and read is that running backs are not that important as it is now a passing league and I cannot see any team giving up a high draft choice for Drew. I also believe his contract gave him the big bucks the first two years as he demanded and I hope the team sticks to its guns.

  11. thefirstsmilergrogan says:
    Aug 21, 2012 10:28 PM
    Khan is a new member of the club. No way his first significant move is one that will make his brother owners regret allowing him to join.

    Who are you calling brother, brother?

  12. Freaking unreal, gets paid a front loaded contract, gets paid, then think he deserves more? What he fails to realize is that running backs are a dime a dozen. Yes MJD, you can ball, no doubt about it, but I’m pretty sure Jennings will fill in nicely, he already has, for I’m sure very much less. I hope mustache man holds you to your fines, and makes you beg to even play another down in the nfl. Get to work, and quit complaining, you might actually find out that players who honor contracts, usually get paid. Now the other problem is, even if you come back, you will probably pull a desean Jackson, and worry about your health, an not give it your all every game. Which in turn, just hurts your team and image that much more. Get over yourself, and get to work……

  13. @tonyinjax:

    You’re all in, huh? And going to boo the NFL Rushing Title holder when he takes the field for your team?

    You’re a joke, dude and why folks disrespect Jag fans.

  14. Why are so many fans jealous of pro athletes contracts??? Are they stopping you from earning more. No boos an investment banker on his annual salary but, here’s the best part… THEY GET PAID BECAUSE OF YOU!!! We watch sports & buy merchandise that funds your favorite league to pay their players! No one is forcing anybody to watch or buy stuff. Shut up & watch or don’t its your choice.

    Let’s go Bears! Beardown!!!

  15. I forgot about that whole Carson Palmer thing. That was a punk move. After reading that soliloquy of a comment, I’m siding with Kahn.

  16. To the people who say the Jags should trade him: Do you realize they would be lucky to get a third round pick for him? The Jags have no trade leverage here.

    Do you think Khan is going to cave in to this guy and set a precedent for the rest of his days for, at best, a third round pick?

  17. MJD probably got financial advice from Vince Young, MC Hammer and Mike Tyson and now needs some mo’ cheese…….

  18. So funny to see the clueless posts from trolls in other markets who don’t follow this team at all. Keep your Northeast attitudes and teams, the Jags are SET UP to go places THIS YEAR! We’re deep at running back already, Gabbert looks fantastic, the defense is stacked and getting healthy, the only concern is that dang offensive line- maybe that’s why MJD is holding out. He wanted a big contract, he got one, now he wants to hold out? Screw him! I love Kahn’s stance on this and so does most of Jax. Is MJD one of the greatest? Oh yeah, don’t be fooled. But you don’t hold a new regime hostage by failing to show or notify that you won’t show or never calling your new head coach and refusing to meet with the team.

    Jags 1, ME-rice Jones WHO? Zero!

  19. Man, people here hate the workers. Yeah, he is under contract, but these billionaire owners cut players that are under contract constantly. Good for MJD to try to squeeze more money out before he is 30 and his career is likely over or severely limited.

  20. @shackdelrio he cares more abt money than winning. Umm football is a business so he needs to cash in while he can. And how can u say he dont care abt winning. He is the reason u won games last year. Not gabbert. Your team is trash and your best player has played his ass of for jax. Ur games get blacked out on a regular basis cuz the team and the fans blow. MJD is the only reason that jax still has a team. Team would b better if it had true fans and more players like MJD. I hear LA wants a team and since the fans dont show up to games nor can they watch the game on TV. Might as well move the team.

  21. Ironically, when Chris Johnson held out last year, Bud Adams was getting called names too, and when Adams caved in and payed him, he came in and laid a turd.

    I hope Khan doesn’t cave.

  22. Why don’t they just trade Jones-Drew for some high profile rugby players since they’ll soon be playing in London full time anyways?

  23. This guy could turn any team into an instant super bowl contender… Well maybe not everybody… STL, MIA, CLE. Whichever bandwagon joetoronto is on this season.

  24. The reality is that tailbacks are not as valuable as other positions in the NFL, so play hardball with a guy that can be replaced on a team that will not make the playoffs even if he suits up. Sorry MJD

  25. I think they should trade him. I think it’s in the best interest of the Jags and of Jones Drew to part ways. Realistically, he has been underpaid in comparison to his production versus his peers, but i don’t think he makes much of a difference in the prospects for the Jags this season. They’re going to go as far as Gabbert can take them. On the other hand, he could be a difference maker for a team like the Jets, who want to win with defense and a running game, but who lack the running back to make it happen. Jones Drew has been, through last season, a terrific player, and he’s still reasonably young. I think a second rounder would be fair.

  26. MID was viewed as a possible future Hall of Fame player, now he’ll be lucky to join Fred in the Jags Ring of Honor! I hope they grant your wish and trade your ass to Oakland so you’ll get lost in the Black Hole!

