Matt Hasselbeck says he’ll help Jake Locker any way he can


Matt Hasselbeck won’t be the starting quarterback for the Titans this season, something he admits he was disappointed to learn.

But Hasselbeck also says that the disappointment won’t get in the way of being as supportive as possible with Jake Locker. Hasselbeck wasn’t shy about praising Locker’s improvement and said that he can’t disagree with the team’s decision that Locker is ready to start. As a result, he’s happy to help the new starter out this season.

“I’ve been in his shoes. It’s an exciting thing for him to have the chance to help lead a franchise or help build a program and have a chance to be the guy under center,” Hasselbeck said, via David Boclair of the Nashville City Paper. “I’ll help and support him any way I can, and I’ll be happy to do it.”

It helps that Hasselbeck always knew that this day was coming and that Locker clearly won the job instead of just having it handed to him. He signed with the Titans after they had already taken Locker in the first round of the 2011 draft with designs on making him their starting quarterback when they felt he was ready. To act upset about the plan unfolding exactly as expected wouldn’t say much about Hasselbeck, even if he’s likely still of the opinion that he can be a starter in the NFL.

He might get that chance again in the future, but, for now, he’s a veteran sounding board for the new starter in Tennessee.

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  1. I have never been a big fan of Hasselbeck’s play, but the guy is a class act.

    And suhnum1fan: So, the coaching staff is going to bench a QB they drafted 8th overall if he has a poor performance in week 1? Man, you should coach in the pros.

  2. Hasselbeck is smart. He knows that being good soldier/veteran backup/mentor guy can potentially add years to his career.

    If he complains and generally makes a nuisance of himself, he probably gets released at the end of the season and faces the pretty bleak prospects that await any 37 year old QB looking for a job.

    But if he keeps this attitude, he can probably be Locker’s back up in Tennessee until he’s 40.

  3. suhnum1fan, I agree he didn’t play well last Friday, but to call him trash is a little premature. He played very well coming off the bench last year so I think he’ll be fine if given time to develop. If I was looking for a Lombardi trophy this season from Locker then I’d be delusional. I do think Locker will
    1. Make the Titans exciting to watch
    2. Show continuous improvement as he goes along.
    3. Give opponents something else to think about besides Chris Johnson
    4. Be a vast improvement over the VY era
    5. Work at it being good and be accountable!

  4. Hasselbeck is a professional. In addition to the things already mentioned, Matt is smart enough to know that being a mature adult about it and helping out, could translate into a coaching job or a job in the booth if he wants.
    Instead of being an immature brat ala Favre, ever wonder why the only coaching job Favre could get was at the High School level?

  5. Locker “clearly won the job”? When, exactly did that happen? They were even up to the last game then both were equally awful in that game. Maybe you could say that Hasselbeck lost the job by not being better, but I didn’t see anything from Locker that made the choice a slam dunk.

  6. I’m a Seahawks fan and I sure hope Tennessee realizes what a class act they have in Matt. He’s as competitive as they come, he’s been in the Pro Bowl, he’s led his team to the Super Bowl, and yet he is a good man, an excellent teammate, and with a great sense of humor, by the way. He is a pro.

  7. realitypolice
    I agree with everything you said about Matt being smart, and seeing the best way to add a few years to his career. But be aware, that’s not the only set of reasons. He’s also a good man who does the right thing for the right set of reasons–not because it’s in his best interest but because he does what good guys do.

  8. I don’t think that Jake actually beat Matt out of a job, but the Titans really want to see if Locker is their guy, knowing that they can always go back to Matt if things don’t work out. And Matt is exactly the guy who knows that. Perfect situation in Nashville…

  9. That means Matt is making seven million dollars per season to play backup QB.

    So, if Seattle decides to start Wilson, they really won’t be overpaying Flynn…

  10. hawkron
    That’s really what happened to Matt in Seattle, too. Nobody beat him out of a job. They just thought it was time to try something new. That is understandable but I wonder where Seattle or Tennessee would be if they had fully entrusted the team to Matt (because even in Tennessee, it was obvious that Jake Locker was coming in this year).

  11. Matt Hasselbeck is a 100% class act, so nothing needs to be read into these comments. You can take them at face value, because he’s a man of integrity, and he’s paying-forward the assistance and guidance he got from veteran Trent Dilfer when he arrived in Seattle. Fans should read more abuot players like Matt Hasselbeck, instead of hearing about the latest DWI or assualt arrest.

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