Loomis, Benson deciding on interim to the interim coach


Once the preseason ends, Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt will begin a six-week suspension.  But it’s still not known who the interim to the interim will be.

At least not by Vitt.

“[G.M.] Mickey [Loomis] and [owner Tom] Benson are making that decision,” Vitt said Tuesday, via comments transcribed and distributed by the team.  “I am staying busy with the football team.  I have nearly two weeks to be with the them, so I like being around the team.”

It’s believed that the main candidates are offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr., offensive line coach Aaron Kromer, and defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

It’s not known when the interim to the interim will be announced.

8 responses to “Loomis, Benson deciding on interim to the interim coach

  1. Yo, dawg, we heard you like interim coaches, so we hired an interim coach while your interim coach was out.

  2. Who’s currently in charge of this operation?

    Besides not being able to follow the explicit instructions of the owner and the NFL to discontinue their bounty program, they now can’t make a simple decision on who the interim coach is for the interim coach.

    This wouldn’t be so bad if the need for another interim coach had just happened – but they knew this before the NFL draft.

    And Loomis has to vacate the premises after August 30th – to serve his own 8 game suspension.

    Today is the 21st of August???

  3. Wow – you guys really think that they haven’t already decided who the interim coach is going to be? LOL

    Of course they’ve decided. And they don’t plan on letting the media or anyone else know until they absolutely freakin’ feel like it. Which just might be 5 minutes before the kickoff on 9/9.

    Mickey Loomis is waaay smarter than you think. Besides, the Saints Organization is “arrogant” remember…not stupid.

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