  27. I dont get why athletes even sign contracts cuz once they don’t like what they get paid they cry for a new one..its pathetic. Go work in the real world for way less and probably hate your job

  28. OK, um, the games are not blacked out in Jacksonville and haven’t been for several seasons now. You must be thinking of Miami or Tampa Bay. In fact, the pre-season opener against the Giants was nearly a sellout (yes, that’s right, preseason). This franchise is bigger than any one player, and anyone with any football IQ at all understands that. I’ve been a huge MJD fan, but he’s losing me on this one. Fast. And I think most Jaguar fans would agree. I think this issue is actually rallying the fanbase here behind the franchise. I agree with Khan on this.. his absence is not moving the needle.

  29. If MJD wasn’t the rushing champ but instead got injured, the team could cut him and not pay the remainder of his contract. He outperforms his contract and he’s the bad guy. The NFL is cut throat as it comes to it’s treatment of players. Shame on you MJD haters. For them to pay him the big bucks imagine how much they made. You never get a better deal than the one giving you the deal. Too bad the new owner has decided to make an example of the teams best player.

  30. MJD just got a new contract not long ago. And he wants another? No.

    He’s getting good money, he’s gotten good money. Just shut up and go to work like the rest of us.

  31. He got a new deal in 2009. MJD should honor it. Kahn is doing the right thing here. If he caves, then the next guy will do the come and ask for same thing. He’s got leverage and he’s using it.

  32. Anyone who thinks the Jags should pay this guy what he wants should have their head examined. MJD’s under contract for two more years. There is no pressure for the Jags to do anything. The offense has looked much improved thus far and having MJD on the roster at this point is just a bonus. He’ll be way behind anyway.

    And to the fan that said he would boo and then cheer his a$$ off; that is exactly how I feel. I will boo MJD the first time and then be his biggest fan. We want him to do well but we’d appreciate it if he didn’t try to hold the team hostage.

  33. Khan…stick it to MJD
    He voluntarily signed the contract that he demanded 2 seasons ago, he got it front loaded like he wanted, now he’s pulling the same crap.

    Players must learn that they are merely cogs in the machine…

  34. trade him. rbs are not worth the money. They will only get a 3rd but jennings almost as good and a million times cheaper. Btw Trent Richardson is the worst pick ever, I know hes not a jag, just saying

  35. What blows my mind is regular people continue to compare their situation to professional athletes. This man is top five at his position and let me add that it’s a position that doesn’t have a long life expectancy. Now I will agree that he signed the original contract and he should go about another way like being in camp to prove that he deserves a pay raise. But I won’t sit here and compare my job to his. I make six figures working as a Govt. contractor in Afghanistan. Everyday I here guys complaining about how much this person makes and how much that person makes. That is plain stupid. You choose your own career path and if another person knows their worth, who are to judge. They had a guy who said earlier that he loves to see owners make the players crawl on their knees. Well, I pay top dollar to see the players not the owners. And remember the owners are the reason sporting events aren’t family outing anymore. They are so busy pricing the regular guy out to build luxury boxes for their high class friends. So I side with the player on this one. He has given them everything they could have expected and more. Now it is time for him to get the money he deserves. And lastly, I could understand if we were talking about a who doesn’t leave it on the field. But we are not!!

  36. new owner making a very clear statement here.mjd is a great player, but he’s not getting the W here. might as well suck it up and get to camp, same as mike wallace, the owner is holding the winning hand here.

  37. Gotta love the preseason. Even Jags fans have hope of being more than a .500 team. Too bad the whole season isn’t preseason,because once the games are real Gabbert turns back into a pumpkin. Book it.

  38. Why are so many fans jealous of pro athletes contracts??? Are they stopping you from earning more. No boos an investment banker on his annual salary but, here’s the best part… THEY GET PAID BECAUSE OF YOU!!! We watch sports & buy merchandise that funds your favorite league to pay their players! No one is forcing anybody to watch or buy stuff. Shut up & watch or don’t its your choice.

    Let’s go Bears! Beardown!!!

    Fans only have a problem with athlete’s contracts when they whine because they think they deserve more. And usually they think they deserve more only because somebody else just got paid more than they were. MJD just signed a contract 2 years ago. He felt it was a good deal then, but now that other RB’s have gotten more he feels his contract is no longer good enough. That’s when fans have a problem with athletes. When a player signs a new contract do you see alot of fans coming on here and ripping the player? i don’t. Because most fans feel like the player deserves whatever the owner wants to pay him. It’s only when a player starts whining about how much he is making that fans will start to turn on him.

  39. Anyone who says the Jags should give MJD a new contract must not fully understand this particular situation. It is unlike the CJ, Forte, or Ray Rice situation in that those guys had all outperformed their rookie deals when they got paid. MJD, however, has already gotten paid. He is not on his rookie deal. A couple years ago, in a very shrewd movie, Jags mgmt gave him a new, front-loaded contract. By signing this deal, MJD gambled on the premise that he would make less money overall if he waited until he hit the open market to sign a FA deal. That gamble, in his eyes not mine, did not pay off as he slightly out performed this deal. But he signed that 2nd deal knowing what he was getting paid. If this were his rookie deal, where he had no choice but to sign, I could see his side of it. But he chose to sign this deal when he didn’t have to.

  40. Honestly, why would a team want to keep a player that doesn’t want to play for them? Coming from a fan who went through this with Carson Palmer, I never understood why Mike Brown didn’t just trade Palmer. Then the Raiders came calling. lol MJD would be traded right now if a team called with a crazy trade for him. Khan would be stupid to deny it. But of course he’s going to say through the media that he won’t trade him. He’s trying to make MJD cave first.

  41. Mr. Jones-Drew, you signed a contract, it is a binding agreement. Get to work! If you did not sign for more money in you last contract guess who’s fault it is! YOURS! I hope you continue to hold out the whole season! One last thing, your show on SIRIUS XM Sucks!

  42. I understand MDJ’s position…..I just disagree with him. Running backs are really expendable, high injury risk and are among the first positions to fade as their early years tend to be their most productive. Each year provides new highly skilled and ready to play rookies. Knowing the obvious, he signed a new contract in 2009….not exactly ancient history. Play out your contract and if you didn’t win the SB and/or demonstrate the skill and leadership to warrant a new contract, then you can become that experienced leader on a SB contending team. Either way you make big $$$$$ so don’t look for fan support if you want to hold out.

  43. MJD has already received $20 million from his current contract. If he does not play for the Jags this year what will happen to the team? Will they be appreciably worse than last year? If he waits until week 10 he will still have another year left on the contract and the team will be even less inclined to renegotiate. MJD has no leverage.

  44. Last I checked, RK owns the team, not MJD. What some of you don’t understand, MJD signed his hugh contract a few years ago and he got the big money up front. That’s what he wanted, that’s what he got, and now he wants more because he the one who chose the big money up front and now is left with 2 million a year for the next two. If you keep paying the same player, renewing the contract every two years, how are you gonna make your team better. Mjd only cares about himself and guess what happens to all about me guys?

  45. What if Khan and the Jags decided to renegotiate on a performance incentive base like Cincy did with TO?

    Then after the contract is signed by MJD, they use him primarily on kickoff returns so he receives none of the incentives and makes generally less than he would at this point.

    That would be sticking it to MJD with a smile.

  46. Some fans seem to have a hard time understanding exactly why people are against MJD. I will spell it all out so that they can.

    Things that fans have no problem with in terms of players and how much they make:
    1. They don’t care how much the player and team agree upon that the player is worth.
    2. They don’t care if a player asks for more, especially when they are clearly underpaid.

    What fans do care about:
    1. Players crying that they don’t make enough and do things to disrupt the team to try and get their way. Especially if the player still has 2 or more years left on a 2nd or 3rd contract that the player agreed upon at a time when his value and abilities where well known. Much like that in this MJD case.
    2. Players acting like petulant little children because the owner refuses to give them the raise.
    3. Players wanting more money just because somebody else got more. If they all did that, it would become a vicious circle.

    Also, a little hint on running a business. You can’t give into every demand that is placed on you by your employees. You would become broke and the company would be lost in no time if you placate to your employees every demand and wishes. MJD and the Jags agreed on a contract that they both felt was what he deserved based on his abilities. The only reason he wants more is because someone else is making more than him. As other people have said, the Jags can’t really be much worse than they were with him last year. So what incentitive do they have to give him a raise?

  47. As a Jags fan, I’m tired of this whole thing.

    Does MJD make the Jaguars a better football team? Absolutely. Does not having him in Jax make or break the team? Absolutely not. See last year’s (5-11) record.

    MJD did this to himself. He went from the star of the city and face of the franchise coming off a career year to this mess. Maybe he is getting bad advice, but it was a horrible decision on his part.

    To the people saying “The Jags should pay their best player…” THEY DID! They paid him earlier than they needed to. They ripped up his rookie contract and gave him a huge brand new front-loaded contract that made him the 3rd highest paid RB in the league. This was risky for them considering he had never carried the load before as he shared carries with Fred Taylor.

    Did I mention the contract was front-loaded?

    Not having MJD in camp this year was the best thing to happen to the new-look Jaguars as it forced them to put more pressure on Blaine Gabbert and the passing game. This is Blaine’s team now.

    Would I welcome MJD back tomorrow? For sure. Am I scared of handing the reigns over to Rashad Jennings? No way. He is more than capable to carry the load.

    I am totally on board with Shad Khan’s stance on this one. MJD could have handled this differently, but he did not. The Jags have multiple players in their LAST year of their contract (unlike MJD who has 2 years left) who are here and working their butts off. I guarantee Khan will make the right message by extending these guys before he gave any money to Maurice-Jones Drew.

    Stay strong Khan! Go Jaguars!

  48. To quote moneyball, it’s not about the money. It’s about what the money says: that you’re worth it.
    MJD is worth it. He’s been tearing up the field as a jaguar since day 1.

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